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Like a flash of thunder he was gone. I looked up in the sky and he was 20feet high and flying northeast.I called but he never flew to me or looked back. I spent 13 years caring for him and loving him.I stood there in shock. I felt numb and dazed. He was gone. My companion and friend. He was the family pet. Our beloved bird. Mr. VIP at our house.What a loss it was.He was a bundle of energy and made our house come alive. He made it a home also. I talked to him and spent hours with him in the evenings. We had special games we played together and he was always on my shoulder or near by me in the house. If I left the room he called to me and had a fit. He greeted me when I came home after being gone and was so happy to see me. I was crazy about him. The house is so empty now. I still look around for him at night and forget he is gone. I realize he is when I don't see him sitting in his favorite spots in the house.Losing a pet hurts. They can't be replaced. Each is unique and has their own personality. I am pet less now and am free too. I haven't figured out how to survive on my own yet but am working on it. I hope he is too. I wish him the best and hope he can survive on his own too.I worry about him but my hope is that he can take care of himself and survive and that he enjoys his new freedom , or that he finds someone else and gets another good home. If he remains free in the wild I hope he connects with another bird of his type and can hang with it the rest of his life. He was the best and he is missed very much.

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