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Breath of time

Breath of Time

A poem for Jessica Alba




A little inspiration I had, a little time I took, a little poem I wrote for you

A little desire I had, a little need I have, a little longing for you to see it

A little wish I had, a little anxiety I have, a little hope that you'll like it


Heavens hold no better soul

Eternity is no better goal

Assuming it without you

Vanity I see not in you

Evening comes and I talk to God

Not omitting your name symphonizes my words

Lamp of my days light of my ways

You are my fancy and delight always


Maybe I am a fool

Ageing and wearing down in a fantasy

Karma showed me a face so cruel

Elucidating its feeble mercy

Remission to it is not an option


I say because I am far from you.


But I am better off dreaming

Easing my essence from squirming

Leaving the tribulations of real living

Incarcerating the fate's roaring

Escaping karma's cunning

Vaccinating my heart from breaking

Eluding want from controlling


You are a majestic star shining bright

Over the highest hills I caught its sight

Under the deepest seas rests its light.


Afar we are worlds apart

Right or wrong it's nature's choice

Enrich me before I depart


Take me in your arms

Heal the sore in my soul

Enrich me before I depart


Grant me felicity

Reach out for me

Enrich me before I depart

Answer my crying voice

Talk through the universe

Enrich me before I depart

Show me the unknown

Talk to me I cry talk to me


No one else can be you

Only you are fitting

Talk to me I cry talk to me


Begging the Supreme I am

Entreating with all I have

Chasing smoke maybe

Acting stupid perhaps

Understand my tear Great One

Save me from these coals of passion

Each day I repeat those words.


Year after year I see you age

On and on goes the page

Unbearable it is to me.


Glory defined is you

Amazing in every angle

Virtuous in every aspect

Excellence defined is you


From childhood I fell deep

Overtly it's been to close beings

Revealed to you now, my best being

Manhood now and still in deep


To others you are just another pretty face

Overrated some say you are


Truth be told they may be right

However I would rather be wrong

Enveloping you in my heart feels good.


Failure is at my door

Odds are against me

Reason tells me to forget

Many times I contemplate

Line by line on my poems

Effusively at times I read aloud

Sorrowful tears in my soul

Sorry, at times I feel for myself.


Negativity I try to resist

Ongoing affection I can't restrain

Time will tell if it's all real.


Burn me not with this passion

Entangle me not in this emotion

Cast me not allow consideration

Allow a slice of me in your life

Urge my steps toward you

Send me an invitation

Enrapture my spirit


Yes I love you in that way

Only you take my breath away

Unfortunately you're far away.


Gift is my name

Around you I want to be

Very empty I am

Existing without you


Beatitude is but to the one with you

Reason is overthrown by your charms

Excellence is a word coined for you

An angel in Los Angeles you are

Tea to the nerves

Hue of nature's art


Time spent in pleasure

Oasis of passion


Dreams of pure sweetness

Unspent treasure

Stars in the sky

That's what you are.


Nugatory my words may be

Out of line to think I may be

Take a breath and think maybe


Breathe for a second

Enable the thoughts to come

Could I be the best of you?

And you the best of me

Underneath all who knows what is?

Surely I can't be that insane

Even after writing a thousand songs.


You might just be my purpose

Over and over again I meditate

Upon my life's purpose


Second after second

The answer is the same

Angle after angle

Nothing changes

Day after day you stay


Each breath I take

Today tomorrow and always

Each heart beat I get

Rainy and sunny days

No season is different

All I breathe and beat is you

Lovely Jes


But I make room for wrong

Understanding I may be

Taking all into account


Because I am but a man

Erring is but human

Considering myself as such

Accepting that you may find me;


Sensually unappealing

Exceptionally boring


Yet my mind cannot settle

Of all women, you I'm most curious

Unquiet curiosity I have.


Deliver me from this want

Emancipate me please

Seemingly calm, in my soul I pant

Infringe all impediments please

Get me to end this hunt

Name me in your heart please

Eat away my stifling, build me a vent

Deliver me from this want.


Time is for the gods

Hearts are for persons

Elegance is for you.


Gracious and sweet

Ravishingly rapturous

Every pretty word

Adjective or noun

To you I ascribe

Edacity floods me on your sight

Sensual edacity

Tantalizing in every way


Woman you're wonderful.

Obdurately fond of you

Madness may be creeping on me

As all I'm supposed to be is a simple fan.

Needless to say I must be your number one fan


Outclassed by many I may be

Foolish in a way, that too


Absurd, this poem may be

Lacking flavor, that too

Lady I leave only you to be the judge.




Mist of glee in our air

Average joy cannot compare

Side by side we adhere

Taking our unicorn mare

Escaping to a place so rare

Running my fingers in your hair


Dancing in the nude till we wear

Each moment passed, at each other we stare

Sensation pleasurable beyond fair

In my dreams you and I, are a pair

Gaily I get up every morning

Next to your picture I pray

Engrossed with thoughts of you

Running my days is not quite normal


Assuring myself that someday we'll meet


Measuring my chances is discouragement

Operating with hope abates my predicament

My spirit is too weak to let go

Even though at times I feel foolish

No sensation can substitute your aura

That is why it's hard to let go


Paint a picture of me in your heart

Allow my poem to sink in

Sight the prettiest thing your mind can

Set my poor soul free, pretend you care

Excuse that line if you do care.

Diamonds and pearls are overrated


I believe words last longer than jewels

So I write to you


As one who knows what lasts


Material things perish, words are of the spirit

Openly accept my words

Make an inscription in your heart

Enclose then to stay there forever

Nullify not a single one of them

Take time to consider me.


List me in the book of life

Only if my name follows hers

Scripture Writer

Take time to consider my words.


Worldly are my heart's interests

Heightened by her being worldly

Entertain my folly my Lord

Take time to consider my interests

Here in this poem is my passion defined

Each word is a vital element

Relying on others like chain links


I took time linking them

Take time to consider my work


I have a great taste for beauty

Sunsets are but commonplace


Perfect beauty is in her face

Alone she lights the world

Stars at night shy away

Summer skies hide their face

Elucidating her unrivaled beauty

Dear God You is a great sculptor indeed.


It is sad to live wishing

Napping my time away dreaming


Planning and constructing castles in the air

Living so far away from her

Eliminates a big slice of my joy

Angels are my witnesses

Supposing they know hearts

Unburden my soul Great One

Relieve me from this fruitless passion

Exercise Your compassion on me


Outspread Your loving kindness

Release me I'm a prisoner.


I know there are a vast variety of opinions

No two people think precisely alike


People may deem me mad

Aspiration leads my head

I care not of what's assumed

No one can break my pride


Believe me Jes you're my pride

Utterly composing my ego

Though we are not close


Teach me your ways

Help me know your likes

Engage me in your life


Make me be close.

Once upon a time I saw a girl

Mesmerizing with beauty she was

Efforts of reaching her were in vain

Nothing I tried could avail

Time flew she grew older


Interestingly I'm still interested


Hidden away from her face

A nonentity I feel in this world

Days are sore dreams are my nest


When will I reach the end of my quest?

Help me heavens I frequently say

Enable me to finding my way

Not a single response comes anyway


It is clear that I'm all alone


Fellowship with wish granters

Is a prerogative I do not have!

Reason taught me one thing

Sometimes being unreasonable is the best reason

That is why I write this poem


Looking at no other direction my resolve is firm

And I will write another one

I will until time does not allow

Deem me as you will


My heart will never change

You will always be my only page.


Even though I'm not a sage

You make me feel pretty prudent

Earnest and patient

Sublime with fervor


Omnifariously good

Naked with my pure intentions


Hear me Jes

Everything I do I wish it were for you

Reign over me I don't mind


Invest my ways with your will

Sit in my throne be my queen


Sweetheart! I wish to call you

Take my soul if you would

I authorize you to own me

Lust is far from my intention

Love is more or less that intention


With you I don't flatter I'm true

Impeccable and without deceit

Trust me you make me saintly

Hug a slice of my soul


My words are that slice of my soul

Embrace them with your soul.




Fear knows no triumph over me

Orderly an adjective describing me

Restless for I work hard at all times

Composed at all times

Enduring any ordeal


Offhand I never deal

Few men are like me


Every thought I have I have alone

Xty is my religion

It makes the world a lot less of a dungeon

Soothing my heart from sorrow

Time is the only element missing

Even the most faithful ends in the grave

Naivety is not in my nature

Cautious and inquisitive that's my feature

Excellence I leave for others to judge


Negligence is not my trait so is rage

Of course I have flaws


Opinionated at times

Narcissism used to be one of my laws

Experience taught me to change


Caring for others is my new page

Average good is a low range

Nice at all times is my pledge.


Pleasure is one of my pursuits

Occasionally I take it in a drink

Strawberries have the best savor

Sweetness is my weakness

I like beautiful things

Butterflies in flight

Lilies in their white

Yellow in a sunset's light


Kids are beautiful things too

Nice and cheery they are

Ornamenting this ugly world

Without them we're but animals in the wild.


Time and space fascinate me

Heaven and hell do too

Embrangled by the mystery of magic

Intrigued by the craft of science

Reveling in mathematics


Possibly I'll be a mad scientist someday.

Unexceptional vocationally I am

Reposeful about it I am

Peacefully hoping to be great someday

Open hearted and unprejudiced

Sensible and always focused

Easy going and never biased


I am slightly perfect.

Notable for my slow voice


Thinking is my main vice

Having most of my work noetic

I have a small universe in my mind.

Slow in action I'm not


Weak and worthless I'm not

Outrageous in conduct I'm not

Relying on anyone I'm not

Living for anyone? I may be

Days passing by will tell.


Next to me is but God

Often I talk to Him


Offering no sacrifice but honor

Next to my heart is but you

Each chance I get I talk of you


Chatting to God about you

Angels ought to envy you

Next to you I wonder who is


Time may not be enough to tell.

Amicable is a character I assumed

Laughing at no man even with a cause

Keeping my word even when it's costly


A little twinkle a little smile my heart is pure.

Black as ebony my skin is

Occluded from the world sometimes I feel

Understand me, not wrongly

Treasured is my ethnicity.


Memories turned to frivolity

And souls may cease

Time turned to frivolity

Thoughts may also cease

Elevated entities, gone

Reality, gone

Sorrow and joy, gone


Opulence and penury, gone

Future and past, gone


Easter and Christmas, gone

X y and z dimensions, gone

In here there is supposed to be a "but"

Something one thing stays eternal

That thing is how you make me feel

Exclude me from your thoughts not

Neglect my words not

Criticize my art not

Extend your heart for room for me.


When I go to bed

I think of you

Thanking He for sculpturing you

Honoring His work of art


Time may tell if my words are true


Time may speak its own words.

A little twinkle a little thought my words are true

Like the gospel and steel they are.


Coins and notes are hard to find

Eggs and bacon not so hackneyed

Ruled by misfortune I feel naked

Tormented day and night, night and day

I at times feel like God abhors me.

Though I think I'm highly talented

Unleashing it to the world is hard

Demanding answers from He I dare not

Else He might make is worse.


One of a kind I wish to be

Understanding I wish to be

Really good I wish to be








Youthfully handsome


I wish to be to you.

Snowy days come and go


Agreeable weather cycles on


Moisture less seasons do too

You are the only stable part of my air

Sunshine and the shade

Tea and the cake

East and west

Right and wrong

You are all there is in my longing.


Knock on your door, I wish I would

Nurse you in illness, I would

On your side in all matters

Walk in the park, I wish we would.

Novel I think this one is


One of my many poems may not be about you

None of my many songs is not about you.

Listen to what I have to say

You are a breed of your own


Breathing the essence of affection

You are a unique kind


Yes you are simply different.

Open your arms embrace my words

Unite our different worlds


Bring your warmth closer, wipe out my colds

Unction my heart heal my wounds

Take a step toward me.


Emotions I touch

A blessing or a curse

Concede to my call.

Heart felt heart held.


Troubled hearts I heal

Innocent passion I peal

My words are like lovers

Eloping to limitless passion


I with to unleash


The passion in whomever I wish

Heart felt heart held.

I wish to unleash your passion

Not many men may wish another way

Killing us softly you're in a way


An angel in Hollywood

Beautiful as a princess's story

Oil is no smoother than your skin

Unlimitedly thrilling on the silver screen

The apple of both my eyes


I think you're very special

The strawberry of my tongue


I think you're a rare treasure


Forever in my thoughts

Ebullient is how you make me feel

Effusive in every way a passion can be

Love I cannot claim, but care I can


Love I cannot comprehend, but like I can

Incisively struck by this like I am

Kindling what may just be silly infatuation

Encumber me not from the truth


I am trying to make my way


Waiting for the light to shine

As a night watchman I never play

Seeking a way to stop the pain


Before you I thought wealth

Uncertain about life, I was

I now know what I want

Living near you, it is

Together could be a picture so nice


Sex in my fantasy is a tiny piece

Overtly caring is the biggest slice

Like me, and I'll like you thrice

Exalt me and I'll raise your price

Lovely Jes, my solace

You are my virtue and vice


For you, I'll play like an ace

Only with certitude, will I throw the dice

Read my word representing my face


Hear how smooth they are, think phonetic ice

Evening comes I envision you in lace

Resulting in a sweet night filled with peace.




Superabundant fondness of you

Presumed obsessed by my friends

Incited by some of them

Reciprocal friendship I desire from you

Inconsistency would not be pretty

Tenderly warm friendship would be pretty.


Outbalanced by passion is my reason

Fighting the heart is so hard


Language cannot fully express it

I would say I'm passion struck.

Flying is one of my wishes

Exploring the sky like birds


Hovering in the air has got to be nice

Obviously it's a pipedream

Worst part is it feels feasible compared to you


As faint as a whisper in a dream

Meeting you feels hopeless sometimes.

Arrest my excessive flow of fervor

Zealotry seems to be callously ruling me

Incapacitate its luring effects

Neutralize it with your touch

Grant me a moment with you.


Yearning has become part of me

Obliterate it completely from me

Undo the spell you put on me.


Appealing to you with my full heart

Render to me a portion of your heart

Ebb this wild passion in my heart.


They tell fascinating tales

Odysseys and great fables


Having thrilling worlds in their minds

And I am one of them

Verily it is wonderful to dream

Except it's not real


But you are very real

Regarding that real fact

Omits me from dreamers

Uplifting me to aimers

Greatness of mind is a great talent

Having it fruitful is great toil

Thousands of men decease with hidden greatnesses


Looking at those odds lowers my spirits

I hope not to end before reaching my greatness

For me that greatness is you.

Excelling in life is such a drudge


Time seems to be against my deeds

Obstacles come from every dimension


Blessings are a long way away

Easy is a word that's way away

I nevertheless just keep on trying

Not today perhaps, but someday

God is not that cruel, I believe.


Time will tell if my faith is true.

Help me God I do not seek to test You

Exhume the love You had before sin


Bring the best of angels to help me

Urge my soul to hold on

Time may not be enough for me

Take a breath and grant my wish.

Easy as pie I believe it is to You

Rate my faith and You'll see

Flawlessly faithful is what You'll see

Looking at no other god but You is what You'll see

I at least I hope that's what You'll see

Edify that, it's my desperate plea

Sorry if I'm completely off.


Time will tell what I did right or wrong

Hapless is a life I'm living

Eccentric insipidity is what I'm having


Barbarians I sometimes envy

In the sense that their lives are lively

Ravenous and famished always

Deprived of a living

Special events never come


Staying in this world is very sad

Ecstasy is but in others' mouths

Abject penury is what I'm in


Listless toward me is the fate

I breathe merely because I was born.

Furnish me with a better world

Every night I say to God


A still silence is all I get

No dreams no voices

Darkly empty is the reply I always get.


Uncertainty sometimes feeds on me

Strangely though I'll always believe in God


Through all the grief I experienced

He was my only consolation

Exscinding Him from my life is impossible


Better a reticent God than no god at all.

Eden must be a place so pretty

Admirable in ways so plenty

Unspeakably stupendous

Totally wondrous

It is something, but you Jes make it nothing

Fascinatingly stupendous that's you

Unparalleled glamour you hold

Like a blue rose you are rare


Talking so sweet your words are medicine

Healing my deepest wounds and sorrows

Elixir, that's you Miss Panacea


Best of all sweetness

Overflowing with tenderness

Lubricous softness

Divine goodness


Those are your qualities

Hearty and friendly

Easy going I think.


Maximum ecstasy

A fantasy of you grants

Just the medicine any man wants

Euphony of your voice

Sensuality of the motion of your neck

The qualities I like about you.

I like all your qualities

Coherently designed


Tirelessly made 

He must have enjoyed carving you

Endless artifact effects


Sculpture of sculptures

I would say His greatest work of art.

Meaningless that may be to some

Possibly madness to others

Little old me does not care

Even if I myself think me mad


All that matters is your thought.

Life is like a long adventure

Losing things and gaining things


I am a man stationed on one thing

Nothing lost and nothing gained


You are that one thing

Of course I could be crazy

Unsteady mentally

Reserve room for that


How does a mad man know if he is?

Awestruck is what I was

Notwithstanding the different worlds

Day and night I hoped for you

Still nurturing that hope even today


Breath taking smiles

Ultra pretty face

The features I like about you


Oven fresh complexion

Neat curvy body

Eyes like brown diamonds


I like that squinty thing you do

Squinty thing doer!


Marvelous is a word too low

Outstandingly marvelous is more like it

Rest assured I'm no stalker

Enjoy your life without worry


Finely pure is my heart

Apparently I already stated

So keep smiling

Counting blessings

I hope this is one of them.

Nonillion dollars I would pass

Abandon all there is

That, just for dinner with you

Indecent, pardon me if I am

Necessities of my life

Girl you're one of them


That is because you inspire me

Having you in my consciousness

Assists my creativity

Nihility is what I escaped


All because I saw your picture

Lucent to my soul

Lucid and lovely


An angel I thought to myself

Nothing can be better I thought that too

Delightfully lovable I thought


I saw a slice of paradise.


Forever and ever I wanted it to last

Unfortunately it was just a moment

Life went on I reached a future

Life still goes on I'll reach another future

You I still like, still just a picture.


A motion picture

Picturesque that's you

Painting of passion

Radiantly charming

Efficaciously pleasing

Can never be passing

Ingeniously created

Absurdly touching

That's all seen through a picture

Equaled by none on earth


Heavenly models render their honor

Equinox of my want

Right! That is meaningless


That's how you make me feel

Highly senseless

Ordinariness holds a white flag

Urges to be extreme, surge

Gentle but wild

How do you make me feel like that?


Adulation is clarified by my words

Luminous admiration they show

Line after line I compliment you.


Intelligence is one thing I wish for


Having that would enable me to impress you

And I'm talking really impress you

Value my words dear Jes

Even though they seem psychotic


I don't know the future, do you?

Some things are driven by the Maker


And haply, this poem could be one of them.


Perfection is a word that evokes thoughts of you     

I believe your beauty is predominant not only physically

Credulity is not in my nature my belief has to be true

Ten thousand lifetimes I could live

Unmitigated affection for you will still be in me

Rich or poor worse or better

Evil or good, you're my number one.




Good looking in all ways

Over-striding all my desires

Delicately exquisite eyes she has


Omnificent Entity

Favor me enough to reach her


Anoint me with divinity to charm her

Lead all my steps toward her

Listen to all I say about her


Inculcate my affection upon her


Demonstrate its intensity 

Offer her eternity for dinner with me


Nod Your head in assent with me

Obscurity is not in my words

Trust me they are as Your words


Honor my words though I'm just a man

Assert their genuineness to angels

Validate their meaning

Execute necessary complying actions


Maker of all

Under Your sun I exist

Change my days for the better

Harness my destiny


I count on Your guidance

Navigate the body of my fate


Think about it

Help me to help You.

I believe my joy is Your joy

Spirit of love and kindness


Water my essence

Optimize its viability

Re-route me when I'm lost

Love me Dear God I pray.

Dear Jes


April was made pretty by your birth

Light graceful motions of your neck

Lovely warm smiles you make


I admit you're my excitement's peak


Honey may be served but you I'll pick

Ad-infinitum is a time too small

Victory over all is a triumph too small

Enhanced sex is a pleasure too small


All that is great is in your smile

Remember my words always.

Even though I'm a perfect stranger


My interests are of a close friend

You are in spirit a close friend


Would you someday say the same?

Or would you find me totally unappealing

Rethreading my heart would be my toil

Doomsday would seem very far

Sadness would rule if to you I'm unappealing.


Many think I'm mad

You I don't know.


Let my words draw a picture of me

Open your eyes and define my color

View my soul through my art

Engage your thoughts in defining me


And you may someday say what you see

Notify me when you do see

Disfavor it may be, say what you see.


Your name is common but I love it

On account of being yours

Unlike the rest it suits you.


Alba a perfect last-name

Like butter on bread it suits you

Like a golden bracelet with your name.


I would have to mention the middle-name too


As romantic as France it is

Silky and tender if names could be

Kowtow at its sound I would


Imbuing passion with its pronunciation

Sanity flees at its every sound.


Fountains of youth fables and fairytales

Offer no better fantasy

Regular as you are you are fabulous.


Half alive I feel without you

Efficiency of my being is reduced

Rationality is somewhat blurred


The day will come when I expire

On that day you I'll still desire.


Knowing you are the three elements and fire

Nothing can be placed higher

Only you is my joy's thickest layer

World for sale, for you I'm the buyer


Trust me I'm not a liar.

Healthy living is gratitude for life

And gratitude is to like life

To like life is to like something about it


That thing for me is you

Healthy living I redefine as you.

Elate me with a smile

Revitalize my disintegrating soul

Empty the sadness in my heart


I feel so sad sometimes when I look

Sighting you and knowing


Seeing that you are just a picture

Optimistically though, I never breakdown

My flexible mind knows

Every dog has its day

Opportunities will come

Nice and easy I'll take them

Earnestly and subtly I'll take them


Sun rising sun falling

One day I'll realize my dream.

Many may wish the same

Every true fan does

Work a little thought

How many will ever write like me

Educated well, I'm not

Rare, I am

Exceptionally rare, you judge.


Inspiration is my core

Nakedly clear you're that inspiration.


Thank God He designed you

How else would I have been inspired?

If you were never born

Surely I would have never been.


Writing would have been hard.

On and on my work goes

Rhyming in essays and songs

Like they can hear melodies

Days dance to my songs


Winds blow in symphony

Hail and breeze alike

On and on I write my songs


Whatever matter whatever place

I speak through melodies

Sweet and sincere

Heaven smiles at my words

Even hell may calm a little

Stars in the night sky dance


Tails of animals wag

On and on I spread beauty


State your matter I make it better

Allow me to mold it

You'll wish you did sooner.


Hit me on one cheek

Even the devil wouldn't dare

Loving kindness is all I wear

Like a martyr a lot I can bare

On and on I stand steadfast


Seasons come and go but I stay

On and on


Platinum and gold

Lustrous and grand

Every gemstone there is

Affluence in its grandeur

Shines dimly when compared to you

Earth as a whole is too cheap.


Millions of finest ladies can't equal you

Argosies from all over are a treasure too small

Kings from all over hold no better treasure

Exclusive splendor you hold.


May your face be found on Abraham's bosom!

You alone can brighten the face of paradise.


Perfectly sculptured

Overall immaculacy

Exquisitely designed

Made for a very lucky man


Divine or not my love is absolute

In times past times that are and times to be

Virtually the virtuous side of my soul

In times "forever never"

Nothing in all creation is better

Everything I need air, food and water


Jessica you are my breath of time


            . AD INF LUV .







Copyright © 2010 by Gift Dube

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