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Another Day In The Life of Murder:Karla

Chapter 1:Meeting Karla---"Karla!School time!You don't wanna be late on your very fisrt day of school do you?"My mother asked from down below the long winding staircase that had been the center,the heart of our home.My home wasn't actually a home,but a ginormous house to lay and rest.I do sometimes feel the need for a home.but only sometimes.You see my parents are super rich and I am their only daughter,the only heir to the golden family treasure.Oops!I almost forgot!My name is Karla Ford,daughter to Ashley Ford and Virg Ford.And many times great grandfather Henry Ford.I was to take over all of my family's business and stress issues.So today began like any other.Mom yells,Dad stresses,and I wake up to the only dull 24 year olds only to go to the most labeled school where I am considered most popular.I choose not to have too many friends so alot of girls say i'm stuck up but I have had too many snotty and fake friends in my good times."Sweetheart!Karla!come downstairs!""Ok mom!Was all that was gonna slip out.

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