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They blame other people for bad things they’ve done
When they themselves have all done wrong
We’re disgusted by the actions of those in the past
When in the present, we’re getting nowhere fast

There have been many mistakes that we still make now
In these days where love is scarce and hatred ample
This poem is about what we recognize and don’t fix
The facts mentioned below are just minor examples

First, segregation and prejudice towards African Americans
You’d think they of all people would know how hate feels
When out of the spotlight for a second, and Indians were in
They went along with the crowd and dished out the jeers

We all are people of feelings
Alike in almost every way
Why must we deny this fact?
Make other humans pay?

Back when Russia was still the Soviet Union
Nothing was worse than them sending out their spies
Tracked our imperial progress; what about our own?
Our espionage agents aren’t any different in my eyes

Hitler locked up Jews in camps
Blamed them as enemy’s of the Aryan Race
How are our so-called internment camps for the Japanese
Any less a disgrace?

We cursed this man for his horrible acts
Blamed him for thirteen million deaths
America itself has been responsible for
Committing genocide, not leaving anyone left

We understand that we’re all humans
But act differently than what we say
We’re victims of our own tongue
In each and every way

Martin Luther King Jr. was a wonderful man
Spoke out against acts that were sadistic
No one ever knew the truth about this man
He, like Hitler was Anti-Semitic

Sadly this information depresses me
It’s sad to see our heroes in a different light
To see that those once thought as great
Were never even right

Now you may think in your own mind
That murder is one thing and slander something else
But each breaks a heart in its own way
Just so a person feels better about one’s self

But we all are human beings
Make mistakes in some kind of way
But why must we abuse this fact
And repeat them every single day?

People have two different personalities
One kicks people down when on their knees
Isn’t it funny though how the other part
speaks out against such atrocities?

Now you’re entitled to your own opinion
It’s your job to find your place
Discover the facts on your own like I did
And lose your own trust in the human race

I’m sorry that you have to find this out
But eventually it all had be unfurled
Now when you lie awake at night searching for sleep
You can honestly think to yourself, “what a wonderful world…”

—Mark Lenig
March 11, 2001
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