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But it's not meant to be

My heart is pierced for the hundreth time. Iím flowing blood from every hole. It needs to be repaired again and the only remedy is time. Iím saying goodbye again. It is not meant to be as love walks away again. It feels you canít win from love. Every time the defeat is crushing and the only one left broken is, you.

You can compare it with standing, climbing and falling. You think you have finally catched love, youíre climbing as feelings grow and life is so much colourfull and from one moment to the next, youíre standing with empty hands alone in the cold. Another memory framed and hung on the wall next to the others in your memory. You have to let go but you canít.

You thought that this time was it. This time you wanted to give your heart away. For just once you wanted to be happy like everyone else. Just to look in the eyes of love forever. As a wonderful dream, it ends when you wake up. As the devil laughs in your face, when the boring reality greets you again.

Love is on a train that passes out of sight and you are standing waving with teardrops falling on the ground in the station. You must take your baggage and continue the search. You still havenít found what you were looking for and time is passing by.

Like vultures descend on the one Ďyouí want, it feels that you are asleep at heavens gate. When the mist fades and youíre floating into the blue, you are too late. Youíre alone on the sea of life. When do you find dry land so you can find rest?

In the end you are still bleeding. Youíre cleaning your wounds with salt so that they will still stay new.

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