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Another Love Story

Chapter 1.

Hey aren't you going to that pep rally tonight? He stops for a second and looks over at his dad. I dont think I will. I'm not to big on staying after school for nothing really. He nods, I see, so you will be home for dinner tonight? He shakes his head. No I've got to work tonight. He nods, I didnt know your mother wanted me to ask you so she know what she was fixing. He noded his head and stood up from the table. I got to get, I'm going to be late for school and I can afford another late slip. He walks away holloring I love you all. He walks outside and noticed that his car was dirty but he didnt care. He worked for three summers to get that car. Now that he had his own car and paying his own insucare bills. He was finally feeling like he was resonable. HE gets in his car and sits there for a second praying about the day and what all God will do for him. After he finish praying he starts the car and drive down to the Highschool. There when he parks he gets out of his car to notice that Jake. A friend of his was already there sitting on his tail gate watching people pulling up. He smirks for a mintue and walks on in the school. He walks down the hall and up the stairs to the libary. He didn't like to go there but sometimes he did to get away from the big crowds that would rush the school once the bell rung.He walks in the doors and sits down at a table. He pulls out his bible out of his pack and sits there and starts to read. He was reading his bible all the way from the begging until the ending. He's read it once like that before. He leans back in the chair and puts his bible down on the table to rest his eyes for a second. When he does a slim blonde headed girl with glasses walks up and over to him. She didn't really know what to say to him. She's only seen him once or twice. He rubs his eyes for a second and leans his chair down. She couchs getnly and he truns around to noticed her standing right behinde him. He looks up at her and she kind of looks down at the floor. He thinks for a second and then grins. You know standing behind people is one way to make someone think that your wanting to say something but not knowing what to say. She kind of smiles and nods. He then pulls out a seat and tells her to take a load off. She sits down beside of him and she asks. I don''t see you in here much. He nods, I know I only come in here when I dont get up earily enough to read my bible at home. She nods and grins I see. He thinks for a second. Arent you in my 5th period classes? She nods and grins. Yeah I sit on the first seat in the first roll. He nods and looks at her. You must be new here because you wasn't here last year. She grins, No I was in Ohio last year. He nods, Ohio hum, I've never been there. She smiles, its a pretty place. He nods. I'm sure it is he saids. He looks at her. So why do you come in here in the morning he askes? She sighs, to study. I come in here to study. He nods, I see. She thinks to herself I've made myself sound like a geek to him already. He leans back in his chair and thinks for a second. I need to do more of that myself. She grins at him and keeps herself calwm. He then takes out a phone and looks at the screen for the time. He grins, I've still got a while. She nods. I just finsished studying. He nods and looks down at his bible. He then reads a few more verus and closes his bible. So do you live close by he asked? While he askes her he prays inside of his head. SHe nods. I love on the conner of maple and pine. He smiles. You live about a block away from me. She smiles. He then sighs and looks around the room. I got to work today and not really wanting too. She looks to him were do you work? He replies a little shop down town. We build things like couches, chairs, tables. ect.. thoses kind of things. She smiles and then grins, Do you know Richie that just started there? He thinks for a second. Richie Duncan? She nods and smiles, thats my dad. He nods and then laugh a little. What a small world we live in he said. She nods. The bell rings and they both stand up. I'll see you in 5th he said and she noded and he walks off to his locker.

The day goes by pretty fast and He steps into the lunch room. There he is greeted by his friends who saved him a spot for him to sit with them at lunch. They sit there talking for a few mintues. He looks around and notice that almost ever seat is taken and he thinks that they arent that many kids in this school. Atlest he did'nt think anyway. He gets up to get rid of an apple core. There he runs into that same girl who is standing by the grabge throwing an old brownnie away. She looks at him and smiles. Not many seats left here huh? He shakes his head. No not really, its hard to find one. He then looks at her and smiles, you can sit with us. My crew and me. You can meet the guys and some of their girlfriends. She nods and agrees to sit with them. He walks back over and Jake smiles, Danny I've seen you met April. Danny looks over at him and nods. Yeah I've met her this morning. Not really knowing her name but glade that he does now. Are you working tonight Danny? He nods his head and smiles, I cant get out of work tonight. I dont really have enough hours in. He nods and teh rest of the guys contuie talking. Danny turn his head to April and grins. Nice to know your name. She nods yours too and she smiles. They sit there and talk for what seems to be a while. Then the guys get up and looks down at Danny. We are going to shoot some hoops in the gym. You comeing? He looks over at April and noticed her hand kind of hanging down. No I think that I will pass on this one. You all go on. I'll caugh up later or something. They nod and leaves as Danny sits there and saids. I like playing ball as much as the next guy but sometimes it gets old to me. April smiles and nods, I see. The bell rings for lunch to be over with. Danny gets up along side of April and smiles. Maybe I'll see you at work or something. She nods, you might just do that. Mom and I talked about meeting dad there for lunch. He nods. Then I'll see you there then. He walks off and goes back to his class. After the last class of the day he walks out to his car and drives home to find His mother and dad in the kitchen makeing dinner. He smiles and walks in. I see you guy dont wait on no one to get home do you? They grin and smile. We both got called in to work tonight so your be on your own for a few hours. He nods and sits down at the table. He grabs some bread and some ham. Then he puts it in a lunch box and smiles. I should be in about seven so. Just incase one of you get off earily. They nods and get goes back to his car and drives down town to work. He pulls in and walks into the shop and notice Richie standing there by the water fountain getting himself a drink. He walks over to him and looks at him. Another day another dollar huh? Richie nods and grins. Only sometimes its not even a dollar. Danny smiles and sits down for a mintue to look at the list. Richie looks at him. Hey if your not to busy today could you help me fram up a dresser? Danny looks up from the list and nods. Theres nothing new came in so until then I'm free. He walks over and starts to cut the wood to fram the dresser. They both fram it up in no time ad start to build it together. Around 6 its was time for their dinner break. Want dont you come with us? He asked. Danny looks at him and shakes his head. Thanks but no thanks I brought my own dinner tonight. He nods and saids alright then can I brig you back anything? Danny shakes his head as a tall slim blonde headed woman comes walking though the door with April. He sits down as Richie looks at him. Are you sure you dont want to come. Danny shakes his head. Thanks but no, I'm going to stick around here and maybe caugh up on some reading and then work on the doors for you. He nods and smiles thanks. By now Richie's wife and his daughter are in the shop standing beside of him. Danny stands up and smiles at April as she smiles at him and adjust her classes. They leave and Danny goes to work on the doors while eating. Danny sits outside and watches the car pull back up and all of them get out. Richie looks at Danny. Do you think the boss would get mad if I showed these two lovely ladies the shop? Danny grins. I wouldnt see why he would care. No one is working in there right now. Everyone is out to dinner. Danny sits outside while he shows them around. April then looks to her dad and said. Can I go sit with him until mom leaves? Richie looks at her for a second and nods. I'm just going to show your mom some of the boys work. April walks out and sits down on the side walk besid of Danny. Danny smiles as he takes a drink of his coke. He looks over at her and smiles. I see the shop isnt to much fun for you is it? She smiles, its alright I guess just nothing to do in there. Wood doesnt intrest me at all. Danny laughs. To most girls it dont. He sits there for a few more mintues and he looks over to her. So I'll guess your be in the libary in the morning want you? She nods, Yeah I will until I make me some friends here. Danny laughs for a second. I see well you wont make many as long as you stay in that libary. She nods I know but I dont know what anyone likes or nothing there. Danny grins for a second. Well I like Pizza Ice cream. Hanging out at Bills Pizza place. I like to fish and to hunt as well. She smiles and fies her glasses. She said, I like to read. I like to go for walks in the cool of the day. I like to hang out with friends and family. I like to talk when someone gets to know me. I also like to fish as long as I dont have to bait my hook, Nor get the fish off of them. Danny smiles. well now you know what I like. She smiles and relpiles and you know what I like. Danny stands up and he pulls her up as Richie and her mother steps outside. Richie looks t Danny and Danny looks at Richie and Richie smiles. Well I'm going to stain the dresser tonight and then I'll be home. April hugs him alright dad I'll see you when you get home. Danny starts to walk to the shop but turns around and looks at April. April smiles a soft smile at him and he nod. I'll se you in the morning. He walks on in and Richie smiles, See you do too have friends here.She smiles and gets in the car and they drive off. Danny goes back into the shop with Richie and they both stain and let the dresser dry. They walk out and get in their cars and drives off. Danny walks in and goes up to his room and changes his closes. He then walks back down stairs and flips on the tv. After watching tv he opens his bible and reads. He falls asleep reading and wakes up around 6 the next morning.

He prays and thanks God for waking him up and for giveing him another day. Then he askes God where to send him to read. He opens the book and the and the Chapter that God tells him and he reads until he gets finsihed. He then goes and grabs a shower. He gets dressed and then hops in the car to go to school. He pulls in kind of earily and he sits down on the bench outside. He noticed Aprils mom dropping her off and she waves at him and he waves back. April walks over to him and smiles. Is this seat taken? Danny looks up at her. Sure is. She drops her head alittle. By you it is. She then smiles and sits down beside of him. Dad said that you was a great worker and a nice guy. He looks over at her. I like your dad too. He helps me out alot in the shop. She smiles and nods as she sits there she thinks about him and what he does in his spare time. She looks over Have you read this morning already? He nods his head and smiles. Yeah I took care of that first thing in the mornings. She smiles and nods, thats good. He then leans back and looks over at her. Why are you so earily this morning? She grins, I noramlly get here this time so I start to study. He nods and she looks over at him. Why are you here so earily? He shurgs his shoulders and said, I got up to earily. She nods, and sighs, I guess I better got get started. Danny nods and looks to her, I can walk you up if you like. She nods and smile, that would be great. They both get up and walk up to the libary and He pulls her seat out for her. Well I'm going to get and let you get to studying. She nods and looks at him. Will I see you again tonight? He shakes his head. No I'm off tonight. She then lowers her head and he pulls her chin up and they meet eye to eye. Dont do that he said nothing to be upset or sad over. She nods and smiles at him. Mom and Dad are working tonight so I'll be alone in the house again. She then nods and stands up for a second. He then grins, why dont you give me your number and I'll call you later on? She smiles and grins. Alright she gets out her notebook and her pen and writes down her number. She looks at him. Now dont forget me and not call. Danny looks at her, Yeah right, I dont forget friends. She smiles and Danny walks off to the gym to play around for a while. He then goes to class as the bell rings up until 5th. He walks in 5th and sits down where he usually does and notice April walking in with some books like she always has. She takes her seat in front. He checked the clocked and he seen that he had about 3 mintues until class started. He walks up to her and sits beside of her. He looks at the book and looks kind of dumb founded. I see your into the really smart people books. She smiles and nods, yes I am. He nods, thats right if your into that stuff I guess. She looks around and looks at Danny. Do you know they already started to sell prom tickets? Danny nods and said yeah, They always do. He looks at her. Arent you going? She shakes her head. No no one knows me here that good to ask me. Even if they did they woudnt. Danny sigh there you go putitng yourself down again. She looks at him, Well its true. She looks at him. Who are you going with? He looks at her and sigh, I problaly wont be going. She looks why not? Danny looks at her. Well I just dont like getting dressed up much. She nods, Oh I see. The bell rings and he walks back to take his seat. When school lets out he goes home and talk to her on the phone like he said he would and then the rest of the week he noticed that she like the prom posters and everything else thats got to do with the prom. Friday evning he goes to the shop to pick up his pay check.He then drives to the bank and gets it cashed. There he runs into Richie and they talk for a few mintues. Richie Sighs, I just cant get her to go to the prom or nothing. Danny looks at him? Why not? Richie sighs, she said that no one likes her like that in that school. Danny nods and looks at him. Well I'm going to be honest and you best not tell April about it. He looks at Danny for a mintue. I told her I dont like getting dressed up and I dont. However I'm wanting to go and buy the tickets to the prom and take her. That is if you will let her go with me. Richie smiles and nods. I trust you Danny believe it or not. I just got to ask her and to do that I need to talk to her. Richie smiles and he said. Set a meeting up somewhere and she will be there. Danny nods and calls Aprils and tells her to meet him infront of her house and Danny Follows Richie home. Richie walks inside and April steps outside and looks at Danny. What is this all about that it couldnt wait until monday? Danny smiles, I was wanting to know if you would go to the prom with me? April looks at him and smiles. I though you dont like getting dressed up she said. Danny looks to her a little and smiles, I dont but I was thinking. If your going to get to know people then the prom is the ebst place to do that. Plus I just want to see you again outside of work and school. She smiles, I dont have money to buy the tickets though. Danny sighs, and looks at her. What Kind of man do you think I am? She smiles and leans agest the proch a little. A verry sweet one she smiles. Anyway monday is the last day to buy tickets and I wanted to know that way I could put the money back for a tux and everything. She nods, I got to find a dress now. Danny smiles, I have to rent a tux so believe me, were in the same boat. He looks around and smiles, I better go mom and dad are expecting me home any time now. She smiles and looks at him. He steps off the proch and Richie comes walking out. Hey Danny why dont you come over tommower and help me work on this sink. Its been leaking now for a while. Danny looks at him and smile, you got it. Richie smiles, be over around 7am now that way we can get it done. He nods, I'll be here. Danny drives home and his mom and dad are waiting on him and He walks in to tell them about his prom date and how he's got to help fix a drain tommower. They smile and talk for a while caughing eatch other up on things thats happening in thei lives. Then Danny goes to read his bible. When he's done reading he prays and goes to sleep until saturday 6 am.

He wakes up around 6 and prays. Then he reads his bible and he then gets some old close on and drives over to Richie's house. Richie is sititng on the porch waiting on him as he pulls up Richie stands up to greet him. They both walk in together and start to work on the drain. They work for about an hour until they get it fied. Then Danny stepes outside on the proch and watches the sun to come up. Richie joins him and they sit there and talk until April and Betty gets up. They both walk out on the proch to look for Richie. April smiles as she sees Danny sitting there talking about working in the shop and things to that nature. Richie stands up as his wife and daughter walks out and they all three sit down. Betty beside of her husban Richie. And April beside of Danny. Danny then stands up after talking with them for a while and said sorry but I've got to get home. Dad and mom are wanting to have a cook out and I got to run to the store for them. He then looks at them. By the way before I leave. They wanted me to ask you all to come. To meet the family and some of the nabores around here.It starts at six. Danny pulls out and Richie done decided to go because Danny asked him to earily. Around six Richie, Betty and April walked to the back yard and started to talk to Danny family and the people around them. Danny walks up tohis dad and said anything else I know I got to go and get some ice. He nods, thats all we need is more ice. April looks at Danny walking up to him as she heard him asking his dad that. He turn and smiles at her. Do you want to go to the store with me? I shouldnt be gone but about five mintues at the most. She nods and askes Richies and Richies Nods. They drive to teh store and walk in together to buy some ice. Danny looks at her and smiles. I know it isnt much time but I know you didnt like talking to alot of adults there. She nods and sigh, No I dont but I do want to talk to you though. He smiles and nods, Well I'm right here. He buys the ice and looks at her as they both get in the car and slowly drives home. They talk about alot of things until they pull up and Danny puts the ice in a bowl for everyone. April stays besided of him talking and cutting him with him. Danny then sighs and sits down on the back proch swing looking down at everyone and Aprils joins him. Its more peaceful up here. She smiles and nods. They swing for a while and sitting there talking. Finally Danny looks at some flowers that his mom has growing and he picks one and put it in her hair. She smiles at him as they hands inter lock with one another. Then Danny cell phone goes off and he sighs. He answers it and his dad said, we need some more buns. Both kind please. Danny sighs and looks at her. Do you want to go to the store with me again? She smiles and nods as she finds her dad to ask him. Richie nods and agrees and they both get back in his car and goes to the store. They get out of the car and walk into teh store still holding hands and He grabs both hotdog buns and hamburger buns. He walks up and pays for them and they walk back out to the car. He drives back to his house and they get out and deliever the buns to his dad who is still grilling out. April then looks up at Danny as he is looking at a crowd of people. April smiles as he turn to face her. She looks and askes, what are you doing tommower? He smiles, I got church tommower morning and night. You can come if you like too. She nods I say mom and dad will too. He nods and Danny walks with her back up to the proch. They sit back down April only kind of leaning on him at this point. They sit there until they hollor food is done. Danny walks her back down and they pray over the food. Then they all eat.After dinner Danny and April helps cleans and they goof off. After they finsish up Danny walks April out toher families car. Richie and Betty were still talking to Danny's Parents. April Smiles as they came out and they drive off. Sunday Morning comes and Danny gets up and goes to sunday school and listens to a really good Bible Teacher. Then Sunday Night he goes to church and listens to a Holy Gost feeled Preacher. He comes home and reads his bible then he goes to bed.



Monday morning he wakes up and prays, Then he reads his bible. Then he prays once more before getting into the shower and jumping into his car and goes to school. He pulls up and gets out. He walks up to a teacher that sell the prom tickets and buys two of them. He then walks down stairs and walks outside and waits on April to come. Danny started to talk to a good friend of him name Bryan and they talk about sport and going fishing one day next week if Danny could. April walked over and seen him talking to him and steped away quitely. Once Danny turned around he noticed her standing afar off and he excussed himself from Bryan. He walks over to her and said why so far away? She smiles I didnt want to intterup you talking to your friend. Danny sigh, now listen to me hunny, I dont care who I'm talking too you can walk up and take my hand or lean agest me or something. She smiles and nods at him. They both go back and talk to bryan about fishing and things to that nature. Then they go to class like they always do. They talk to eatch other on the phone all day. Tusday morning Danny got up and prayed before he read his bible. He read his bible and then prayed again. He then took a shower and got dressed and drove to school. He arrived earily and started to talk to the captin of the football team. April saw him but remeber what he said to her yesterday. She walks over to him and takes his hand. Danny looked out of the conner of his eye and sae April. He getnly squeesed her hand and contuie to talk to Jake. He put his arm around her and she leaned into him. for a while Jake went on talking about football and then he left to meet some of his team mates for a study session. Danny turned to April, He smiles and said see now that wasn't so bad. She nods, I know she puts her arms around his neck and looks into his eyes for a few mintues. He softly kisses her and then he smiles, We better get on in, the bell is about to ring. She nods but you could tell she didnt want too. Danny looks to her. April? She looks up at him and wonders what he could want. She was on cloud nine right about now. I'll walk you to class today as much as I can. She smiles and leans up and kisses him. He walks her to her classes like he said he would and He met her after school. I'm working a little late tonight so I wont be home until around 10. She nods and smiles, Danny smiles call me around 7 on my cell. I should be on break by then. The day goes on as April gets picked up earily to go look for a prom dress and Danny goes to work. He works most of the day and talks to April for a while. She tells him that she found a dress that looks good and was at a good price. After hanging up Danny goes back to work. On the way home however the roads were wet and some guy thought it would be smart to drink and drive. Danny came around a curve and a drunk driver hit him head on. Danny was out cold as the car was totaled. Passer byer called 911 and they had to rush Danny to the hosptail. The drunk wasnt even hurt. He was arrest but not injured. Richie come driving by from the store for Betty and sees Dannys car totaled. He goes home and looks at Betty and sighed. Were April? Betty looks to him in her room why? He hollars and April comes down here. He looks down and then back up at his daughter. April., Danny was in a bad wreck tonight. I dont know nothing I was just passing by and saw his car. Get ready and I'll take you to the hosptail. She rushed to get ready and they all three went down there. Betty talked to Dannys mom and Richie talked to Dannys dad. April walked in the room where they had him and notice a badnge on his head. April start to cry she couldnt help it though she really cared about Danny. Danny shoocked his head. Now I wouldnt be crying if I were you. April sigh and said you scared me. He nods, I think this scared everyone. They said I was out cold for a while. April nods and sits besid eof him. April then reaches for his hand and grabs it. Danny smiled and said, I know that touch from anywhere. April forced a smile. You better. Dannys parents and Aprils parents walked in and grining at the two. When can I go him Danny asked? Prom is three days way and I toldthis lovely Lady here that I would take her. April smiles now becomes bigger as Danny dad said they will just keep you tonight to make sure your alright. Then in the morning they will let you go. Danny nods and smiles. I just thank God he brough me though this. April Nods and said I do too. Dannys parents looks at Richie and Betty. Lets go get some coffe. Dannys dad looks at April. Can I get you anything? She shakes her head and they leave. April looks at Danny. Are you alright. nothing is hurting you? Danny looks to her, I'm sore but I'm alright. She sighs, What were you thinking when you got hit. He smiles a little. I was thinking about seeing you again then the next time I know I was hit. She stands up dont you ever scare me like that again. Danny smiles. I'll try not too. April looks down at him, you bette try awfuly hard. I'm just glade your alright she said as she bend down and kisses him. Danny nods as he kiss her back and she sits there beside of his bed holding his hand. April then hears his cell phone go off. Danny looks over toward her. Get that for me will you? April gets Danny's Cell phone and answers it. Hello. Jakes voice came on the other end. Danny? Are you alright? April smiles. No I'm not Danny, I'm April, Danny is alright he's just sore. He sighs, thats good, Dad told me he saw his car. She nods, I know so did mine and I came out here. Jake smiles, Thats nice of you. Not many Girlfriends would do that for there boyfriend. April smiles, I didnt know we were dateing. Jake laughs. The whole school knows you two have got a thing for one another. We all seen you kiss. I'm just glade that he's got someone. Well tell Danny I'll be out there in the morning. She nods and said I will and hangs up. She walks back over to Danny who is not sitting up on his bed. Do you know that the school think that were dateing? Danny nods, I see whats wrong with that? April looks at Danny, Nothing. Danny nods alright then. She smiles. Danny takes off his class ring. He slips it on her finger. I knows its a little big I think some tape would fix that though. She smiles and nod it would. They come walking back in and sits down in some empty chairs. Danny looks around towrd them. Thanks you all for comeing but I'm fine, I think I can go home. As soon as he said that the Doctor walked in and smiles at everyone. Danny my boy you scared us all. Theres nothing showing that isnt to dangous. I would let you go home but until I see what that bump on your head will do I got to keep you in here. Danny nods and the doctor talks to Dannys parents as Apirls look at her. You ready to go home? April shakes her head. I dont want to leave him. Richie smiles and grins. Well thats up to you two however I know the doctors are going to make him sleep and you need some yourself. Danny looks at April. Go on home and rest, I'll be alright for tonight. He pulls out his cell phone and hands it to her. You can take care of this and call me when you want to talk to me here. April looks at him. What if someone important calls you? Danny smiles your the only important one that calls me. She smiles and nods alright. I'm comeing back tommower. Danny nods, I was hopeing you would. She leans over and they kiss. Then she fixes her glasses and they take off. However as they do she runs back in the room and Danny smiles. I thought you were leaveing. She nods. I am but I just wanted to make sure you knew that. He nods, I do. They kiss again and Danny whiser that he loved her. She tells him she loves him and she leave to caugh up to her parents.

Tuseday morning Danny wakes up He didnt have his Bible so he watch some tv Preaches. He prayed and then he showed up. He then layed back down and turned back on the tv. The nurse came in with some medicane for his head and then the Doctor came in to let him go. He called his parents and they came and got him. He lays down on couch and rested for a while. April then called the hosptail to only to find that He has went home. She walks over to his house She knocts on the door. Then she walks in as she hears its open. She fins Danny laying on the couch watching tv. He sits up to see who it is and she sits down besid eof him. Its about time you come over he saids smileing. She grins, if you werent hurt I'm smack you with this pillow. He smiles what my girl into? She smiles and fixes her glasses nothing. Oh yeah heres your cell phone she saids. He looks at it and shakes his head. You keep it. Use it all you want. She sighs no I dont want it, I got my own comeing. He nods and then he said keep it until you get your own. She smiles, alright then. Prom is three days away Danny looks at her and walks to the closet and shows her his tux. She smiles and jumps up, I didnt think that you would get to go. She looks to her and why not. I asked you to go. I wanted to take you. She smiles and walks over to him and takes his hand. Dannys mother walks in and smiles at them. She said April you know we got to get you ready for those three days dont you? She nods, Yeah I know. Danny sits back down and Danny's mom smile. Your mother and I done been talking about it. Your not going to school on the day of the prom. She nods, I know alot of things to do. Danny is going but your not. It dont take all day for a man to get into a tux. It takes a while for us women to get decked up. She walks back in the kitchen and Danny looks at April and said, You know you dont even have to get decked out and you still look beautiful.She smiles and nod, Yeah I hear you. I think you need some glasses. He looks at her. Nope I can see just fine thank you verry much. She sits down o the couch and leans her head on his shoulder for a while. Danny gets up after a while and walks into the kitchen. He find some water in the refige that he put in there yesterday. He takes a drink of it and walks into the liveing room and April takes adrink and hands it back to him. They sit there for a while until night. Then April goes home. Two days pass pretty fast and the day of the Prom April goes with Danny's Mom and Her mom to get ready.Danny goes to school and comes home to put on his tux and gets ready himself. He drives his dad new truck over to Aprils house and she walks down stair his heart about flys into his somtach. She was a beauitful woman. She had one a Pink dress with white trimming. Her hair was down and her nails were done. He walks her to the truck after taking some pictuers and drives her to the prom. When they arrive April turns some heads as she walks in arm and arm with Danny. She walks close to him and they dance the night away to a almost perfect night. Around midnight the prom was over. Danny pulled up to Aprils house around 12:30 and he walked her up to her front door. She smiled at him. You know tonight was perfect. Danny nods, most fun I've had in a long time. She puts her arms around him and Dannys puts his arms around her wast and kisses her softly. He whisper good night my love until I see you again. Good night my love. She smiles and kisses him once more and they hold to one another. finally He kisses her once more and he steps off the proch. He gets in his dad turck and drives home as April walks in the front door. He goes off and pulls off his tux and hits his knees thanking God for the wonderful enving. Then he Ask him to fogrgive him for his sins and lays down and goes to sleep. The next morning he wakes up and prays again. He reads his bible and after he's done he prays once more and gets up for the day. He walks thought the house knowing his mom and dad are still asleep. He then walks outside after makeing everyone something to eat and putting it up. He walks around the block only to see April walking aned they ran into one another. April smiles well hello though dear. Danny grined. What are you doing up so earily? April smiles, I was on my way to the loacal store to get somethig to eat. Mom and dad are still sleeping. He nods as he walks along side of her and he buys her something to eat. Then he sits down in the park with her. Jake comes walking up and I thought I'd never see you two out here. Danny smiles, what bring you over this way? Jake smiles, doing a little morning jogg. Danny smiles and he looks at April. Jake smiles, April you sure turn sone heads last night. Jake smiles, Danny you working tonight? Danny shacks his head. Nope,I'm off until Monday. He nods, you know where playing ball tonight you want to play? Danny looks at April and then Jake. No I think I'll spend my time with April for a while. April looks at Danny no baby go play tonight. enjoy yourself and take your mind off of things. Danny looks to her and nods. Well I guess I will play tonight. He nods, Good I'll tell the boys. He leaves and Danny looks at April. April smiles, I know what your about to say but I'll be alright just stop by on the way home to see me alright? Danny looks at her and smiles. Sure I will. I'll stink. April smiles, Oh thats right you miht want to clean up first. She start to laugh and then she said baby I'm playing I dont care. I smelt my dad when he was in the mines all the time. Danny nods and walks her back home and smiles. I'll talk to you later on alright? April looks down at the ground. You dont have to leave you know. He nods and kisses her softly I know but I got to. Mom and dad dont know where I'm at. You know that mom and dad are wanting to visit some people back in Ohio this summer. Danny looks at her and sighs, Yeah I guess I should have seen that comeing. She looks to him they said you could go with us if you wanted. He nods. I dont know. They kiss and Danny leaves and goes home. He walks in and no one is still up so he start to read some more of his Bible. He reads until someone wakes up and walks in the living room. He steps out of his room and sits down beside both his mother and dad. He dont really care about the morning news but seeing how they both liked to see what they missed last night he watched it with them. He knew that he was going to play ball later on with some of his friends and that he had to be back to work on monday. After watching the news he walked back to his room and checked a lettler that he had gotton some years back when he won the basketball toument in school. He didnt play for the school no more since he had a job and he didnt really mind it. He didnt like the spot light on him at always and he didnt like to put up with the cheer leaders just wanting to go out with him because he played a sport. He walked back outside and sat around waiting on something to happen he was bored and he didnt like it. Around one pm he gets a call from the guys saying that they couldnt play ball tonight due to a man short and another man was sick. He hung up and went down the street walking around. Richie steped outside and noticed him walking around looking at the park across the street. Richie hollored for him to come over there and to sit on the proch. Danny walked over and sit down beside of Richie and they talked about work and where Danny was going after highschool. Richie looked over at Danny.

Do you mind if I ask you a question? Danny looks over at him, Sure shoot. Richie grins, Why did you stop playing basketball for? From what I've heard you could have went to college easy and then maybe pros. Danny noded and sighed. I wish it was that easy though. What are you talking about Richie asked? Danny sit there for a monment and said. Well For one I didnt like they way they treat other kids. Because your a jock you have to put other people down who can't play as good as you do. Two I wanted a car and dad said if I wanted one I had to work and get my own car. Three, I like the sport but I always thought that maybe God had something better for me to do beside dribble a basketball. The third reason is really my first reason. However still, I just play around for fun. Richie looks at Danny, You do know that we are going back to Ohio for a few weeks to see some family. Danny nods, yeah I know. Just have fun. Richie noded Danny you do know that Sarah Wanted you to go with us didnt you? He shocked his head, No I didnt know. He nods and looks at him, I talked to your parents. I dont think they would mind you going with us. The boss said you could take some time off because you havent in a while. Danny nods for a second and then thinks about some things. Thats cool, I better get, I got to get some lunch going. Richie nods and looks at him. So are you going to come with us? Danny looks at him and then back at Sarah staring at him in the window. He grins and nods, I can this time but I cant make no prosimes about next time. He nods and looks at him. Danny stands up and gets ready to walk down the proch as Richie looks to him and nods, I'll see you monday. He takes off down the street to his house and looks a this keys to his car. He knows it was totaled due to that drunk hitting him. He put the keys down on the table as his mom walks in and sees them. You know you can get you another car dont you? Danny looks over at you and noded. Yeah but I think I'll wait a while on it. She noded and looked at him. You do know that Sarah is wanting you to go ot Ohio with her and her parents dont you? He noded yeah I been told. SHe smiles, you know your dad and I said you could go. Get you away from everything around here. Danny looked at her. I'm alright about being around here, this is home anyway to me. She noded so you dotn want to go with them? Danny sighed and looked at her, Yeah I'm going to go this time but I cant miss no more work after that. I got to work and buy me a new car now, or atlest an old one. She noded you know your dad and I will help you on that. He noded I know but I want to do this alone. He gets up and walks up to his room and lays on his bed and thinks about the crash and how dumb he was to stay out that late working. Danny looks up at his tofys that he earned playing basketball all though out grade school and some of highschool. He picks one up and he sits it back down. He grabs a basketball and his sweats and walks down to the park. There he starts to shoot for a while just playing around nothing really. Shooting over and over again not missing hardly any. Then behide him stood Sarah smileing at him. You are good at playing basketball after all huh? Danny turns around and nods, I guess I can still shoot from time to time. What brings you out this way? She smiles, I called your house and they said you left to come here. He nods, I see. He walks over to her and grins at her. So dad tells me that your going with us to Ohio? Danny nods, Yeah I am. She nods and looks down I see. He looks at her, whats with the long face? She sighs can I talk to you for a mintue? Danny nods and sits her down on the bench beside of him. SHe looks over at him. I got a cousin who trys to steel every guy that I show to the family. She always trys to steel my boyfriends from me. So I just stoped dating for a while and stoped showing her who I liked because she done it to me everytime. Danny looked at her and noded. Thats going to be hard to steel me from you. She looked over at him. Whys that? Danny looked at her into her eyes and said because I'll be right by your side the whole time. She looks at him sorta of and said that dont matter. She will still flirt with you no matter what I do. Sarah Danny said, I wouldnt worry to much about her. Sarah looks down and sighs, I cant help it, She takes everyone that I date. Now I got someone I really care about and may lose him to her too. Danny looks at her and saids hey now I'm not going no where and beside I love you you know that. She put a small smile on her face and nods. I love you too. Danny stands up and starts to dribble again and Sarah stands up as he stops. Oh and Sarah Danny said, I care about you too. She smiles and looks at him. Do you mind if I sit here and watch? Danny thinks for a second and grins. Nope why would I care? She smiles and Danny shoots around a little more before calling it a day. Lets get you home now Sarah its getting late and I dont want you out too late due to nuts out here running around thinking they own teh place. She nods and looks at his class ring on hier finger. You know I havent taken that off since you gave it to me? He looks over at her and nods. He walks her back up to her front door and smiles, I'll call you tommower alright? She shakes her head and grins no you wont. You will need to pack tommower, we are leaveing monday. He thinks for a second, buts it just Thursday. She smiles and nods, Well I plan on showing you the best of Ohio. He shurgs his shoulders and nods. She looks at Danny and saids, you know you will get another car. He smiles, I know but as of right now I'm not really worried about that. She looks down at the ground and said please tell you that didnt scare you from driveing? He looked at her and noded, It did. I can drive now but only if I have too. She touches his arm and said you know not all people are like that. He nods I know not all are but some do. She looks at him and smiles, You got to drive in Ohio because theres an ol drive though moive that I want to take you. He smiles at her and grins, Just for you. She smiles and whispers thanks babe. She stands up on her tiptoes and they kiss before Danny goes back to the house. Danny goes home and starts to pack a few things before sitting around the house for the rest of the day. Richie calls him around 8 that night and said Danny, I need you to help me in the morning with a book shelf. It dont want to go up like it should. Danny goes to bed and then he Wakes up in the morning and prays and Reads his BIBLE. He then PRAYS once more and then he walks over to Sarah's house to his surpize she is up and sititng o the proch. He walks up on the proch and smiles. Well arent you up a little earily? She shakes her head nope. Just dont done reading my Bible and I thought I'd sit out here for a while. He nods and askes if her dad was up yet. SHe nods and said hes waiting on him. He walks over to her after asking that and they kiss. She then pulls herself up by takeing his hands and leading him in with hand in hand. Richie was waiting on Danny with the pipe already undone and Danny laughed. First of all your leak is nothing major you didnt have to do that. Second of all heres your problem. He shoves a new L pipe on the drive and replaces the old one. When you told me where it was I figuard that that would be the problem. Now Danny turn on the Fosset and to Richie surpize it doent leak no more. Dad had the same problem a few years back. The L pipe seems to go out more than any other pipe they got. I never understood why but it does. Anyway Danny stands back up and looks at the sink. That should and will do it. If not then just call or call a plummer. Richie nods and didnt really say much. He can't his daughter was standing in the door way watching the two. He leaves the kitchen and Sarah comes in and sits at the table as Danny testes the sink for any more leaks. Sarah looks at him and grins. You know I didnt know that you could do pluming work as well. He turns around and looks at her, I guess I'm a jack of all trades. You learn alot when your dad becomes disable for a while. He gets to show me a lot of things that I need to know. Sarah looks at him for a second. Your dad is working again though I've seen him and his men the other day prtolling the streets. He nods, Yeah he's at work again but the doctors arent likeing it at all. She nods and sighs, I can understand why. Mom doesnt like the fact that he's back at work either. Oh well, I guess theres nothing that no one us can really do. Only God and when he moves in it, Dad will either get better or he will have to retire. Sarah nods and stand beside of him now looking out the window. Not to change the subject but my cousin called and heard that I was comeing in. I just hope your ready for her. Danny laughs and nods, I just hope you can put up with me for a week. She laughs I hope I can. They stand there and talk for a mintue or two and Danny looks at Sarah. I should be going. Theres a few things I need to get from work. Then I should be home for a while and I dont know what the rest of the day may bring. She nods and looks at him. Just becareful alright? He nods, I wouldnt think of nothing of the less. He walks out with out kissing her and he goes to the shop where he works. He picks up a few nails and tacks that the boss had already given him to pittle with at the house.




He sits back down on the couch knowing his mom is makeing something to eat, he could smell it once he walked in the front door. He then thought for a second what he was going to do today. His mom walks in and noticed him watching tv and that his dad was back working days again. Danny pulled out the tv remote and fliped though the channels. He was already wondering what Sarah and her family was up too. He gets up and walks in thenktichen as he noticed that his mom was makeing dinner and that his dad would be home soon to eat with them. Around 6 his dad walks in putting his gun on the table and his badge beside of the gun. He smiles at Danny and looks to the tv. There never nothing on are they? Danny shakes his head and sighs, no nothing but police shows and I've done seen them. His dad noded and looked at him. Speaking of police, are you still wanting to go to the acamady? Danny nods, when I'm old enough to go I will. His dad nods and thinks that his son would soon follow in his foot steps. Around 7 dinner was ready. Danny's dad blessed the food and they all ate. Danny went to his room and found a Bible where he left it open and he smiled at it. He knew he was done reading but he left it open to remind him that he didnt want to lose where he was. He went all over the bible anyway so to him it didnt matter. He picks up teh bible and reads a few more chapters in teh book of Revlations before closeing the bible and putting it back on his head bord of his bed. Sarah calls him around 9 before Danny layed down. They talked for what seem to be hours. Around midnight they finally hung up the phone and Danny went to bed while Sarah knew and worried about Danny meeting her cousin. Danny wakes up around 8 that morning and he prays. Then he reads the Bible for a while and then he Prays again. He sits around and then once he gets a phone call from Sarah he gets up form the couch and walks over there. The planed on going to church toghter that morning and night so he would just meet her at her house and they would go together. They walked in together as the Pastor greeted them and everyone smiled happy to see Danny again and glade to meet Sarah. Now Sarah attend a church across town with her mom and dad but this week she went with Danny to his church. As sunday school started Danny listend well with Sarah as the Sunday morning lesson sunk in about keeping yourself unspoted from the world. After Sunday School they left together and Sarah went back to Dannys for dinner. They all blessed the food. Danny took Sarah out on the point and sit down on the proch swing with her. Sarah looked at him and Danny couldnt really understand why she was so upset over her cousin meeting him. He done told her that he wouldnt leave her for her cousin but he didnt know what she was thinking. Sarah finally said you know we leave tommower dont you? Danny noded and grined, yeah I remebered. She noded and she looked at the flowers, as Danny took her hand and said I wouldnt worry about it alright? Sarah noded but Danny knew that she would still be concered about it as long as he was in Ohio with her. The day passed and they both went back to Danny's church for that night. The pastor preached just as hard as God would let him on loveing one another and treating everyone right. Danny talked to the church mebers for a while after church and prayed with the ones who wanted to be prayed for and be prayed with. After Danny prayed with everyone He took Sarah home.

The next morning Danny woke up around 5 wich is what time his alram was set to wake him. He prayed before reading his Bible, then he read the Bible. He grabed his suit case and put his Bible in on top of the close tha the packed. He walked down stairs and hugged his mom and dad bye for a while and went outside once he heard the horn blow. He put his suitcase in the trunk and hoped in the back seat with Sarah. Danny could already tell that she was still worried about the whole meeting her cousin deal. Danny sighed and thought to himself he didnt how to make her believe him. All the way down there he prayed that it would be a peaceful trip and that Sarah would stop worrying. The six hour trip seemed like it took forever as Danny noticed the nice two story house they pulled up into. Sarah smiled as her little cousin ran outside and ran up to her. Sarah picked her up and watched the others playing around in the front yard. Sarah looks over at Danny and smiled. This is Thomas, this little guy stays right with me once I come in. Danny noded and looked around as he helped Richie grabs some bags and brought them in. Once inside Richie introudce him to teh family and Sarah knew her cousin was lerking around somewhere. Danny sat down beside of Sarah and her little cousin and Sarah looked over at Danny and smiled. Thomas looks over at Danny and grined. Do you shoot hoops? Danny looked over at him and noded, yeah I play some. Then he looks at Sarah, lets go out and ball ball some. Sarah shock her head, No I'm a little tired. We can play some later if you want too. Thomas looks over at Danny, Will you play some with me. Danny looked and smiles, Sure buddy, He looked at Sarah and smiled. I'll be back in a while alright? Sarah noded and touched his hand getnly and Danny smiled. They went out back to a basketball goal hanging on teh garge. Danny let Thomas shoot for a while and then noticed that why he was missing alot. Danny smiled. Thomas, can I show you how the pros shoot basketball? Thomas smiled and noded as he watched them when he wasnt watching carttons. Danny took the ball and got down on one knee. He then asked Thomas what hand did he write with and his told him his left. Danny placed the ball on his left hand with his right hand kind of on the side like a guide. Then he showed him how to follow though and taught him how to shoot basketball realyl well. Thomas shot for a while until the sun was getting to him. Danny picked up the basketball and looked at him and passed it to him lightly. You done buddy? Thomas noded and Danny turned around to notice that Sarah was watching from the window smileing at Danny. They both walk in and Danny looks over at Thomas. Get you some water and rest up. When the sun goes down, I'll show you how to do some cross overs. He noded and left as Sarah walked over to Danny smiled at him. Danny looked over at Sarah and smiles Hes a good kid. Pretty good shooter for his age. Sarah inter laced her fingers with Dannys and then the door comes open. Sarah noticed the slim blond headed girl walking in in tight blue jeans and a tank top. She sighed and looked over at Danny. Danny knew that that must be her cousin. He walked over ot Sarah and hugged her. I havent seen you in a while she said. Sarah noded, Yeah I know, I've moved well you know that I know. Well anyway Tina this is Danny. Danny this is Tina. They noded and both said nice to meet you. Sarah then looked over at Danny and smiled. Dont forget the movie tommower night now, you told me that you would drive me to it and watch it with me.

Danny smiled at her and grined. I may forget alot of things but I dont forget a date with the woman I care alot about. She smiles and noded at him as Tina thought to her self. He'll be with me before he goes back. Sarah noticed that her cousin was already looking at Danny like she was hers. Danny then looked at Thomas and Thomas walked over and took danny by the hand. I want to show you my posters he said. Danny smiled at him alright buddy. He looked at Sarah and noded, I'll be back in a few hunny. He leaves and goes with him to his room noticeing poster of Michael Jordan. Larry Bird. Danny smiled and grined. You know you got some good ol posters up here. His smile became ear to ear. Danny walked back to the liveing room with him and Sarah's cousin was still in the kitchen while Sarah was talking to her aunt and uncle. Richie walks over to Danny and smiles, I've seen you met Thomas. He noded and looked at Richie. Richie smiled at his brother. Tommy this is Danny, Danny Tommy. Danny shoocked his hand and smiled at him. Tommy smiled. So you work with Richie huh? He noded his head and said, Yeah I've been working there since I was 15. He noded. I see. Danny shurged his shoulders and looked over at Richie. Tommy looked at him. So what are you going to do after highschool? Are you planing on college or still working where you do or what? Danny looked at him and said. Well I've though about going to the Police Acadmy. Dad is the Sheif so once I go to the school I could either work for him or go to the state and work. Tommy nods. I see, thats a good job. Danny noded as Sarah stood up and walked over to him. He said he would take me to the drive though moives tommower night. Richie smiled and noded, Thats where I've met your mom at Sarah. Sarah sighed. I know I've heard the story. Richie looks over at Danny. Hey could you help us fram a couch up tonight since you wont be here tommower night? Danny looked at Richie and noded. As long as I'm done before dark. I told Thomas we could shoot some more before the sun went down. Well I said once the heats cools off. They both nod. It wont take long at all. Danny noded and looked around at Sarah aunt who was talking to Betty Sara's mom. Danny walked back outside and looked at some flowers as Sarah cousin follows him. Sarah noticed that her cousin was following Danny and she trailed alone behinde her. She caugh Danny outside and Tina smiled. So you like flowers? Danny looked back. I guess there ok. She noded. Well do you like old timey moives because thats all they play at the drive though? Danny looks at her and shurged. I dont know I've never been to one. Tina then sighed. you could stay here and the three of us could watch a moive. Sarah heard everything but she kepted her peace and slince. Plus she wanted to see what Danny would say to that. Danny looked at her. No I told Sarah I would take her. Sarah smiled to herslef happy with the way Danny was doing. Tina then looked at him. Well I could watch you and Thomas play ball tonight. Danny thought for a second as Sarah looked worried now. Danny laughed. Sure you could but I might show Sarah how to shoot as well. Tina looked at Danny, Well she knows how to shoot. I dont much. Danny then noded. Well I could show you. Sarah now looked down at the ground. Then she hears. Only first I'll show Sarah, then she could show you. That way you both know how. She raised her head up and smiled now happy that Danny knew what Tina was trying to do. Danny looked at Tina. Well I'm going to get back in and find Sarah. Sarah quiclky ran into the kitchen and sitting there with her aunt and her mom helping cut up some carrots. Danny walks in the Kitchen as Sarah's aunt smiles at him. I hope you like roast thats what for dinner. Danny nods. That sounds good to me and Sarah Leans him over and they kiss. Danny then looks up and nods at Richie and Tommy. I'm going to get that couch framed so I can shoot with Thomas for a while. Then Danny walked out as Sarah smiled to herself. They started to work on the couch as Danny and Richie pretty much took it over and finsihed it in about an hours time. Danny walked outside to were Thomas was waiting on him. They shot for a while and Sarah sat outside to watch them. Danny then let Thomas shoot until he wore himself out. He sat down beside of Sarah watching Thomas shoot. Danny then looks at Sarah as Sarah smiles at him. Thanks Sarah said. Danny looks over at her, Thanks for what? Sarah smiles for not letting Tina get to you. Danny laughed. I told you I wouldnt and that your all I wanted. She smiles then now watching Thomas as Tina listen in on what they were saying.




The next morning Danny woke up around 7. He read his bible and prayed. Then he walked down stairs and saw that Sarah was up watching some moive that she watched when she was little. Danny smiled and laughed. I use to watch this same old moive when I was growing up. She smiled and pated the seat next to her and Danny sat beside of her. Danny watched some of the moive and then he asked her What time did you get up this morning? Sarah smiled around 4:30. Danny noded. Why so earily though? Sarah sighed. Thomas said he had a Night mare so he come and got me up. So once he went back to sleep I read the Bible some and then I prayed and ask that God wouldkeep us safe. He noded and smiled at her. Sarah then smiled. He wanted to get you up. Danny looked at her. He wanted me to get up with him? Sarah noded, Thats what he said. Danny noded and thought. Why didnt you get me up? I would have let you sleep. Sarah smiles. He was afrid you would get mad at him if he woke you up. Danny replied with a nah, thats my ball playing buddy. Sarah noded. I'll be sure to let him know next time. Danny laughs some and then Sarah cuddles up to Danny as she watches some of the moive.Thomas wakes back up and walks down stairs looking for Danny. Danny smiles when he climb into Sarah lap and she still cuddles up to Danny. Only this time She covers the both of them up with a blanket. Sarahs Aunt comes walking down stairs looking for her shoes. Sarah noded at her. I think they were in the kitchen. she smiles and nods. Yeah I think so. Danny looks over at Sarah and Sarah smiles at him. She head nurse in the ER. she has a 7 until 7 shift tonight. Danny noded and grins I see. Then she walks back in there and Thomas is still cuddled up in Sarah lap. She sighs. I'm sorry you two I can put him back in bed. Sarah shakes her head. No I've got him he's alright. Thats why I'm up this earily. Her aunt noded and Sarah kepted holding little Thomas for a while. Danny got up and went to get him some water. He came back and Sarah smiled as Thomas went back to sleep. Sarah smiled at Danny and then she looked at him. You know I thought about going to the state unviersty. That way I will be closer to you and that you could always come and see me. Danny noded and then he smiles. You go to what ever college you want to go to. She noded and then she sighed. Are you really going to the Police Acadamy? Danny noded. Yeah dad wanted me to go ever since I was little. I want to go. She sighs, you know once you become a cop that mean I have to worry about you all the time now? Danny looks at her. No it dont, theres no reason why you should. I mean dad is a cop and he's never been hurt on the job but once. Sarah looks at him. Once is all it could take. He noded and sighed with her. As long as I sever God I know he will take care of me. Sarah smiles and noded. Your'll right. Danny leans over and kisses her softly. Why dont you go lay back down get some sleep. Sarah shocked her head. No I'm alright and beside its not ever day I get to hold my little cousin and talk to you at the same time. Sarah looks to Danny, what would you think about if I got some contacts? Danny looked over her and noded. Thats alright if thats what you want. Sarah looked, would you think I would look good in them? Danny shurged. I dont know you look pretty good now in glasses. She smiles and said thanks hunny. Time goes on as Richie wakes up and walks to the kitchen looking for something to eat.. Sarah smiles and whispers, Mom isnt up to cook. Dad will have to and that will be funny. Danny laughs quitey and stands up as Sarah sits back up on the couch. He walks in the kitchen and Richie looks at him. Hey do you know how to make French toast? Danny looks at him and noded. Yeah I sure can. I'm not the best hand to cook but I do know how to make that. He smiles well thats good. Sarah can cook she just wont. Danny grins and nods for a second and then he starts to make the french toast. He frys a couple of peices for Richie and for Sarah. Thomas was still asleep. Sarah blessed her food and then ate. Richie done the same and then he ate. Danny steped outside on the proch and watced some people as they drove by and wondered what was going on back home. He wondered if his dad was ok and if he was happy to be back on duety. HE wondered all these things as Sarah walked outside and sat beside of him. She smiles at him. You miss home dont you? Danny noded and looked over at her. Yeah I miss home but happy to be here.

She cuddles up to Danny and Danny puts his arm around her as they both watch traffic go by. Sarah then smiles and looks up at him. You know my old friends live around here. My old best friend Tessa still does. Danny noded and looked at her. Thats nice to know. He though about his friends back home and wondered if they would play ball tonight. Sarah then looked at him and grined. You know we still go that moive tonight dont we? Danny smiled and noded. Yeah I didnt forget it. They sat there for a while and watched people drive by and then as time went on they both stuck right together. Tina still was mad at the fact that she couldnt have Danny. Sarah was happy that she couldnt take him away either. At the time it was time for the moive Danny borrowed Richie's Truck and He drove her there and watched some old moive that he really didnt have much intrest in. Sarah knew that and to be honest she didnt like it either. She just wanted to get some time with him and away from everyone else. Danny drove her back to her aunts place and they both got out. Danny then went to the back yard and looked around at some flowers. He didnt really see much in them beside they were pretty. He wouldnt amit that to anyone but just a spur of a monent thing. Danny walked back around front and Sarah was outside with his cell phone with her head kind of lowered. Sarah looked at him and sighed. Your mom is on the phone and she needs to speak with you. Danny looked at Sarah and he picked up his cell phone. Hello, Danny said. His mother voice was on the other end Danny you need to get back home. your dad was shot today in a bank robbery. He's hurt bad. they rushed him to the hosptail in the ICU and the family is in just waiting on you. Danny noded as he looked at Sarah. I got to get home. Richied walked out as Danny explain to him the problem. Richie looked at his Betty's Car and then he looked at his truck. He handed him the keys to his truck and noded. Let us know if he gets any better or not. Danny took off getting in the truck and flying down the road most of the way home. He pulled up into the hosptail parking lot about 4 hours later. He ran in and up to the ICU waiting room. There he was met by his uncle and his wife. His other uncle and his wife alone with Ricky, dad's top sheif deptuy. He walked on in the rooms and tehre he fount his mother crying at the feet of his dad. He walked over and huged her as he looked at his dad laying there with iv and tubes comeing from all parts of his chest. I dont understand it, Why didnt he have his vest on? His mom looks at him. Son he did but the vest was old and it was wearing down. He didnt want to get another one and now I wished he had. Danny noded as he sit there with his mom wiating on the doctor reports. About three hours later the doctor walks in and looks at everything. Well the doctor said. He suffered a major shot to his heart. We mange to pull out the bullet and to stop the bleeding but we think he may have already lost to much blood. We cant find a donor with the same blood type as he has. Danny looked at his mom. His mom looked back, I'm not a match Danny, Your dad has O+ I'm AB+ Danny though for a second. Test me. I may be the same blood type. They quicky test Danny's blood and found out that he is a match. They hook the both of them up and start the blood tranfuson. Danny layed there hopeing agest all odd that his dad would pull threw praying that what ever God's will will be done. Finally after it was over Danny still prayed as they took the needle out of his arm.They put him on life suport until the family could say bye to him. They all came in one by one saying good bye as Danny was last to do so. He talked to his dad about his dreams and what he wanted to do. His dad never even got to repond. Finally he looked down and said I love you dad. He looked up to the sky and said alright God let your will be done. Danny's mother heard him. He walked out in tears faceing the ground as he huged his mother and sat down beside of her and his uncles. He then looked over at Ricky and said, Did the guys who done this, Are they in the county jail or did they get away? Ricky looked down and then back up at him. They got away Danny I'm sorry, We got a bullon on them then, We aslo got an APB as well.

Danny noded and looked at his mother. I'm going to go home for a while. Theres nothing more I could do here. His mother noded and Agreed. He open the front door and with tears his sat down on teh couch crying. He didnt know who would have done it. He knew that his dad always said that was something that could and would happen here. He just didnt know when. He prayed that he would have never seen it. He crys until he becomes horse. Back at the hosptail the phone rings in the ICU waiting room and Danny's Uncle Mike answers it. Hello he said. A sweet sounding girls voice was on the other end. Is the Napir family there? Mike said yes hunny this is them. She sighs, Is Danny there? He sighs and said no hunny Danny went home. She sighed and said Alright, How is the Sheirf? Mike sighed as he fought back tears. He died about two hours ago. Danny went home to be alone I think. Who is this? Sarah now was dissapointed and upset. I'm Sarah Danny's girlfriend. Mike Noded ohh Alright, Yeah I've seen you with him at the cook out. No hunny he went home to rest and to be alone. You can call there if you want. Sarah nods and thought about talking to Danny's mom but knowing she wasnt in no shape to talk so she hung up. Richie walked in along with Betty and Tommy. How is he doing Richie asked? Sarah looks up in tears he died. Richie's smile became a blank look and he shocked his head. I know you need to be there with Danny, go get your things and We will take you home. Sarah goes upstairs and packs her things as Tommy and his wife bids them far well for now. They drive back to their house hopeing and praying that Danny and his family was ok. once they got back to town they didnt stop at their house they rushed on over at Dannys. There they knocted on the door and Danny hollored its open. They come walking in Sarah firs tof all and huged him up. Danny didnt want to cry infront of her and he did fight back the tears. Sarah was dumb though she could tell by his eyes that he had been crying. Richie and Betty walked ina few mintues later. They all sat down beside of Danny. A few mintues later mom and her brothers help her in. SHe was histarical. She cried as Richie and Betty tried to clawm her down. Danny went to the kitchen and sat down in teh chair. Sarah wanted to follow him but she knew he wanted to be alone. A few hours later Danny came out of the kitchen and Sarah was waiting in the living room on him. Sarah stood up and Danny walked out on the proch. Sarah walked out and sat beside of him. Sarah looked at him. Danny first of all I'm sorry this happened. Danny noded and looked at the ground. So am I. Sarah noded and didnt know sure what to say. Danny then came out with sorry I runied your trip for your family. Sarah shocked her head. No, you didnt. These things couldnt be helped and besides my place is to be here with you and church with you. Danny noded and he sat there on the proch just rocking. Alot more of the family started to poor in. Hour after hour. Danny finally wanted to get up but couldnt. He looked down and Sarah was asleep on his arm. He noded and smiled a little as he removed his arm and Sarah woke up. Danny? He turned around yeah? Where are you going? He looked at her, no where really. She stood up still alittle sleepy. Danny walked over to her and held her for a second. Now dont fall on me. How long was I out for? Danny noded a few hours I think. She noded, you need some sleep yourself. Danny noded. I'll get some here in a while. SHe touched his arm and looked up at him with a consered look on her face. She couldnt help but let him know that she was hurting for him and worried about him. The house only for more full as Betty and Richie walked outside to check on Danny. Richie looked at him. Danny you holding up? Danny noded as he looked across the street. Betty looked at Sarah. Why dont me and you go get something for them to eat today? Sarah looked at her mom and she then noded but only if dad will stay right with him? Richie noded as Danny didnt respond to anything. They left and Richie looked at Danny. I know this isnt easy on you Danny. I know it hurts you but give it time. They will get the guys who done this to him.




Danny sit was sitting on the porch with Richie when Betty and Sarah came back. Sarah looked at her dad as he got up and helped take in the food. Sarah sat back down beside of Danny and Danny looked over at her. Baby please go get some sleep. Danny looked over at her. I'm fine for righ now. I will in a while. She noded and looked at him. Atlest let me get you something to eat? He shocked his head. No I'm not hungry. She looked at him and sighed. Alright, Danny knew that she was still worried about her. He wasnt to hungry at all but if it would make her stop worring he walked in with her and got a little bistue. He blessed it and ate it. She knew that he only done that so she would stop worrying and to be honest it didnt really work. Danny looked at Sarah. I'm going to go to bed for a few hours. I'll be alright hopefully I can sleep. Sarah looks at him and smiles. That would do you some good right now. I'm not going to my room. I'm going to go in the den and sleep for a while. Sarah nods and looks at him. I'll be here when you wake up. Danny didnt want to tell her not to stay but he knew she didnt get much sleep either. He looked at her. Why dont you go get some sleep yourself? Sarah looked at him and looked confused. Danny then looked back and noded. I dont want you to leave hunny I just want you to sleep your going to be tried if you dont. Why dont you go lay down in the spare bedroom and sleep? She noded and looked at him. She leans up and whispers. It will be alright just give it time. She kisses him and he walks to the Den. He falls asleep as the night goes on. The family stayed around for a few more hourse then they went home to rest. That next morning everyone of them turned back up. Danny woke up. He didnt feel like reading his bible but he knew he had too. He knew that God was the only one that could bring his family though this hard time. So he read. He prayed and he read some more. Sarah knocted on the door and came walking in with Danny's younges cousin wich was about 15. Sarah looked at her and she looked at Danny's cousin. Danny looked up after praying and leaveing it open he stood up and looked at them both. Hello Ladies. Sarah smiles a bit and looks at him. Feeling any better? Danny noded. Not much but I'm rested now. He looks at his cousin and sighs. When did you all get in? She looks at him. About an hour ago. Danny noded and smiled a little. Thats good. Your mom wants to know who and what funreal home you want to get your dad. Danny looks down and then back up with some tears. It dont matter. He looked at the hall way to find Betty walking in with him a plate. Betty then smiled. Danny you've got to eat something even if it just a bit of this and a bite of that. He noded and blessed teh food and ate it. Thanks he said. Betty noded and walked back out and Sarah took off her glasses to clean them. His cousin looks at him and hugs him. Danny it will be alright, they will get the guy who done this just give them time. She lets go and looks to him. I'm going to check on your mom. She left and left the door open. Sarah looked at Danny. He sighs and looks at Sarah. I need to get me some dress close out now. She noded and looked at him. we will get though this. He looked at her and smiled. I know we will. She smiled and though to herself. This was the first time he smiled in a day or two and she missed his smile. He goes up to his room and gets his close out and lays them on the dresser as his mom tells him the time the awake and the funeral. Danny noded and Sarah stood there holding his hand all the way though both of them.

After a while everything went back to the way they were. Well as close as it could be. His mom still worked her job and Danny still worked his. Sarah in her spare time stayed with Danny's mom and with Danny when she wasn't studying for a test or something. Sarah was a smart girl. She was the smartest one in school. Her grades was exellacent. Danny's mom didnt have to work she had enough to retire but it got her out of the house and away from everything that reminded her of her husban. Danny worked after schools again and when he was off he stayed with his mom and with Sarah. Betty and Richie stayed alot with Danny's mom As much as they could. Danny and Sarah only got closer as the time went on and it came to a point that they wouldnt leave eatch other side. Sarah picked a college that was close to them and her parents. She didnt want to leave her parents behinde either. Danny and Sarah never really fought about anything. When she went to college if she wanted something or needed something. Danny got it with his money. He kepted her up as best as he could and to a college girl. She lived better than alot of other college kids did. The last year od College Danny sat at the house with his mom. His mom was working and Danny called Richie to come over to the house. Richie Arrived and they sat down and talked. Danny finally said Richie I need to ask you something. Richie looked over at him and noded? What is that? He looks at him stright in the eye. I done went though the Police training. He noded I know and you work too as a cop. Danny noded yeah I do and I would like to ask your daughter's hand in marrige. Richie noded and sighed. I was waiting on this day to come but I never thought it would be now. Danny looked down not exspecting a yes because he was a cop and Sarah knew what the risk was. Richie looked at Danny. Listen, you can marry her. Just treat her the best you can. Danny noded and shock her hand. The next morning he went out to a Jewrly store and looked around until he found the one that she would like. He bought the matching set and he sighed as he pulled back into his mothers house. Danny had his own house but he still visted his mom daily. He walked in and found Betty and his mom talking and Danny looked at his mom and Betty. Betty smiled at him and huged him. His mom looked at him as Danny told her what he wanted to do if Sarah would say yes. He sat around waiting until that night. Sarah came in from school and Danny picked her up and drive her to the park where a small water fall was. She smiled and took in the the sights. You know where some of the most beauitful places are dont you? Danny noded and walks her on over to it. He looked around and sighs as Sarah knew something was going on with him. Sarah looked at him. Danny is everything alright? Danny noded and he knew his hands was sweaty. He got down on one knee. He took her hand and sliped on the ring on her ring finger. He said. You know for the past three years you've been in my life. God has to be number one and I know you understand that. She noded. HOwever Sarah you come in second and that not something I told anyone until now. I know you've still got three months left in school and I can wait on you. I just cant immage my life with out you in it and I dont want too. He then looks at her. Sarah Donalson, Will you marry me? She pulled him up with tear streeming down her eyes and she whispered. Yes I will. They kiss and walk back to his truck. He drives her back to her house and they ll go to his mom's house so they could enjoy it together. They planed the wedding after her getting out of school and starting a caree. They talked and made plans for the past three months until it was time for the Wedding to finally happen.

The day of the Wedding Danny sliped into his tux knowing that he was about to make a life changeing point here but he felt conftable doing so. His best man was his best friend growing up in highschool. Jake stood there smileing at them both. Waiting for the wedding to take place. Once they play the music Sarah comes walking down in a beauitful ellgant wedding dress. She walks up to the pool pit. Danny pulled back her head covering as both parents smiled. Betty and Richie. Then Danny's mom. They exchanged bows and sliped on the rings. They both said I do and kissed. Then once the dances started they dance for a while and ate with the guest. The honeymoon wasnt nothing to speical she didnt want to go to far from home she grew fond of that town. Once they got back from the honeymoon. She went back to work at a law frim. Danny went back to being the town sheirf. Ricky retired after putting the guys that killed Danny's Dad behinde bars. When Danny would work kind of late. Sarah would wait and they would take before going to sleep. They done this for ever. Sarah gave birth to Twins a few years later. One boy and one girl. Their names where Simon Jacob Peterson. Then Sarah Hannah Peterson. The four lived happly ever after Severing God and loveing one another.

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