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white oak

Woodrow walked along the path. He was thinking of Laura and how much he wanted to make her his wife.

Their families had not always got along well to say the least. But they had meet and fallen in love.

Her family had taken to him right off even with the difference that had went on.

He was a hard working young man and had a true sence of honesty.

A year passed and Woodrow had saveed enough for them to get started.

He had already got the approvel of her family and they set the date.

The wedding was simpel as most mountion weddings are and both families were their.

Her parents had given them 10 acers of hill side land to build their new home and his family had given them a cow and a few sheep to get started.

The wedding was a big deal in those parts and Laura was a stunning sight in her white dress and vail.

Woodrow wore his best suit and everyone had a high time.

There was no time for a true honney moon as work on their home and the farm had to come frist.

Togather they built a small cabin just 1 room and a sleeping loft but with a strong fire place.

Woodrow built a barn and they managed to clear 3 acers and to plant a garden that would carry them through the winter.

With the game he was able to catch in the fall and gathering through the season and canning the garden surplus they did well their frist winter.

By spring they were back to work and with their first child on the way.

Woodrow cut trees and took them to the lumber yard . Jim who owend the yard cut it to rough boards and for his fee took a third of the wood .

Woodrow built  a small kitchen of rough lumber onto their home as well as a bed room this made Laura very happy. Their frist son was born in that room and was named Arthur after her dad.

They worked hard that year and in the fall had more than enough stored for winter as well as a nice profit from what they were able to sell.

Arthur was very sick with feaver and despit all they could do he was geting worse.

Woodrow and Laura took him by mule some 30 mile to the nearest town with a clinic and the doctors did a transfusion from Laura to him.

The doctors told Laura that if they would leave him with them they would do all they could to save him.

Laura and Woodrow were heart broken to leave him but knew if he was to have a chance it would be best.

In the spring before the work started over again they made the trip and were so happy to find their son was alive and well

They took him home and both families had a huge get togather to celabrate.



more to come

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