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Over Talker

The Over Talker           

 People come to me and say, “hey, what is an overtalker?”  Well, I’ll tell you.  I didn’t know myself until one day out of nowhere, there he was, in my face with a story.  A story, you say, what’s wrong with that?  Okay, most stories have a beginning and an ending, but this story had neither; it came out of nowhere and continued and continued….on and on he talked and talked…..this is when I realized I was face to face with an overtalker.  “Hey, how did the story finally end?” you may ask?  Well, it didn’t.  His mouth started to get so dry and his eyes started to turn red, but still, meaningless words spun off his tongue.  The only way to get away from an overtalker is to leave the room.  No eye contact or fake sleeping doesn’t work.  Overtalkers are so zoned in to their story that all else around them is meaningless.  Overtalkers wouldn’t know if they were sitting in a room alone; when an overtalker is talking to you, they leave no gap, no space where you can join in the conversation or simply tell them to shut up!!!  Overtalkers are basically talking to themselves with you being the audience.  As rude as you may feel, the only way to get away is to leave and avoid this person in the future.


            Well, that’s all for now.  I don’t want to be an Overtyper. 


            Until my next story entitled “You Talk Too Much” comes out, take care and remember to leave the room.

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