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Elisa, Eric and I

Dear Diary,

Recently, I have discovered that I can trust Elisa, one of the most popular girls at school. Although different in characteristics and tastes, we had always been best friends since the second grade. We'd exchange sleepovers during weekends, attend each other's family gatherings and have a jog every sunset by the beach. Despite the fact that we were constantly together, I had never told her any of my secrets and my innermost feelings until one afternoon.

Two days ago, during recess at school, I managed to tell Elisa that I terribly loathed Eric because of his confrontational attitude towards me. Arrogantly self-confident and self-centered, he would always make an effort to humiliate me in front of the public only because I was considered an old-fashioned nerd.

"I hate him so much, Elisa! I hate him to the point that I feel the need to murder him in front of the entire school! Why does he keep hurting my feelings? Why is he always rude to me?" said I, weeping bitterly beneath my only friend's arms.
"Maybe he likes you," Elisa said as she helped wipe my tears with a fragrant napkin.
I glanced at her and said, "Elisa, why would he like a girl whom he calls ugly and dumb? And if he does like me then why does he affront me every time we come across each other?"
"Perhaps he only wants to grab your attention like some guys do," she said calmly and then gave me a hug, saying "Listen, I'll see if I can help."
"Why, what can you possibly do?"
Elisa smiled, "You'll see."

The next morning, Eric was still himself; calling me names, chasing me around the halls and spitting spitballs at my hair. Elisa wasn't around since she had to look after her grandmother who was feeling extremely ill. I then spent my entire break sitting on a bench while Eric, who unfortunately sat beside me, continued to make fun of my 'cheap' clothes. However after school, Eric marched behind me until I reached my apartment building.

"Hey, I was wondering if you could join me for dinner tonight at my house," he said, staring at the pavement as his cheeks turned bright red.
"Well, I was wondering if you could just stay out of my life and quit acting like a fool," I said angrily, looking straight into his eyes.
"Elisa phoned me last night and told me how you felt about me, how you hate me so much that you wish to kill me because of how I keep embarrassing you in front of all those people. I'm sorry. I would like to apologize," he said as he slowly pulled out his right hand as if to offer me a handshake.
Still furious, I glared at him and kept both my hands inside my pockets as I hollered, "Know that I am never going to forgive you for all the torments you have caused, you hopeless lowlife!"
"Girl, is there anything I can do to pay you back? I'll do anything!"
"Yeah, treat me like you've never met me and never will because I am 'invisible'!"

From that instant I left the porch and dashed to my bedroom, sobbing like I've never cried before. Several hours later Eric called and claimed that Elisa gave him my phone number. He said that Elisa had informed him of my loneliness and that he literally felt sorry for me, promising me that he'd never hurt me again. Surprisingly, I listened to him as if he were my eldest brother who died four years ago in a car accident.

"Just tell me if Eric would start bothering you again," said Elisa on the phone.
"And what would you do if he starts missing with me once more?" I asked, curious.
"Well, you won't find me with him in more than a hundred years." she laughed, "Tell me, have you ever had a crush on him?"
"Yes, when I first saw him in Mr. Rowley's class. But I'm not sweet on him anymore, Elisa, especially after how he'd been mistreating me."
"I'll keep that 'crush thing' between you and me. I won't tell anyone about it."

Not only has Eric become a close friend of mine's but also everyone at school has become familiar with me because of him. He is Elisa's boyfriend and I am definitely not planning to get in their way because Elisa trusts me the way I trust her.
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