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Collaring (A true story)
Written by kajira callista
Edited by D.W. Powers

She comes home for work as she does every day, showers and performs certain little rituals that get her ready for His return home. She watches the time as she gets ready for Him, being very careful to do everything just as He has asked her to do. It is time for her to kneel at the door...she checks her position over and over nervously...wanting to be perfect for Him. Her thighs parted so she is exposed, her bottom resting on the heels of her feet, back slightly arched head high eyes lowered hands holding hair above head so He can inspect her. In this position, she will wait for 30 minutes.
As she waits she goes over and over in her mind what He has taught her and what He expects when He enters...she is not to react or speak. This is hard for her ...she wants to jump up and wrap her arms around Him covering him in kisses every time He enters the room. However, she is for His pleasure, its no longer about her wants or needs, her will is His will. Trying not to fidget, as the time draws closer she feels excited and nervous, all of this is so new to her and the feeling that she finally fits someplace makes her feel like she is going to burst.
Hearing the keys in the door; her heart beats faster making her feel breathless. She has to fight the urge to rise and be in His arms...that will come soon enough. Eyes lowered she sees the light from outside move across the floor and then His shadow covers her. He leaves the door opened a little bit too long and she hears people walking by and knows they can see her, but she doesn't move. He chuckles and closes the door and then she hears "Mmmm hello my precious pet" she knows she is not to respond yet that she has to wait as He has taught her. She smiles and blushes; the words make her feel warm all over. As her nipples become erect, she feels the wetness between her legs and is sure this is her place... where she belongs.
He walks around her twice slowly, He is looking at every inch of her and she knows it. This is His ritual and she has grown to love it. It soothes her, calms her. He does not speak as He does this; she has learned to let the silence comfort her. He puts His foot between her legs and spreads her wider then lifts her a bit from the front with His foot, walks behind her and does the same. This is extremely arousing to her and she knows He wants it to be. He has trained her to love this ritual and she does. From behind He lifts her arms up high...almost lifting her from her kneeling position and walks around her looking at all of her; touches her still damp hair puts it to His face and breathes in the scent runs His fingers through it as He places it over one shoulder as He likes it. Arms still up high He checks her hands and nails, He kisses her hands and releases them...she know she is now to put them behind her back and wait for His instruction. He bends down in front of her so that they are almost nose-to-nose...this is different, not part of the ritual and she starts to tremble. She is frightened by this.
He touches her cheek and tells her "Be calm my pet today is going to be different, I have two gifts for you if you want to accept them. But for you to accept them you can not be on your knees like this". He lifts her a little and she stands eyes still lowered, He tells her in a harsh voice; "NO… for now you will look at Me and talk to Me open and honestly, and you will answer all my questions." Pet doesn't like this; she wants the ritual...the change confuses her and she wants to hide. He strokes her cheek to comfort her and she is immediately lost in Him. He holds her close and tells her this is a good thing, because He is sure of the outcome. She is confused by all of this but feels safe and calm now that He is close to her.
He steps back from her and from His pockets He takes two beautifully wrapped packages...the girl in her comes out and she smiles big. This pleases Him, she can tell when she looks into His eyes. He places the packages on the table and sits down...pats His lap and she sits with Him. She begins to cover Him in kisses, He laughs and tells her there is plenty of time for that, now is the time to talk. She pouts a little but listens to Him.
He tells her to open the first one and she does...very carefully because she doesn't want to ruin the pretty paper, it’s a box and she opens it. Inside is the most beautiful gold necklace; she takes it out and looks at it noticing there is a gold ring attached to it, she doesn't know what this is for and asks Him. He tells her the ring is for a leash to be attached ...and if she accepts the necklace (collar), she would be completely giving herself to Him, and if that's what she wants to do He would be very pleased. She looks at the ring, thinks of the leash and frowns for a second. Then the only words she hears are that it would please Him...this Perfect Man who adores her and cares for her and wants her. She smiles and is ready to say yes ...He puts one finger to her lips and tells her to open the other one.
This time she just ripped the package opened not caring about the paper. Inside this one is what looks to her like a dog collar. Now she is very confused; this one has three rings and a buckle and is not as pretty as the gold one. She looks at him for some kind of explanation. He chuckles, kisses her cheek and tells her this one was mostly for play... the rings to attach ropes and chains and such. She giggles at the thought of play and this collar.
She stands up quickly and puts it on...playing with the rings winking at Him, giggling. He suddenly rises from the chair, hooks His finger through the ring in the front and pulls on it hard lifting her to her tiptoes and looking right into her eyes. He says “this” tugging on collar “is to remind you that I own this…” putting His hand between her legs and slipping a finger deep inside almost lifting her from the floor. He stares into her eyes and holds her like this till He can see she understands, which didn't take long because she wanted this. Now…time to answer questions He told her and sat her down in the chair.
“First question is you understand what I’m asking of you?”
She nodded.
He said” NO” in a loud voice that startled her “you will speak and answer the questions completely...tell me what I am asking of you.”
She started to get nervous she wasn't really sure but she knew she wanted to say yes. She said quietly "You want to own me".
He asked if she understood what that meant and she said," I’m not quite sure but I want this".
He frowned angrily and asked her how she could want something without knowing what it was and then began to explain to her what being owned by Him meant. Most of it was stuff she was already doing, the greeting ritual and other familiar things that He had been training her to do. He told her that she would be required to wear the collar at all times in His presence...and whenever else she was able to when He wasn't around. The pretty one was for when they would go places together...the ring would let people who understood this know she was His slave and sometimes the leash would be attached. At first she didn't know how to take the word slave... it sounded like a bad thing but felt like a good thing.
Seeing she was upset by that He told her, ”Slave to me means My Pet, My Princess, My Lover and My Friend.” Then he said, ”It also means you are My hole, My slut, My toy and you will be used as a toy by anyone else that I wish you to be a toy for anytime you are told to without question. I will control everything you do. What you wear, what you eat, who you speak to. You will not be allowed to speak unless I tell you to, you will be on your knees wet, and ready for Master always...and oh yes you will call me Master ALWAYS.”
She was frightened, confused, aroused and upset all at once….she felt like her mind was on a rollercoaster, her head was spinning. She lowered her eyes and quietly told Him “I do understand.” and He suddenly became softer. He lifted her chin and looked deep into her eyes. His voice changed to almost a whisper as He asked the next question.
"Do you willing give yourself to me completely...mind body and spirit?"
"Yes Master"
"Do you do it with complete honesty and trust?"
“Yes Master”
...she felt like she was melting into Him, becoming a part of Him with every word He spoke.
His last question was "Is my will your will?"
She immediately fell to her knees and lowered her eyes.....she was overwhelmed with the feeling of this being what she had been searching for ,that this is what makes her complete...this is perfection.
She whispered barely able to speak "Masters will is my will, I will obey Him, and fulfill all of His needs because I adore Him. I give myself to him totally and freely" She does not know where these words she spoke came from...someplace deep inside her, and she is surprised by them.
He kisses the top of her head and tells her He will cherish this beautiful gift she had just given Him. He tells her to stand and she does. He holds her close to Him and she is completely at peace, feeling perfect and like everything in her life has just been put right. He takes her hand and leads her to their bed where they spent the rest of the night exploring and enjoying all there is to enjoy about each other. She falls asleep with His arms wrapped tight around her and as she drifts off she could think of nothing but this new bond, that kept her safe, made her comfortable and felt perfect.
The Next Day

The next morning she woke up alone and was surprised, it was His day off and He always spent it with her. She went to the kitchen and found a note….it said “We are having company tonight, I will be back soon to prepare you”.
That seemed strange to her but she forgot about the note and went about her tasks for the day. After she was done, she lay in the bed thinking about the night before and how happy He was with the choice she made. By the time He returned she was drifting off to sleep.
He tossed some packages on the bed hurriedly and told her they needed to talk for a bit. The company that was to be there that night was coming to see her, this she didn’t understand but she nodded and listened to what He was telling her. He told her that He needed to prepare her to be displayed, and while He was doing that, He would explain what was to happen later that night. All of this made her nervous; she didn’t understand what He was trying to tell her and she wanted to explain to Him that she didn’t, but knew better.
He started taking stuff out of the bag…pretty bath stuff that she liked lotion…shampoo and so on. Then there were things that she didn’t like…enema, douche, rope, weird scissors, and tape. She looked at all these things on the bed and was now very confused but very excited. He took her to the bathroom and told her the enema was a must and would be used a lot in the future. He explained to her that this would become part of her routine, she would be responsible for being clean at all times for Him. He would administer it this time and she would be left privately, but in the future, there would be other things involved in this cleansing ritual. She wondered what the other things were but quickly forgot when He told her to bend.
He carefully inserted it and she felt the liquid enter her…it was cold and uncomfortable, and she was embarrassed and wanted to cry…He talked to her and soothed her. Just as He finished he told her she was to hold it, as long as she could and to tell Him when she couldn’t anymore. She felt sick and cramped and told Him she couldn’t do this.
He chuckled, held her chin in His hand, looked at her grinned and told her in a harsh voice, “You will do this and you can do this because it pleases ME.”
She was doubling over but trying to be brave. Tears were streaming down her cheeks and frantically she told Him it hurt and was making her sick and she couldn’t hold it another second. He winked at her, chuckled and said “Good Girl” and left her alone for as long as was necessary.
She was still very embarrassed when He entered the bathroom again, but he seemed very far away, agitated, deep in thought...He prepared a bath and told her coldly to get in the tub; she did as she was told even though it was a little to hot. He left her by herself for a long time. She felt nervous and confused, feeling as if she had upset Him in some way. He returned a good while later with a big smile on his face and she melted. He knelt at the side of the tub and pampered her as He told her about the people coming to see her tonight, they were friends and were happy for the good news He told them and were coming to view her.
He could have told her anything…all she cared about was how wonderful His touch was and how He put so much care into what He was doing. She was thinking if this is what its like to be owned she was going to like this. When the bath was finished, He covered her body with the nicest smelling lotion and massaged it into her skin so carefully and thoroughly, touching her gently then suddenly roughly. Running His hands over her body and looking at every inch of her. He playfully swatted her bottom, then told her to go to the bedroom kneel on the bed and wait for him.
She did as she was told and suddenly felt the panic, not really knowing what was happening but half-understanding this was part of her becoming His. He walked in the room and put her collar on; she wanted the pretty one, but that was not the one He placed around her neck. He dressed her in a black bustier; nothing else…took out the rope and slipped it through the rings on the collar. Her heart was racing; she felt dizzy from the anticipation. He tied rope around her upper thighs then tied it under the bed; she guessed to the legs of the bed. The rope he slipped through the rings was tied to the headboard; it held her head high and made the collar feel very tight. He pulled her arms back behind her and tied them with her hands facing up…in a position that wasn’t painful but was uncomfortable, and slipped the rope through the back of the collar.
She was trembling all over and she didn’t know if it was from the fear or the excitement. He tightened the ropes on her thighs so that her legs were spread wide and she couldn’t close them. It was very clear to her now what He meant when He said they were coming to view her. She was frightened, but she trusted Him not to hurt her in a bad way so when He stood back to see how she looked she fought back the tears and smiled at Him. He winked at her, told her she was beautiful and started walking to the door. As He passed her, He slapped her bottom hard and told her He would be back soon.
She felt like she was there a long time before He came back; she was starting to feel uncomfortable, couldn’t find a way to shift her weight and was starting to fidget. He came back in to put makeup on her, this made her giggle but she could see herself in the mirror and He did a real good job. As He was applying lipstick to her lips, He told her people would be there any minute. He told her she was to relax. He showed her the tape and told her she was to be silent or her mouth would be taped, then the funny scissors and told her if she couldn’t do this these would be right on the nightstand and He would cut the rope right away…but only if she really needed Him to.
She really didn’t feel afraid...nervous and excited to see what was going to happen but not afraid and she told Him this. He chuckled, kissed her cheek and told her what a good girl she was and how proud He was of her…..then left the room and closed the door. She felt happy that she was pleasing Him but didn’t like the waiting …her arms were cramping and she had no choice but to be still….so she stayed there very still and let her mind wander off thinking about how happy she was going to be as this relationship grew.
She heard the people in the other room talking and laughing; she recognized a few voices but not many. Now she was getting nervous, she wanted untied and to be with Master, close to Him and safe. Trying to control all she was feeling made her body tremble. The door opened and the lights were turned on and it startled her. Master walked in and across the room to where she could see Him. He motioned for her to lower her eyes and she did. Her heart was racing as she heard other people in the room...talking to Master about HER! She was very upset and really very scared now…but that excitement was still there, she could feel it in the heat that was growing between her legs…this is where she focused herself, on the good feeling.
They began to touch her and at first, she tried to pull away. Master said very softly one word “Pet” and she stopped. She kept her eyes lowered and didn’t move. They had lowered the top of the bustier and were pinching her nipples and slapping her inner thighs. Then they began inserting fingers roughly into parts of her body that she didn’t want them to touch... to her these belonged to Master. They commented on her wetness…tightness, on how she didn’t respond negatively to them. As she felt hands all over her she felt the tears come…she sobbed uncontrollably. That made one of the men laugh and he smacked her bottom hard then pinched it. He asked Master if he could try her out; said she looked like she would be fun. She gasped and looked right into Masters Eyes. He looked at her as He spoke to the man and said, “No that belongs to me, and I don’t feel like sharing it tonight.” Still looking into her eyes, He told her what a good girl she was. She smiled big and knew that this was where she wanted to be, right here with Him looking into each other’s souls forever.
People started moving back towards the other room. He untied her and rubbed her wrists and arms, whispered in her ear how well she behaved. He removed the bustier and told her she may kneel at his feet in the other room until the company left. She was thrilled by this …all she wanted was to be close to him where she knew she was safe. For the rest of the evening; she knelt in perfect position at Masters feet. She didn’t fidget, she didn’t raise her eyes or say a word. She was in a perfect place, her heart full her soul feeling complete… and she knew she was making Master proud.
After everyone was gone, He told her to get in the tub, which she did right away, because she noticed a difference in His tone and was afraid she had done something wrong. He turned the shower on, handed her the douche and looked at her as if He was disgusted and told her to clean herself. When she was done with that, He washed her roughly, mumbling about how He so hated people to touch what He owned. She was so frightened by the way He acted. She thought He had wanted all that happened tonight.
He left her alone to dry herself off and she broke down, she sat in the corner of the bathroom wondering what she did wrong and remembering how ashamed she felt while she was being touched …feeling like she was not good at this and didn’t want to do it any more. He heard her crying and came and held her in His arms, telling her she was just perfect tonight and He was so pleased that she was able to get through that like she did. She couldn’t think any more; what was good was bad and what was bad was good and nothing made any sense. He shook her and said he knew she was much stronger then this and she was to stop the nonsense right now.
He commanded her to go to the bedroom and he followed her, he bent her over the bed and spanked her harder then he ever had before…then checked to see if she was wet for Master. He laughed because it was pouring down her legs and He loved her responding that way. He slapped her swollen wet pussy hard over and over as she gasped and writhed with pleasure. He turned her , grabbed her nipples, pulled them, twisted them, and pinched them mercilessly as he looked into her eyes, knowing from her look she was begging for more. He grabbed her hair and turned her around, spread her legs wide and asked her if she thought she deserved the pleasure she was begging for…she said “yes” because of what she had just done for Him.
He spread them wider, pulled her head back by her hair and looked into her eyes; he entered her ass unlubed. As he forced himself into her hot defenseless unlubed hole, He growled, “You are my possession, what you deserve is what I say you deserve”. She was so aroused by the words and the night and all that He was doing to her. The pleasure of the pain she was feeling took her over. She could not speak but to beg Him to let her cum.
He pushed her down to her knees and slipped himself into her mouth and told her if she wanted to cum she would have to pleasure herself as she drank his cum…and without question she took Him into her mouth and did as she was told. She felt His hot cum filling her mouth and she exploded in complete ecstasy. She was amazed at how strong the release was…how it seemed to take over her whole body and mind…and how nothing about that night mattered but this perfect pleasure she was experiencing at that moment. She felt perfect in this place in her mind the Master had somehow opened the door to for her, and she wanted to be there forever.
He picked her up and kissed her lips, He told her that He was a lucky man to have such a willing slave and He would always cherish her. He held her close to him for a long time then He slapped her bottom, winked and told her “Get into the bed… You had a busy night.” He massaged her back and her legs and arms, talking to her about all the adventures He had planned for her in the future and how He knew there would never be a task given to her that she couldn’t complete for Him.
He lay down next to her and told her she was to sleep now, and she should dream about how much pleasure being his nasty little cunt was going to bring her.
As she falls to sleep all she can think of is when her next chance to show her devotion to her perfect Master will be.

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