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Sometimes we wonder if there is life in another place of the world until one day... I was walking down the street and a bumped in with a girl that looked exactly like me. I was so shocked that I was speechless. I kept on looking at her. Her name was Nyl. We were like identical twins. We talked for a long time. It seemed that she knew me as well as I knew her, as a matter of fact in a moment I thought I was talking to myself. Scary? We walked down the street and then we go out into the mountains. Suddenly I saw a lake and the lake had a beautiful bridge. I felt weird and I left running. As time passed by I still would remember that incident. Things were changing in my town there was less violence and less drugs. The newspapers instead of writing about bad news we would read the good news. People were acting different too. They seemed to care there was a lot of love and peace everywhere. It was like a perfect world. I started to get suspicious. I never bumped in with that girl again but I knew that she was the answer. I started walking to the same place that I meet her but I could not see her. I ended up at the lake. The lake was shinny it was like inviting i got so close and the glimmer caught me like a web. I was in the lake as a fact I was sucked in by it. I was frighten. I ended up in a similar place where I was but much familiar. There was killing and violence. Screaming for peace.I t was like if I landed in another planet a planet full of hate and selfishness. Then I pumped in with my twin. I ran towards her, she was waiting for me. She asked me that if I was surprised to see what I was seeing. She told me you should be your people is killing each other. Then I realized that we were switch. I asked her why were we being switch? She said that we were lucky that we are getting a second chance. A chance to fix our world and become better persons. Because the planet that we were visiting it was like earth once but they killed it. They killed the animals, polluted the air and water and damaged the lands. The peopl realized what they did and when they were sent to earth they started a new life appreciating what they have now and had lost. I hear a tiny voive so far away calling me when I get to distinguish the voice it was mom calling me to get ready we were going fishing. I woke up and looked at the world in another way. I wished we had a second chance so we can fix our planet but we do not need a second chance what we need is to be conscious and do not take for granted what we have.
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