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The Chosen Land

type story here The Chosen Land

From far and wide the people come
To this land of freedom ring
From many a homeland left behind
They stand together and sing

With hands held tight they give the pledge
Beside the Stars and Stripes
Where they have commit their very lives
To the saving of human rights

When all is done they have become
New members of this land
We must all step forth on this very day
And extend a helping hand

For we must teach the new Americans
The ways of this promised place
They too have in their hearts that trust
A smile will come to their face

For those of us born to this land
We must not loose the sight
Of what our freedoms stand for
Together we fight for our right

Even though there are those who hate
And try to take us down
They bomb us and take of our lives
But too many of us around

May we never forget the promise given
As we dig through the dirt and dust
For it is written on the dollar bill
Itís in God we trust.

Let us go forth this very day
Forgetting not who we are
As we stand together for the world to see
Like a marvelous shining star

Joseph Marvin McManus- 17 September 2001
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