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I am a liar

You call me a liarů

By: Damaris Munoz

You call me a liarů
You have some nerve.
To call me a liar
To say I am absurd.
To say I am nothing but unsteered words.
Words that fly like birds.
That feels like hurt.
That taste like dirt
That have the power to flirt.
Words that brought wonder about what was underneath my skirt?

You are a liarů
You say you loved me more than your kin
Your love that hurt me deep
Your love that bruises to skin
Your love that never touched me unless initiated with sin
Your love that Wounds the very soul
Your love that spoils everything with your degrading and control

You call me a liar.
You have some nerve.
I do not love you and now isn't that absurd.
You wanted me to love you and this I did not prevent
And now that I am gone you hold so much resent
Should I lie to you to make you believe?
That I still love you make this lie something you can perceive.

Tell me papi what will loving you achieve
Will you realize how much I loved you?
See how much your love made me grieve
Feel remorse for what you have done
Pity for the child you did not want conceived

Would you swim across a vast sea?
Just to win me back
Would you cut down your trees?
Continue smoking your crack
Would you crawl on your knees?
Or have me lay on my back
Would you continue lying lie to me?
Just to get me in the sack
Would you lie to yourself?
And continue being whack

Will you ever call me something other than a liar?
As a tear rolls down your face
They remind me of how pitiful you are you were always a disgrace.

You say I am a liar and let me tell you one more lie
I hate you motherfucker I hope you die.
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