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Written by Kajira Callista

With thanks to bridgeburner for help with the editing

She turns on the water in the bath...carefully checking more then once to be sure it’s the right temperature. She lights all the candles that surround the tub… goes to the closet and gets a towel, places it within reach. She opens the windows wide and watches the steam rise from the tub as she pours in the bath salts and just a tiny bit of bubbles, exactly the way he expects her to. The scent of lavender fills the room; the candles’ glow warms her. She goes back to the bedroom where he waits for her. She slowly and carefully undresses him as he watches everything she does silently. She returns to the bathroom and turns off the water, checking the temperature one more time; she kneels besides the tub and waits for Him. Her heart beats faster as she peeks up at him then quickly lowers her eyes again. She waits quietly for him to enter the tub and tell her to join him.

He calls for her to join him and she steps in carefully and sits between his opened legs. He wraps his arms around her and entwines his legs in hers and pulls her close. The feel of his body pressing against hers sends a shiver through her. He pulls her back against him and she leans against his chest turning her head slightly so she can hear his heartbeat. She slows her breathing to match his; closes her eyes and allows herself become a part of him. Their hearts start to beat at the same pace as they both relax and enjoy the feeling of closeness. She wants to be there forever...in that perfect place wrapped in her Masters arms.

Before he can tell her to do so… she gets up and out of the tub and stands holding the towel for Him. She lowers her eyes as he gets out of the tub and he lifts her chin and looks into her eyes, into the deepest darkest parts of her soul. She looks at him in awe, nervous and excited wanting to hide, wanting to kiss him, wanting to touch him, but she doesn’t break the eye contact and starts to feel him surround her in her mind and heart. The moment seems to last an eternity but she knows she must prepare for Master’s massage. He looks away and she continues her preparation. She sets the oil in warm water as she pulls down the bedding....kneels at the side of the bed waiting for him to sit down. He flops himself into the bed and she tries not to giggle... she gets up and gets the oil....tests it a few times on the sensitive part of her arm to make sure the temp is perfect for her Master. He lies on his tummy, and she carefully places her legs on each side of his thighs...not touching them anywhere. She pours the oil in her hand and rubs her hands together. She then places them lightly between his shoulder blades and slowly spreads the oil across his back and up his arms. As she does this she can feel him brushing his legs against her own. She smiles and continues. Starting the massage between his shoulder blades she works her way out on both sides. She massages each arm separately working her fingertips into the muscle till she feels it begin to relax. She massages his shoulders and neck then moving slowly down the middle of his back. Being this close to her perfect Master, the feeling of his body responding to her touch excites her. She feels the warm wetness begin to seep down the inside of her thigh… she knows this pleases her Master and continues with his massage. She works on his lower back and buttocks…moves outward toward his hips. She works her fingertips hard into each muscle, her hands never tiring, loving that she can please Master with her touch as he so easily does to her with his. Then she turns around, slips in between his legs, and continues to his thighs and calves.......slowly down to his feet and toes....then back up each leg once more.

He sits up to turn and she feels his hardness against her bottom....her nipples become erect in response to his touch, her back arches slightly and she presses into him a response she can’t control. She feels his hands on her shoulders gently massaging. At first she is nervous thinking she hasn’t finished her task, but his perfect touch soon has her in his complete control.....reacting exactly as he wants her to. His strong hands slide down her back then over her hips....across to her belly then lightly brushing across her nipples. Her body is trembling....so close to orgasm from just his touch.

He turns her around and lays back down waiting for her to finish her task. She quickly picks up the oil and continues to massage. She rubs the oil in and massages everywhere that she feels tension but the most sensitive spot… she sees it dripping and hard....wants to touch it, to taste it, but she doesn’t. Once she has massaged his entire body but that one spot… she kneels between his legs and looks up at him. They look into each other’s eyes… part of their ritual, and she feels time stand still for a moment. He tells her without any words…only a look that she may continue. She smiles and gently begins to massage his erect penis...his testicles .She gently spreads his legs wider and massages his anus and that wonderful spot just between the two. His response to this makes her work harder...touching just as she has been trained to do. She takes his hardness deep into her mouth as she presses her thumb into the pleasure spot harder...his hips rising to meet her mouth and his pleasure have her on the edge, but she knows she can not, not until she is told to. She slips one finger carefully inside him and massages that perfect spot… she can feel the gushes coming from her hole pouring down her legs. Once again their eyes meet as she uses her hand to pleasure his throbbing hard cock and her finger inside him to pleasure him further. He gives a quick nod, and she begins to squeeze (kegels) as he taught her. Her head is spinning she is so lost in the pleasure...lost in the gaze.....feeling like she is truly a part of him with no will of her own… again she matches his breathing… her heart beats faster as she becomes part of him…in his complete control… owned body mind and spirit by this perfect man. She doesn’t think she can wait any longer. He stops her…never breaking eye contact, slips his finger deep inside her…curls it a bit….and uses it to pull her closer to him. He asks her if she is ready. She cannot respond in any other way besides a soft moan… three words send her into subspace. He chuckles because he knows her will truly at that moment is his; he owns every inch of her ...he owns her mind and her spirit. She can no longer respond to anything but the sound of his voice. He asks her how she feels and her only response to him is pressing her pussy harder onto his hand.....no need for words anymore… he understands. He leaves her teetering on the edge for what seems like an eternity… she is lost in the pleasure… the sounds that escape her lips sound strange to her...animal like.....like something has taken her over.

He spreads her legs and slips himself inside her dripping hole a tiny bit...asking her again if she is ready. He holds her body still so she can’t raise herself up to take him in deeper. He chuckles and asks her again.......she finds a way to get the words out and begs him over and over to please let her have what she needs. He puts on her clamps, and uses them to pull her up to him a bit. She looks into his eyes and sees a sparkle….he is pleased. He turns her over onto her knees, spanks her lightly and asks “Is this what you need slut?” She doesn’t respond her head lost in subspace but he knows it is what she wants. He grabs the crop and uses it on her back and legs and ass.....asks her “is this what you need?”… She begs him to let her cum. He tapes her mouth and kneels behind her pressing his hardness into her anus… she moans and pushes back onto him. He enters and pushes himself deep inside, then he tells her “Do it NOW!” She is amazed at the unbelievable pleasure running through her body… every inch of her is orgasming over and over… the waves wash over her for what seems like an eternity. She can feel him touching her, feel him inside her and hear his voice like they are very far away from her. She is in the most perfect place and wants to stay there forever.....

Then she hears him say "come back to me now", she doesn’t want to do that, but the sound of his voice pulls her back to him. When her head seems to clear she finds herself in his arms and safe....listening to him whispering that she is a good girl listening to his heart beat and his breathing.......falling into the same breathing pattern, becoming part of him once again.
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