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House Of The Slasher

It was a nice sunny afternoon in the small town of Red Grove, when Mark and Nathan decided to go for a drive. As they were driving, Mark asked Nathan, "Why don't we stop by Cory's place and see if he wants to come for the ride?" Nathan replied, "Sure.. why not?"

As they arrived at Cory's house, they noticed his parent's car leaving the driveway. So, then they pulled up to the house. They both got out of the car and walked to the front door.

Mark rang the doorbell. A few seconds later, Cory opened the door. "Hey guys!" Cory said.
"Hey Cory! How's it goin'?" Nathan replied. "Not bad.., what brings you guys by?" Cory asked.

They told him, they wanted him to go for a drive with them. He hesitated for a moment, but then decided that he would go.

So, the three guys got into the car and drove off.

"So, where exactly are we going?" Nathan asked.
"Well, no place special..." Mark replied. As they drove, they saw a few girls that they knew walking along the road. They decided to pull over and ask the girls if they wanted to come along.

, "Howdy girls". Nathan said. Mark got out of the car and asked the girls, "You girls up for a drive?" ,
"I dunno girls.. what do ya think??" Karla replied. "Well, where you guys headin'?" Leah asked.
"No where really... we're just cruisin' the open road" Mark said. "Are you sure you're not cruisin' for girls?" Sandy asked.

The guys laughed.
"Nope, so you girls wanna come along or what?" Nathan asked. , "Ok, let's go boys!" The girls said.

They all piled into the car and started driving.

"Let's make this a road trip." Cory said.
"Well.. we could, but I don't know if we'd get far." Mark replied.
"Why not?" Cory asked.
"My car is old and I don't think it's road trip material" Mark said.
Everyone laughed and continued to enjoy the ride.

After a while, Mark noticed that the car was running out of gas. So, he decided to pull over.
As he did, the motor shut off. "Dammit!" Mark yelled. "What happened??" Everyone asked. "My car just ran out of gas.." Mark replied. "Oh great! Some drive this is" Leah said. "Shut up Leah.. it's not his fault." Sandy said.
"I didn't say it was!" Leah replied.

"Mark, I don't think there's a gas station anywhere around here". Nathan said.
"I think we passed one a long time ago, I knew I should've stopped in there." Mark said.

As Mark tried to think of what to do, the others got out of the car to stretch. They noticed there wasn't any sign of life anywhere around them, just a bunch of trees.

"I think we're in the middle of no where... it didn't seem like we were driving that far".Karla said.
"I knew this was a bad idea, we should've just kept on walking." Leah said.
"I'm sure the guys will figure something out, right guys??" Sandy said.
"I hope so.., my parents don't even know I'm gone". Cory said.

"Well, it looks like we may have to hike our way back to town" Mark said.
"Uhh... do you think that's a good idea? Coz I don't." Nathan said.
"I suppose you have a better idea??" Mark said.
"We could just wait and see if someone passes by and ask them for a lift." Nathan replied.
"Ya, we could do that". Mark said.
Cory walked a little distance away from the car to see if he could see anything within distance.

He noticed that there was a hidden driveway not far from where they were, so he walked back to the car and told his friends.

"I didn't see no driveway, what are you talking about?" Nathan asked.
"There's a hidden driveway back there, I saw it with my own two eyes.." Cory said.
"Ok, let's go see if there's anyone around to help us" Mark said.

So, they all started walking towards where the hidden driveway was and saw an old house at the end of it.
As they made their way to the house, it looked like it hadn't been lived in for years.

When they got to the door, they weren't sure if they should bother knocking. But Nathan went ahead anyway. There was no answer after knocking a few times.

"Hello?? Anyone home..?" Nathan said.
Still there was no reply.
"Why don't we just go inside and see if there's a phone we could use?" Sandy asked.
"I don't think we should.. isn't that called, breaking in??" Leah said.
"Not really, we could just say the door was open.. so we just went in. But I don't think this place is being lived in, look at it..." Sandy replied.

The others agreed to go in and see if they could find a phone. When they went inside, they saw furniture covered with white sheets and cobwebs everywhere.

Leah was able to find a phone, but told the others it didn't work. So, Mark went outside and around the house to see if he could find the phone wire and possibly fix it.

He found the wire and saw that it was cut in half.
As he tried to put the wire back in place, he heard a noise nearby. So, he walked around the back of the house and saw a man standing by a tree near the house.

Mark said, "Hey, do you live here?" The man didn't reply and started walking towards him. As he got closer, Mark noticed the man's face looked like it was disfigured. The man then took a huge knife from behind him and slashed Mark's neck. Mark fell to the ground.

The man walked around the side of the house and looked in the window to see the other people searching through the house. He then went around the back of the house and dragged Mark's body down to a door that lead to the basement.

As the others were going through the house, they found a flashlight and some batteries. They went into the living room and sat down to wait for Mark to fix the phone wire.

Nathan said, "He's been out there a while, I wonder if he found it." Leah said, "Maybe he took off on us and left us stranded like his damn car!" Nathan replied, "Nah.. he wouldn't do anything like that. I'm gonna check and see if he found anything".

So, Nathan went outside and around the side of the house. He called out, "Yo Mark! Where are ya dude??"
There was nothing but silence. Nathan continued walking around towards the back of the house and didn't see anyone. He thought to himself, "I wonder where he is?"

Nathan then went back into the house and told the others, "I couldn't find him. So, I think Leah maybe right about him taking off on us". Sandy said, "What does she know, she always thinks the worst of people."
Leah said, "I do not! I was just saying, that he may have gone to get help or something.." Sandy replied, "Ya sure, as if we believe that."

Karla said, "Now.. now girls, play nice." Leah said, "Ha! Ha! Very funny.." Cory said, "Ok, so what do we do now? Since there's no sign of Mark".
Nathan said,"I guess we should wait and see if Mark comes back".

So, they waited until it started getting dark, a thunderstorm was starting to roll in. They decided that they should spend the night in the house rather than going out in the storm to find help.

There was still no sign of Mark, everyone started getting worried. Nathan said, "Why would Mark take off on us like that??" Sandy said, "I'm sure he went to get help." Karla said, "Well, if he went to get help.. then why has he taken so long to come back? Do you think something may have happened to him?"

Nathan said, "I dunno, but I'm going to sleep.." Karla said, "How can you go to sleep, when your friend is out there somewhere?" Nathan replied, "Well, I'm not about to go out there and find him, besides I'm sure he'll be back in the morning. Don't worry!" He then went to find a room upstairs that had a bed.

The others said, "Wait for us!" Nathan said, "What?, You're all chicken to stay downstairs alone?"
Just then, there was a loud thump. Sandy whispered, "What was that??" No one said a word. Then they heard it again. Nathan said, "You guys stay up here, I'll go see what that was". He then went downstairs with the flashlight.

Nathan looked around the living room, but didn't see anything unusual. Then he walked into the kitchen, where he heard the noise again. When he flashed the light towards the corner, he saw a man standing there with Mark's head in his hand. Nathan stood there in fear, then he yelled and ran back towards the stairs.

As he ran up the stairs, he told the others that they had to get out of the house. When they asked why, he told them what he saw. So, they all ran down the stairs and headed towards the front door. But when they tried opening it, the door wouldn't open.

As they turned around, they saw the man standing there with a knife.

Nathan yelled, "Get upstairs, I'll deal with this guy", Sandy screamed, "Nathan.. don't! He'll kill you!"
Just then the man took the knife and slashed Nathan in the back of the head. Everyone freaked and ran up the stairs.

They went into one the rooms and slammed the door shut, then pushed a dresser up against it.
Cory said, "We gotta get out of here", Leah said, "Ya.. but how??" Karla said, "Why don't we try the window?"

Cory went over to the window and tried to open it, but it was nailed shut. So, he took a chair and smashed the window with it. Then he told the girls he would go out first, then help them out.

So, he went through the window and onto the roof. He then said, "Ok, come on.." The girls went over to the window and started going through it. Sandy was the last one to try and get through the window, when the man started banging at the door.

Sandy's shirt got caught on the nail, she yelled, "Oh no! I'm stuck...!" So, Nathan tried helping her.
The man broke through the door, and moved the dresser. Nathan scrambled to get Sandy's shirt un-stuck. As he finally got it, the man started walking towards the window.

As Nathan and Sandy started crawling up the roof, the man grabbed Sandy's leg. Sandy screamed, "AHHHHH! Let go of MEEEE!" as she tried kicking his hand.
Cory crawled over and kicked the man in face. The man fell back.

Sandy took a hold of Cory's hand and went further up the roof with the others. They finally got to the top and wondered how they would escape.

Cory said, "What the hell do we do now?" Leah said, "I wanna get out of here.." Nathan replied, "Maybe there's a drain pipe somewhere, so we can crawl down." So, he went to the other side of the roof and looked down the side of the house.

He saw that there was one, so he told the others that he found one. They then made their way to the other side of the roof. Nathan said, "I'll go down first, then you guys follow me down, ok?" They said, "Ok".

Nathan started going down the pipe, and Karla went after him. Then, Leah and Sandy went down. Cory waited until they got half way before he went down. Nathan and the others finally made it to the bottom, they then saw the man coming out of the house.

They started running down the driveway, when they noticed there were gates across the entrance. Nathan tried pressing the buttons at the side of the gates. But nothing happened.

As they looked behind them, they saw the man coming towards them with the knife. So, they started running through the woods. They had a hard time seeing where they were going because of the storm.

They soon heard sticks crunching a short distance away, they hurried through the woods as fast as they could.
Until they found a clearance, they stopped for moment to listen. But heard nothing but the sound of crickets.

Cory said, "He's near us.., we better keep running." Nathan said, "Where the hell is he?" Then he yelled, "HEY SLASHER MAN! COME AND GET US!"
They waited for something to happen, then they saw the man again. He was coming from another direction from where they came. Nathan took a big stick and tried hitting the man in the face with it, but the man grabbed the stick and threw it to the ground.

He then slashed Nathan's stomach open. The others screamed and ran back towards the house. When they reached the house, Cory kicked the front door open and they ran in.

Cory tried locking the door, but the lock was busted.
So, Cory and the others ran down the hallway where they found a door.
They opened it and saw that it led to the basement. Karla said, "Let's hide down there." They all went down the stairs. Cory locked the door and then found a board and some nails, he put the board across the door and hammered the nails in.

Cory said, "We should be ok down here until that maniac shows up again." Sandy said, "Be ok? How can we be ok, when our lives are in danger and we just saw one of our friends get killed??" Cory said, "If we stick together, none of us will get hurt."

Leah walked over to a pile of wood stacked against a wall, she noticed something sticking out of the pile.
As she got closer, she saw that it was an arm.
She screamed, "Oh my God!! You guys, I think there's a body down here.." The others ran over to where she was standing, Cory moved the wood from the pile. They saw that it was Mark's body underneath.

They stood in shock. Then they heard the sound of footsteps moving across the floor above them.
None of them made a sound. They moved to a dark area under the stairs and huddled together.

A while had passed since they heard the foot steps, so Karla decided to creep up the stairs to see if she could hear anything. As she got closer to the door, the door knob started to turn. Karla screamed, "Ohhh crap..."

Then the man's hand smashed through the door and grabbed Karla by the hair. She screamed again.
Cory came running up the stairs, he took a piece of wood and started hitting the man's hand. The man let go and crashed through the door. Karla and Cory ran down the stairs and went over by the wood pile.

Cory then picked up another piece of wood and charged at the man. He swung it and it hit the man in the head, the man fell on the floor unconcious. Cory yelled, "Take that!", then the man got up and slashed Cory in the arm. Cory slumped over in pain.
Sandy found a screw driver and jabbed it into the man's back.

The man stood there for a moment, then fell to the floor again. Karla slowly walked over to the man's body, she used her foot to move his head to see if he was still concious. But there was no movement. Sandy asked, "Do you think he's dead?" Karla replied, "I think so.."

The girls then walked over to Cory and asked if he was ok. He said he would be fine, Leah took her scarf and gave it to Cory to cover up the bloody wound.

Sandy said, "Can we get the hell out of here now?"
Cory said, "Ya, let's go.." So, they all went upstairs.
As they went into the kitchen, Leah said, "Damn! I dropped my earring down there, I'll be right back." Sandy said, "That's all you care about? A stupid earring!!" Leah replied, "It's expensive, they don't come cheap ya know!" and she went back down to the basement to find the earring.

When she got down there, she noticed the man was gone. She then turned around and ran back up the stairs. She said to the others, "You guys! He's still alive!!!" They said, "What?!"
So, they all ran towards the front door. When Cory opened it, the man was standing there with the knife. They ran back into the kitchen and found a back door, Cory unlocked it and they ran out of the house.

They ran all the way to the gates again and decided to try and climb over it. Soon, the man was walking fast down the driveway. Karla yelled, "Hurry! Get me over this damn thing!!!" Just as she was the last one to get over the gate, the man was able to grab her shirt and pulled her towards him at the gate. He then took the knife and slashed Karla's throat open.

Karla's body slowly slid down the gate. The others gasped in horror. Then they saw the man trying to open the gates. So, they started running down the road in the direction of the car.

When they looked back, the man was gone. They quickly looked around them to see if they could see him anywhere. Sandy said, "Where did he go?" Cory said, "Who cares! Let's keep going..."

So, they all started walking down the road. About half a mile, a truck could be heard in the distance. When the truck got within view, Cory and the girls started flagging it down.

The truck then pulled over and stopped. The driver rolled down the window and said, "Hey! What are you kids doing out in this storm? You're gonna get struck by lightning!" Cory replied, "We need help, we were almost killed by a maniac." The driver said, "Well, get on in and I'll drive you kids back to town."

So, they got into the truck and drove off. The driver asked, "You say that you were almost killed by a maniac??" Sandy said, "Ya! He killed 3 of our friends".
The driver shook his head in disbelief, he couldn't believe what he was hearing.

They finally reached the town of Red Grove, the driver drove to the Red Grove police station. He stopped and let them out, he said, "You kids take care, I hope they catch that lunatic." Cory and the others thanked the driver for the ride and walked towards the police station.

When they went in, they told the sheriff everything that had happened. The sheriff told them he would send some troopers out there to investigate. He then allowed them to call their families. Their families arrived and took them home.
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