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The Storm

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The Storm

Winds a blowing, waves a crashing upon the rocky shore
The storm is building where calm just moments before
Batten down the hatches with time I still do have
With the storm a coming a tight ship Iíll be glad

Anchors secure, to the bottom they do grip
Hanging on with all their might to save this little ship
The winds increase; the sails are tied as it begins to blow
Nothing left for me to do might as well go below

The little ship swings to wind, as the bow does rise
Waves have doubled again of their previous size
Listen to the songs that play in the rigging aloft
Things are braking loose above; this ride will not be soft

Off goes the mighty mast, down into the sea
This storm it seems, just might get the best of me
Waves are crashing down so hard, things are tearing apart
Oí how I wish today, the storm had not a start

Listen to the thunder boom, no its mother at the door
Son the bath is over and Iíll hear no more
The weather settled down a bit as the plug was pulled
Water on the floor everywhere, I think the ship just got sold

But atlas the day will come, when again the ship will run
Itís the time Iíll be looking for so I can have more fun

Joseph Marvin McManus
24 February 1993
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