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white oak 2

That winter passed and in  the spring Laura was with her secound child.

Woodrow was tending mor land now aswell as loging .

he would cut the trees in the fall and drag them to the stream.

in spring before the rains came he would build a series of dams as the water rose he would break the dams and the tied logs would float down to the river.

when he had them all in deep water he would raft them down to the log mill on the ky river a very long trip but he could get a good price for them there.

life was hard but good and they were very happy.

as the years passed and their family grew Woodrow would travel to the next county and work in the mines . he would be gone weeks at a time and Laura and the kids would tend the farm.

during these years trouble built between the families and had Laura and Woodrow caught in the middle.

it came to a head when Lauras dad and brother were killed by Some of Woodrows people.

Laura was so afriade that Woodrow would take up the fight and avenge her dad she begged him to move the family across the mountion to where he was working.

they moved from coal camp to another oiver the years and finialy Woodrow was hurt very bad in a minning accedent .

the doctors gave him up for dead but laura refused to give up.

woodrow was in the hospital for a very long time and when he was able to leave he would never be the same again .

his ingeries had left him unable to do mining work or any other in truth

. they bought a home on the clover frok of the ky river.

their 2 sons arthur and ammon now grown worked in the mines

ammon the younger brother and a bit more wild than his older brother joined the army.


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