MAKING THE MOST OF. | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Short Story - Lost Love Bookmark and Share


A woman’s got to make
The most of herself Miss

Minnow says make the best
Of what she has and even

If one’s father thought one
Ugly and below his notice (and

There are father’s like that) she
Says staring at herself in the

Dressing table mirror one must
Still make the most of face and

Eyes and lips and keep oneself
Clean and smelling just so and

Mother was always one for the
Little tips and those girl to girl

Talks in late evenings before
Bed those when I was a young

Girl kind of chats that ended with
The kiss on brow and tucking up

Between blankets and lights out
And licking a finger and dragging

It across her dark eyebrow feeling
The spittle there and remembering

Charlton’s gropes and fingerings
And thinking it love or some such

Thing that men bring to the love
Scene she was glad she never

Went the whole hog and let him
Fuck even if that had have been

What he desired and have made
Him smile and not moan and leave

Her all upset and alone at least she
Can hold her head up now and be

Ready and pure as Mother used to
Say for when Mr Right comes along

Knowing no one’s fucked her silly or
Black and bruised to prove her wrong.

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