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When I was An Idea

††††††††††When I was An Idea

†††† † A Tuesday that Iíll never forget started when I woke up.I had breakfast and puked; I had lunch and threw up, and finally, I had dinner and thatís when I found myself inside a glass globe.How did I get inside and where was I?When I leaned against the wall, I slid down and my back was covered in white powder and I could see outside the glass.All I saw were huge strands of hair.I looked down toward my feet, and I saw metal threads, and looking up, I saw a metal wire running across two pieces of glass pipes.I went to look back outside the glass, and this is when there was a bright blinding light which caused me to receive an instant headache.After about five minutes, I was snapped back into my chair sitting at the dinner table.My phone rang and my long-time friend called and told me he needed help moving a heavy stereo system, and he couldnít think of anyone who could help.Then he had a great idea to call me and have me help.This is when I realized that I was an idea.I became someoneís idea.Where was I?Then I put two and two together and realized that I was inside a light bulb!!! Hanging over my friendís head as his idea!!!Hey buddy, WHATíS THE BIG IDEA??????????

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