I have a pain | By: Chris Sweeney | | Category: Short Story - Fantasy Bookmark and Share

I have a pain

I have this pain. It has been annoying me for years, and has been growing day by day! 

It has been disturbing me; spreading and removing my smile. The wise old man points

me north to the lake of 'ye'.


“pain no more, the water of 'ye' will cure it” says the wise old man.


I pack my bag, which furthers my discomfort. I set my eyes to the north, and look to

the meadow. I give a prayer to the gods, and ask them to cure this cursed pain. I walk,

and irritate my pain.


I arrive, and see a still lake. Its water, like silk, reflects the majestic mountains behind.

I, clenching onto my good luck rune, walk into the water until I am covered fully.


No more pain. I feel the years of pain instantly vanish, and I run out of the lake onto

the dry land. In jubilation, I loudly proclaim “I am cured”. A voice, behind me, says

“Cured?”. A small man, looking confused. I tell him “The lake of 'ye' has cured me”.


The small man says “the ye is further north, the lake you were in is the lake 'te'”.

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