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Sights Perspective

  Those wonder sometimes, what does a blind man see? How does he live his life? To his respect, I would say just as anyone else sees it... The visual representation of this world you see through your eyes is merely a distraction. The true, inner sight of things, comes from the inside of you.The inside of your mind.

  You wouldn't have to see, say your mother to feel the affection and care from her. It comes naturally, rather, instinctively.

  It happens all of the time to you. Heres an example:

  Your the new kid in school, and you see a very beautiful girl. The thing thats going to register in your mine because of what you see, is that this is a very nice young lady. But, instinctively, your mind, your inner mind, probably has a good idea of what this girl may be like, from a stereotypical perspective, such as shes probably the snobby popular girl. But this thought is locked away, blocked by an obstacle, your sight.

  Sight is what causes wars, famines, plagues and every other thing of the sort. When we see a wounded soldier, say, in Iraq, we automatically think, that the person that shot this man, has an antagonistic nature or personality. But if you go into the mind of the person that shot him, he's seeing someone, who invaded his country. Which is a completely legitamite statement. 9/11 or not, we had no reason to enter the Iraqi war. Our sight of the Twin Towers blocked the previous memory, that we had been inching our way in to the Palistanian and Taliban conflicts about a decade before the incident. But in today's society it's all about the Now, not the Past. 

  Sight is a very decieving mistress, that can literally drive one insane to the point of something like 9/11. If we don't take a second to realize our inner thoughts before our outter viewings, the world will continue to fall into a downspiral like it currently is...

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