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Dark One

Dark one


I sit on the windowsill, watching her sleep for as long as I can. Her brown hair spread out on the pillow like a Japanese fan, her porcelain skin catching the moonlight just right so that her face is completely lit up. Little does she know how many times Iíve sat here and watched her sleep. She doesnít know that for years now, every day that I can remember since I first saw her, Iíve been watching her, taking care of her. She is mine. If only she knew.

I sigh to myself and stand. My wings unfurl and a sad smile dances across my lips, as I look at her as she sleeps, surely dreaming. No doubt she is dreaming of that boy she likes. I donít like him. Never will. He isnít good for her. She is mine. Yet I donít own her. She has her own will, she doesnít even know of my existence. I must protect her and keep her safe at all times. If I donít- I donít even want to know what will happen to her. I was the one who volunteered for this job. Nobody wanted to take her but I did because as soon as I saw her, I knew that she was to be mine. But as an angel I cannot truly be with a human. I had fallen and I was destined to stay on earth until I did something worthy of returning back to heaven. When she was born, it wasnít my name he chose to be her soul mateÖbut in the instant that she was born, she was also cursed. Though I was no longer welcome in Heaven, even I knew everything had changed in the world. In all of my existence, I never wanted to protect something so fiercely. She would have no guardian or soul mate though. She was cursed to be truly alone. I begged to be her guardian.

Because nobody would accept her and because God is fair, here I am.


In the early morning light I can just make out my dog Pugís face. His tongue is lolling to the side of his mouth and his right paw is over his eyes. Pug doesnít like to be awoken by light and my curtains are usually drawn so heís a little annoyed this morning. I smile at him, my little puppy, and reach out to stroke his head. Heís the most ugly yet surprisingly adorable dog in the world.

I get up to take my shower but decide that since I had a shower last night, my hairís fine. Itís just school anyway, itís not like itís a beauty contest because if it were, I would definitely not win. My long, plain brown hair could pass for pretty I suppose, if I did the right stuff to it. Whatever, I had a rough night anyway. I couldnít shake the feeling of being watched all night. I awoke to the sound of light tapping at my window. It was probably the branches of the willow tree outside my bedroom, but Iím not above being paranoid.

My hands reach up to my head and lazily tie an elastic band around my hair. I walk to my wardrobe, open the second drawer and stare at its contents for so long that Iím sure I look like I believe it holds the meaning of life. Iím so damn tired I really ought to just stay home, but that would upset Cara, my best friend. Sheís the complete opposite of me from head to toe. Iíve got dull brown hair with natural blond highlights that doesnít know weather to be straight or curly- it doesnít even seem to want to be wavy, and sheís got beautiful red curls that just shine like the sunís forever in her presence. Iíve managed to get by with meagre C cup breasts while Caraís got double Dís. Her whole body curves pleasantly in all the right places and mine just barely has an hourglass shape.

The only thing I have going for me are my hazel eyes, theyíre a darkish shade of green with black flecks spattered all about with a vibrant orange around the irises. Her eyes are a lovely sky blue, which all the guys fall for.

When Iím done dressing myself in my somewhat flattering school uniform, I walk to the kitchen with Pug by my side and pop some toast in the toaster for myself and put down a fresh bowl of water for Pug. He canít eat in the morning because that would mean two meals a day and Pugís a little on the chubby side of things.

As I butter my toast my phone rings making me drop the knife on my big toe and getting all over the place. I sigh and answer, knowing full well itís Cara by the ring tone.

ďHey, yeah, Iím just getting ready. You made me drop butter all over the floor and my foot. Donít ask.Ē

ďBut babe, I thought we agreed that you wouldnít be so clumsy! Iím gonna be there in like, five minutes so youíd better make breakfast to go.Ē Says Cara over the sound of cars. Sheís driving and talking on the phone again. She knows if she gets caught sheíll get a major fine, but she keeps doing it anyway.

ďOkay, well get off the phone. Iím trying to eat and youíre trying to drive. See you in five. The doorís unlocked as always.Ē I say.

Cara walks right in five minutes later. By then Iíve eaten my toast, much to her dismay because it seems that she hasnít eaten. We sit down and laugh for a bit while I prepare her something quick to eat and soon weíre out the door.


ďYou drive like a maniac!Ē I say as we pull into the parking lot of our school.

ďWhy thank you,Ē Cara replies, ďIíve been just dying to hear you compliment me all day.Ē I donít question her sarcasm; I always say something about her atrocious driving skills.

We make our way to the main entrance of our school and part ways when we get inside because our lockers are at opposite ends of the school. We begged to share a locker but the school doesnít allow it. I honestly donít see why, itís not like Iím going to steal any of her things.

As I walk to my locker I get the familiar feeling of being watched. Iíve had this feeling for as long as I can remember, but lately itís been exceptionally strong. When I reach my locker I notice that itís slightly ajar. Not again! I think to myself.

I open it and find that though itís been opened, it appears that nothingís been taken just like every other time itís been broken into. My locker has been broken into about seven times so far since the beginning of the school year. I donít understand why somebody would open a locker and not plan to steal anything. Itís just plain strange.

I take out the books that I need for first period and smile to myself as I pass Damien in the hall. He looks at me with his big brown eyes and my heart melts. Victoria, his girlfriend of no intelligence yet high status, runs up to him when she notices him looking at me and scowls at me in a rather unflattering way that makes her face look all wrinkly ad disgusting. Maybe Iím being a little too dramatic, but her face just looks wrong to me.

ďDid you hear me?Ē Cara waves her hand in front of my face, ďHello, earth to Khiara!Ē

ďWhat?Ē I say, completely embarrassed that I didnít notice her presence sooner.

Cara shakes her head at me and smiles, ďI said, donít forget the party tonight! Everybodyís gonna be there and you have to bring the chips and drinks. Youíre my best friend and we always help each other out right? Plus you promised and volunteered to bring refreshments so, there is no backing out or forgetting now.Ē

I just nod my head. When it comes to Cara, nodding your head and saying ďMmhmmĒ to everything she says doesnít offend her, it just makes her think youíre listening.

Caraís into parties and Iím just not. Itís way too loud for me honestly. Whenever we go out, Iím the designated driver because she just ends up getting so smashed that she doesnít remember where she lives. Itís a sad existence, but itís mine. Somebody has to keep this girl together and itís not the many idiot boyfriends sheís had over the years, itís me. Weíre best friends, we take care of each other no matter what. Itís just how it is.

We reach the door of our English class and exchange glances. Mine is filled with contentment and hers distaste. I roll my eyes at her and we walk to our seats, which happen to be right next to each other and the reason why we both hardly get any work done. Sheís always yammering on about something while Iím trying to do my work and Iím always trying to tell her to kindly shut up. For some reason though, I always get peace when I read. When Iím reading, itís like the whole world disappears around me, even Cara.

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