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Hindel Kidz 24: Sassy and Ebony

Hindel Kidz 24

Sassy and Ebony


One day, Jack told Sven and Grace, Shelly from Rolling Hills had called him. She knew a girl who wanted to get rid of one or two of her goats. Shelly had told her about Jack and wondered if he would be interested.  The girl was going to give them away instead of trying to sell them. Since she didn’t live in Ohio, Jack wasn’t sure what he was going to do.

In the beginning of October, Jack and Charlotte went down to Wooster, Ohio to watch a NPGA goat show.  They usually went to a couple shows every year. Shelly also usually showed at them. She was always asking Jack how Ruby was and how big Jane was getting. She still thought Jane was going to have a baby.

Jack had said, “I don’t think Jane is going to have a baby because she is still in love.” Which meant Shelly would be off the hook. If Jane was going to have a baby then Shelly would have to get the people who bought the daddy goat’s permission for Jack to keep the babies.

On the day of the goat show, Sven and Grace said they would feed the goats even though Jack said he would be back by feeding time. After Sven and Grace finished feeding, they sat in the backyard for a while.

“So is your dad going to come home with another goat?” Grace joked.

When Jack and Charlotte pulled in they drove around to the back yard. Sven and Grace saw a dog crate in the back end of the truck. Then they heard something moving around. Jack had gotten another goat. At first, Grace had thought he had only gotten one, but when she looked in the crate there were two goats in there. Jack had gone to the goat show with the intention of getting some goats.

“I looked for a caramel colored boy, but they didn’t have one for sale,” Jack said. “So I got these two girls instead.”

“And you let him get them?” Sven asked Charlotte. Charlotte always said Jack didn’t need any more goats. He had too many already.

“He needs two more goats like he needs two heads,” Charlotte replied.

“So what are their names?” Grace asked.

“They are another This and That,” Jack said.

He was supposed to receive the birth certificates to these two goats a couple days later. Grace didn’t know if it meant they had names or not. She and Sven were thinking about calling them Frisbee and Phoebe until they knew whether they had names or not. Both Frisbee and Phoebe sounded like the word Freebee, which is what they had basically been.

Jack moved Ben over to the pen with Pete and Peanut. He put the two new goats in with Elmer.

When Elmer realized there were two new girls goats to chase he thought, “Happy Birthday to me!”

Sven thought one of them looked like she was going to have a baby. Jack said they might have had at least one baby in the past, but neither one of them was expecting yet. Well that might quickly change since Elmer started chasing them both around the pen. Bandit joined in and chased them, too, even though Bandit can’t have babies.

Both of the goats let Grace walked over and pet them. Especially after she fed them some grape leaves. They were both weary of eating corn out of the feed dish when the other goats were there. Chloe pawed at them, too.

When Sven came home from feeding a few days later he told Grace,” You will never be able to guess the names of the two new goats. Never in a million years.”

The only hint he would give her was one of the names started with an S and the other started with an E. He also told her Jack had had another animal with the same name. He didn’t say if it was a deer, goat or another animal all together. Finally, Grace gave up.

“The smaller one’s name is Sassy,” Sven said.

“I had actually thought about guessing that name, but I thought it was too simple,” Grace exclaimed. Jack used to have three raccoons as pets: Charlie, Sally and Sassy.

Sven wasn’t quite sure how to pronounce the other one’s name. When he spelled it, Graces said, “It is pronounced Ebony.”

Sven thought Ebony’s nickname should be Balm because he and Jack both thought the name sounded like the word embalmed, which is what they do to people when they die.

When Pete and Peanut were put in the bigger pen with the other goats, they went bonkers. One wanted to chase Porsche even though she was twice and big as he was. Like father, like son. Elmer was also shorter than Porsche, but liked to chase her. The other one liked to dive between Sassy’s legs and try to eat. None of the other babies had ever tried to eat from another goat that wasn’t their mother. Both of them ganged up on Butterscotch. One tried to head butt her from the front and the other one from behind. When she would turn around and try and head butt one of them, they other would start in from the other end.

Grace told her mother, Rhonda, she would have to have a talk with her great-grandsons. Both of them had been chasing Sassy. Sassy and Ebony was Rhonda’s favorite goats. She said she would protect them.

Jack ended up selling Sassy and Ebony in July 2010. He really didn’t have any money invested in them except for the feed.


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