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The Lone Wolf

Wolf Cries! The Beginning
Chapter One
The wolf pack moved silently through the thick of the forest, each animal beautiful and majestic. Each paired for life and happy with one another. Cubs played alongside their parents. Everything is how it should be, the leader thought to himself. They had a good summer and were fat; ready for the cold winter he knew was ahead. He was the strongest of the pack and his partner was the most beautiful. Together they had many adventures and many cubs between them. He was proud and happy the pack was strong.
They had many miles to go, but their energy levels were high and he had faith in the young cubs to keep up. They would rest shortly once he felt sure they were safe from the humans with the dogs. The pack had many narrow escapes through the summer but they had survived. He was forever alert to danger, but he feared these humans who he knew to be tracking them. He moved quicker with that thought, his nerves twitching with adrenaline.
The pack moved only at night for it was much safer and soon the dawning of a new day would be upon them. The thick forest was their only protection as they slept and he knew the place he would find would have to be safe and well sheltered.
Eventually they came to a thicket, which offered shelter, it was high on the hill, perfect he thought. They settled down to sleep, waiting once again for nightfall. All was quiet with the pack.
Unbeknown to the wolves, the hunters had moved in through the early morning, they knew they were close to the pack. The dogs sensing excitement yapped at their masters feet. The humans loaded and checked their rifles knowing they would be using them soon. They set the traps and let the dogs run ahead. The wolves slept.
The leader of the pack woke suddenly hearing a noise, his fur raised as he sensed ultimate danger. To late the dogs were amongst them, the cubs yelping with pain as the dogs bit into them. The humans fired their weapons hitting his beautiful mate in the leg as she tried to protect her cub. Instinctively she crawled deep into the forest away from the danger, knowing she would be a burden to the pack in this weakened condition. The wolves in their panic did not notice that she was hurt. As the last bullet fired, they ran, panic stricken up the hill, bleeding and battered.
As nightfall came once again to the forest, the wolves howled for their missing partners. All but one returned. The leaders beautiful partner, and so begins the story of Lone Wolf and her quest to be reunited with her pack.
To be continued...
The Adventures Of Lone Wolf
Chapter Two
Silently she climbed the crest of the hill. She knew that the other side would bring her shelter and keep her safe while she slept. Already she was tired and weak from the winters famine, her eyes were bleak and her coat dull. She was grateful for the scraps of food the hunters had left behind, although she knew she had to improve her cunning if she were to survive.
As the sun settled upon the earth and the mist began to clear, she heard the chirping of the birds heralding the new day. Lone Wolf found a hollow in a tree and curled up to sleep, she was exhausted and sensed the presence of man. Her travels through the night had been hard and filled with danger. She longed to find her pack once again and reunited with her mate once more.
Lone Wolf was totally alone and defenseless, a mere shadow of her once beautiful and proud self. Too tired to think any more, she dropped into a deep sleep and dreamt of the happy days with her pack. One day she knew she would find them and be happy once more.
As she slept, hunters moved closer to her, they set up camp and waited. The forest became hushed as each animal became aware of the dangers. The only noise to be heard was the whimpering of the hunting dogs that were chained to a tree. They were excited by what they sensed and knew that their prize was very near. The dogs had been trailing the wolf for many days and knew she was so weak it would not be long before their adventure would be over.
Lone Wolf slept, oblivious to the panic of the forest creatures. For now she was safe. The night would bring new dangers for her, and if she was lucky enough to survive them, new adventures in her quest to be reunited with her mate.
Somewhere far beyond the hearing of any animal in the forest many miles away, a pack of wolves howled, one in particular fretting for his beloved life partner. His highly developed senses told him she was alive but weak. They must find her soon, he howled once more, calling to her but knowing it went unheard. He looked forlornly into the distance wondering, dreaming, and silently calling her.

Lone Wolf in The Power of Love
Chapter Three
Her wounded leg was septic and she was feeling very weak, she whimpered as she heard the hunters coming her way. The hollow of the tree would not protect her. Lone Wolf knew her end was near. The hunters were now so close. A branch snapped just beyond the tree. She fell unconscious just as a human looked into the hollow. Oh you poor creature, the man said to himself. He heard the hunters coming and knew he had to act quickly.
Joe was a retired ranger and lived alone in a log cabin along the track. He gathered Lone Wolf into his strong arms and quickly moved towards his cabin where he knew she would be safe. Once in the safety of his cabin, he lit a fire and put Lone Wolf upon a soft blanket.
Joe was a man who loved all creatures great and small and there was no way he was going to let any more harm come to this beautiful animal. As he tended to her swollen leg he wondered if she would ever regain consciousness. He knew she was ravaged by the hard winter. He felt angry that man could use weapons to destroy an animal. Well my girl, tonight you stay with me, he said as he put milk in front of her in the hope she would wake up.
Lone Wolf sensed warmth as she roused from the murky depths of unconsciousness. She whimpered quietly as she saw the human sitting nearby. In a soft voice Joe spoke to her and she felt less afraid. He pushed the milk carefully towards her. She took the milk gratefully and felt a little better.
Lone Wolf noticed that her wound had been cleansed and although fearful of humans, she instinctively knew that he was a kind man. She curled up once again and slept a more peaceful sleep than she had for a long time. Joe was relieved that she drank the milk, he now had high hopes that she would recover. He admired her greatly and instinctively knew she had been separated from her pack. He vowed he would do all he could to reunite her. He wondered if she belonged to the pack that had passed by the cabin some time ago. The hunters had moved on now, so her safety was secured for the time being. He would allow her to stay with him until she felt strong enough to go in search of her pack.
Lone Wolf in The Power of Love (Con't)
Chapter Four
Joe had named her Lone Wolf. The name suited her he thought, as he watched her sleep near the fire. A week had passed since he had found her and they had become friends. Her leg was still swollen but the infection was clearing nicely. Lone Wolf had gained a little strength and was able to stand for short times. Each night she slept, she felt sure she could hear her pack calling and she knew they would be looking for her.
Every morning Joe searched the forest for signs of the pack returning but so far there was no sign. He knew they would return one day. He would miss Lone Wolf when she finally moved on, he thought. But he would be happy to see her reunited with the one she loved, as that was how nature intended it to be. Joe was happy to be looking after Lone Wolf, he admired her spirit greatly and was amazed with how quickly the bond of trust between them had grown. He was now able to stroke her without her cowering and occasionally she would lick his hand.
As Lone Wolf stirred from her sleep, Joe went to prepare her meal. Lone Wolf wagged her bushy tail in appreciation as she saw him approaching. She no longer feared this wonderful human. Lone Wolf knew that what he was doing for her was out of the kindness of his heart. She had made a friend for life, and she would treasure it forever. For the moment she was happy to allow to Joe to take good care of her. She knew that when she was stronger she would have to leave but she would always come back to see this wonderful human. Lone Wolf knew that Joe was an old man and she was worried about him being so alone and isolated from the human species.
Lone Wolf ate the meal and allowed Joe to stroke her head. She loved this affection and returned it with a lick and a wag of her tail. Each evening they sat in companionable silence near the fire, each deep in thought about the other. Lone Wolf liked to listen to Joe as he related tales of his adventures throughout his long life. He is such a gentle human, she thought to herself, the best of mankind and she was lucky enough to be here with him. She knew that Joe had saved her from ultimate death and one day she hoped she could repay him the kindness he had showed her.
Soon they would be going on short walks together, but only after Joe had checked for the presence of man. Joe was worried that the hunters would return. He knew that the hunting season would be upon them shortly and there would be many more poor creatures for him to rescue. He looked at Lone Wolf dozing and stroked her head once again.
Joe felt it was safe enough for Lone Wolf to start taking short walks with him through the forest. Her leg was healing nicely and although she still limped visibly, he was sure she would soon be strong enough to continue her search for the pack. Joe knew she was fretting for them and he wondered how many cubs she had. He hoped they were not too young to be without their beautiful mother.
Lone Wolf was looking forward to her walk, the first in many weeks. She inhaled the fresh morning air and looked around. Joe whistled to her and she walked slowly towards him. Lone Wolf knew that Joe would look after her and they set off happily towards the lake.
Joe sat on the embankment and while he fished for their dinner, Lone Wolf explored her surroundings. She felt sure that her pack had been through here and hoped they might return. She was curious about Joe and wondered once again why he chose to live alone in a forest fraught with many dangers. She vowed that while she was alive she would look after him and would come back often to visit.
They ate a healthy lunch of fish and would have more later that night. As they set off back to the cabin Lone Wolf turned towards the mountains, stretched her body to its full length and howled. Somewhere, somehow she was sure her lives partner would hear. Lone Wolf knew that soon she would be leaving Joe behind to begin her journey once more and she hoped he would understand.
Joe bowed his head in respect to her calling. He knew she would be leaving within the week and he would be alone once more. Joe would miss this beautiful creature but there would always be a place for her if she returned. He hoped she would return often. They set off towards the cabin, each alone in their thoughts, one dreaming of her pack and her cubs and the other hoping she would find them. The power of love is strong he thought.
Lone Wolf in Goodbye Joe
Chapter Five
With great sadness and a heavy heart Joe bent down once more to pat his friend goodbye, tears welled in his eyes, but he knew she had to go. He looked into her soft liquid eyes and told her to stay safe. Lone Wolf whimpered softly and nuzzled his hand, licking softly as she did so. Neither of them wanted to part company with each other, but each knew it had to be done. As she climbed the hill, she turned around for one last time and looked at her friend bidding him farewell for now.
Joe returned to his cabin with a heavy heart and put away her dishes, knowing he would not be needing them again. He felt lonely already but wished her safe passage and good luck. Feeling tired now, he slept alone for the first time in months, knowing that his days would be filled with emptiness until he knew she was safe. He dreamt of wolves running happily alongside their cubs, without fear of man.
Deep in the forest near a flowing lake stood Lone Wolf, she was thinking of so many things and missing her friend. Now strong enough to run and healthy enough to go great distances she knew she would find her pack. With one more thought of Joe and his kindness, she sprinted towards the mountains. Goodbye Joe, she said to herself, thank you for everything my friend. Joe would never be forgotten.
Always on the alert for hunters, Lone Wolf kept away from paths made by man, climbing the mountain she felt an urge to howl as the moon appeared. Howling for her pack and once more for Joe, she felt better. The call of the wild travels many miles and knows no bounds. She slowly turned once again and hurried towards her next adventure.
Lone Wolf in The Howling
Chapter Six
Winter was bleak in the mountains, but Lone Wolf was healthy and had a thick furry coat to keep out the winds. Months had now passed and although she sensed her pack had come this way, she hadnt found them. Spurred on by a longing to see Vandella, her lifes partner and her cubs once again, she carried on. Joe was still in her heart and she remembered him fondly, often wondering if he was okay.
Lone Wolf had made friends with another pack and had traveled some distance with them. Although she was an outsider they had allowed her to take shelter with them and share their food. Her friends had settled for the winter in a cavern, but she had continued on with her search. To see the females of the pack with their cubs had made her lonely and she had fretted for her own.
Each night she howled for her pack and occasionally a pack howled in return but it was never her own that responded to her call. She knew one day her beloved Vandella would answer her and they would be together once again. Knowing this kept her strong and she willed herself to go on in her search.
Lone Wolf in The Howling (Con't)
Chapter Seven
Finding a warm cave she curled up to sleep and to dream of the good times she had had, and the many friends she had made. She sighed contentedly as her eyes became heavy. In her dreams she saw herself running with Vandella and playing with her cubs.
Many miles away stood Vandella, he howled into the distance in the hope his beautiful mate would hear him. The pack had traveled far, but he knew that when springtime came they would return to the forest where they had lost her. Knowing they would be together again kept his spirits up. He had heard through other packs howlings that she was following them and often the pack had turned around to return only to be met by humans. Stay safe little one he howled into the wind, hear my call, hear my love, I am here, and I will wait.
Missing his mate badly, Vandella decided to risk the winters snowstorms and return to the forest where he had lost his mate. He was feeling so lonely and wanted her badly. The cubs were also fretting for their lovely mother. Thinking back to when they were born his heart skipped a beat as he remembered how proud they had been. The cubs had all been healthy and very lively.
Wondering how she was coping through the harsh winter, he felt sad that he had not found her sooner. He had heard from others that she was alive and he hoped she was well. With his tail between his legs he hung his head and walked back to the cavern where the pack was waiting. Next week they would begin the long journey back to the forest.
Lone Wolf was also in a cavern and had a companion, a very friendly fox. Ordinarily wolfs do not like foxes but she was so lonely and he was young, they quickly became friends and huddled together to keep warm. Relaying the story of her missing pack to him, he vowed to help her. He told her that although he had not seen them he had also heard they were looking for her. She felt a little happier to think that they might meet up after this snowstorm.
Tomorrow if the storm had settled they would both go in search of food and then remain in the cavern readying themselves for their journey. The fox was called Shieka and had been orphaned when his mother had been caught in a trap. Although he was only eighteen months old he had quickly learned to survive and was quite wily. He took a great liking to Lone Wolf and understood the powerful instinct to rejoin her pack. Yes he thought, I will help my new friend, I will do all I can.
Lone Wolf excused herself once more and went out to the high rock, stretched herself and howled once again. A little happier now she once more had a friend; she trotted back to the cavern and allowed Shieka to groom her.
Vandella could have sworn he had heard a howl in the distance many miles away. Could it be? He thought to himself, could that have been my beautiful mate? He heard no more howls so he decided to say nothing to the pack. He did not want to get their hopes up only to be dashed if he had been mistaken. Stay safe my love, stay well he prayed to himself. He settled down with his cubs readying himself for sleep.
Lone Wolf and Shieka
Chapter Eight
Thinking that Lone Wolf was in need of cheering up, Shieka decided to play the fool and bounced around the cavern acting the clown. Lone wolf laughed and decided he was just like one of her cubs. She was grateful for his companionship and hoped he would stay with her through her long journey ahead. Shieka was so full of energy and constantly getting into strife. How he had survived before they met she didnt know, but she was happy he did.
Shieka had learned quickly how to survive, since his mother died. He missed her terribly but Lone Wolf was filling the void in his life. She had become a mother figure to him and he worshipped everything about her. Between the both of them they had eaten well this winter, each teaching the other new tricks.
Shieka was fascinated with the stories she told him, especially about Joe. He had never met a human who could be trusted before and often wondered if Lone Wolf was exaggerating the truth. One day he would meet Joe and find out for himself he thought. Humans had always abused him and he was very wary of them. They had killed his mother for no reason that he could think of and for this reason alone was enough to bring out the hatred in him. Joe seemed so different to the rest of them though and he hoped it was all true. Any friend of Lone Wolf is a friend of mine he thought as he bounced around some more chasing his tail.
Already Lone Wolf and Shieka had many adventures, usually bought on by Shiekas zest for life. They had escaped the clutches of a sleepy bear, had been caught in an avalanche and had only narrowly escaped death. Deciding it was still too dangerous to return to their journey, they stayed in the mountains close to the caverns.
Many nights passed and the snow began to thaw, new life was born and old life was taken. Trees began to grow their foliage once more and food was becoming plentiful. Early one morning they set off to begin the journey and once again Lone Wolf felt happy she now had Shieka to accompany her. They headed north as she knew that was the direction the pack were heading.
Lone Wolf in Eternal Bliss
Chapter Nine
The forest, veiled in a fine mist looked comforting to Lone Wolf as she made her way sadly to the thickets she had called home for the past six months. Broken hearted and thin from her travels she prepared herself for sleep. As she drifted into sleep, she heard a heart-wrenching howl from the hills above. Thinking she was dreaming she continued to drift.
Woken suddenly by another howl she propped up her ears and tilted her head. Could it be? No, no her mind refused to allow her any hope of finding her partner. Her heart told her another story, she knew her mates howl.
She ran to the edge of the forest and lifted her head; with all her might she gave one mighty howl in joyous return. Howls came from all directions as the pack realized their loving mother had been found.
Lone Wolf wagged her tail and ran as fast as she could to meet her mate. The pack were now running with their father towards their mother, protocol now forgotten in their joy.
Both partners now joyously greeting one another, promising never again to be separated, knowing the other had never given up the search to find their true love. The bond so great that it withstood all that nature and man had thrown at them. Together they walked proudly and lovingly back to her shelter, knowing that for the rest of their lives, they would never be separated again.
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