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Games Of love


Before I begin I would like to thank Sean Bryant for giving me the permission to post this. I would like to share my happiness with you.
I'm Carmen Mauceri and I just became a published author. In April of this year, Publish America, accepted my novel, Games Of Love.

I'm very proud of this accomplishment in my life because I never thought that I a senior citizen could have ever had a book published.

For those of you out there who are seriously interested in the field of writing and who want to get published, you should never give up because if it happened to me, then it surely can happen to you.

I thought that you might like to know what my book is about. So, here is the synopsis of my young adult novel, Games Of Love:

At times people young and old can become devious if they've been scorned by love. They'll connive schemes to obtain what they want, either to conquer the love they long for or destroy what someone else has. This is known as revenge. For Polly Blake, it emotionally upset her when her boyfriend, Vince Rocco, broke up their year-long relationship, not giving her a sensible reason. Shortly after, Polly found out his true motive for ending it. She then decided it was payback time. It's a story based on revenge. The problems a teen might face dealing with these love tangles. The emotional stress they may encounter to solve their problems with love. It involves family and friendships, which are two important aspects of our lives.

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