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Old As You Feel

type story here Old as You Feel

Age is what one makes it
It could be short and sweet
Or you could rise up from that chair
And land on your two feet

Go for a walk see the world today
See what it has to offer
Why there’s an old beggar on the street
Asking for a dime in his coffer

The catcher is casing that dog
And grabbed him with the net
Taking him to doggy jail
But first must see the vet

A cat is watching a bird
High on a limb in that tree
If only it would slip and fall
There would be a meal for me

Look at the trail cloud
High up in the sky
Wonder where that airplane goes
To where will it fly

Look at all those kids
Playing baseball out in that field
Remember when it was you out there
And you thought that knee wouldn’t heal

Here comes a wee little girl
Out with her older brother
He’s pulling her in a red wagon
To the store they go for their mother

So many things to see
So many things to do
What is it with those lazy bones
The variety of things for you

It’s not like you’re tied to that chair
Or the feet are stuck to the floor
Put the thought into your mind
Get up and walk out the door

Joseph Marvin McManus
6 May 2001
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