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The cold october night

Short stories by Jamie Austin Pierce
The cold October night
It was in the middle of the night as the sky remind dark black and blue
That Hennrey Jennifer and small Zeak walked through
On this cold winter sky and dark night, the three small children walked far from their mothers sight
In their little baskets in bags was a great space for candy and a growing appetite for weeks
Into the street far from their home they walked through valleys where small kids often roam
The first house they came too looked full of joy so they headed to the doorstep in hope of candy and toys
The climbed on each otherís shoulders and stood on the tips of their tiny tows and wee little feet and rang the doorbell that had been vacant for weeks.
Dressed in costumes and covered in smiles they awaited the doorstep for a possible treat
With a load crank and a slow squeaking crink the door opened to little Jennifer, Henry and Zeak
Out moved a large fellow tall and dark black who handed them snacks and welcomed the small fellows back.
Away they went skipping and laughing for fun with one small piece of candy now stuck in their gums
Now moving faster, much swifter down the street they awaited the next house or person they would meet
Passing a vampire, a ghoul and a ghost fear was not present in their small skinny throats.
It was only sweet tasting candy and love for the dark that kept these kids moving into the mist of the night
The next home they came too was of far greater size with columns and arches grazing the dark painted skies
It looked a little scary all alone by itself, but tiny zeak moved forward in hope of the best
Along followed Henery and Jennifer too scaling the hills to the scariest house they could view
Up to the dark deck with baskets in hand, the small fellows so cheerfully ran
With baskets in hand and gulps in their necks they waited the fellow who would come to the deck
With one loud knock on the door they stared at the blackness that had not scared them before
There was not a noise, nor motion or sound so the kids tentively entered the mansion with some thoughts of running straight back to town
With their minds locked on candy and heart stuck on sweets they crept through the house in search of something to eat
Blinded by hunger and their greed to eat the kids walked farther into the black shady deep
With every small step or noise that they made they thought they heard ghosts or vampires looking for prey
Now very frightened and stuck in a moment of fright small zeak looked up and was appalled by such sights
It looked like some sort of beast, banshee or ghost, something without candy or treats for their throats
A small shriek came from Jennifer, and her blond hair stood on high as she darted back towards the door that was now black to her eyes
Zeak ran behind her stumbling and gasping for breath, with no more motivation for candy or tests.
Following behind them with heart pumping hard ran small Henry struggling to keep up.
In this dark mansion with very little light the way out had now slipped very far from their sites.
Maybe it was their desire, or very greed for their own that left their mother waiting for her sweet kids to come home
But all through the town on the very dark streets the children vanished for some hours, days and weeks
So let it be known to every child that roames, have a open mind for safety and donít let your heart be disowned
Because waiting on every dark Halloween night might be a house waiting for small kids to come by.

The End
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