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They were good to be together once. Why did the rain stop? The eyes got distracted and five minutes meeting had now turned into a glimpse. It rather became a sweet dream forever. Light blue shirt looked appealing over white broad chest enveloped in dark thick hair and the face was confident with sparkling eyes and broad smile producing dimples on both cheeks. On other hand, the beauty stood proud with round face, v figure and just appealing eyes. They exchanged glimpses of each other and vanished to separate places.The rest was a utopia for them .They never met each other for long .Then it happened oneday .They met again in an elevator but hardly could they recognize each other.

The dark green had taken the place of blue shirt hiding gray hair forever. The face was disappointment with dull eyes and no smile so the dimples did not appear. Same was the case on the other side. The beauty had faded with the distorted figure and the eyes were just eyes.

The questions they had in their minds were difficult even though they had almost crossed

the maturity. Had they just stayed longer for any lame excuse and captured each other forever once. Could the yearning piled up then be ended once? A little courage could have done this all , but then with this little courage if it had been possible to be together forever, were they able to seize the light blue shirt, white broad chest, thick black hair,the v figure and appealing eyes. No, perhaps not.

Then one of them uttered something and soon they were pronounced husband and wife.

Two years had passed and their marriage was a success even though never they met the scene when they met first time as fresh as the first bud of the rose, but what mattered in their life was warmth of each other which they did not feel for other attractions of puberty.

One of them had now answers to some of their questions as other had died, but the warmth was still present in the room along with silk top and glossy eye shade. Along with many more things inside the heart of one of them who had still left on earth to feel it.


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