LILY'S KITTENS. | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Short Story - Chronical Bookmark and Share


Lily heard that Mr Garbosh
Drowned kittens that he put
Him into big sacks tied up the

Sacks and threw them into the
River or dunked them into the
Horse trough in the back fields

And held the sack under with
Deliberate cruelty as if he got
Some deep satisfaction from

Seeing the moving sack become
Silently still and soggy as he lifted
It from the murky water and so

She hid two of the kittens in her
Room and tried to keep them quiet
As she could and fed them with

Scraps from the table pieces of
Bread or meat or the occasional
Dead mouse caught in the traps

Which she distastefully removed
With dedicated fingers hoping each
Time the kittens mewed Mr Garbosh

Wouldn’t come in his heavy boots
With his huge sack and sullen mien
To search them out again and put

Them into drown with the others and
Thought it odd that such big cruel men
Take up with such small kind mothers.

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