WHO WAS SHE. | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Short Story - Lost Love Bookmark and Share


The phone rings and Max’s
Wife hands him the receiver.
Who is it? I don’t know I didn’t

 Ask; some girl. Girl, eh?  Yeah
Girl. Hope she ain’t some tramp
You’re playing around with?

Course I ain’t; you think I’d do
That to you? Eh? How do I know
What you do while you’re out

Or who you might see. I don’t
See no one, at least not a dame
Or not a dame I’d play around

 With. Well. Answer the darn
Bitch, Max’s wife says walking
Into the kitchen and slamming

The door. Hello? Who? Oh, you.
Yes I am fine. You? Did you?
Right. He is huh? Well how do

You know it was me? When was
This? Oh, yeah, I remember. Good
Night. Keep your voice down or

The old lady’ll hear you through
The wall. How far are you? Three
Months. That night was it? Sure

I remember. You were the blonde
Dame with the short cut dress right?
Oh, you were the brunette? Oh,

Right yeah, of course you were.
The lights in that place are quite
Low and I had had a few drinks

And my memory isn’t what it was.
No I’m not trying to be funny.
What? No, you can’t speak to

The old lady. Leave her out of this.
How did you get my number anyway?
I gave it to you. Oh, right yes, sure.

Meet me on 42nd Street tomorrow
At around 2.30pm. Keep the voice
Down. We’ll speak then. Right. Yeah,

I’ll recognize you. The blonde. Oh,
Yeah, the brunette with the blue
Coat and dangly earrings. Ok. Yeah

Bye bye. Max puts down the phone
And sits in the lounge chair. Who
Was it? His wife asks coming into

The room. It was Joey’s fat ugly
Wife reminding me about the next
Race meeting and to bring along the

Billy Joel CD he lent me. You were
 A long time. She stutters; takes her
A while to get words out. Sure it does;

You talk a load of junk and muck. She
Wants another date and a two bit fuck.  

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