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Endless emotions

Sony looked up at the light sky on an evening horizon. Day dreaming about the past and her history, so many things left unanswered so many things left to explore. So many times the struggle to be accepted for the human being she has become. No one understands her feelings and what she be going through. When Sony was just a younger child she has experienced abuse from her father. Her mother was always her shield no matter what situation. Abuse becomes an everyday thing for her mother, Sony, and Mai. Sony’s mother was going to leave him but they would never get away. When ever they’ll get abused
He would use metal objects and hit it against their legs. Several lashes across there bodes. The lashes and beatings and scars took a while to heal. The pain and anger grow everyday in this family. They lived in fair and fear every time he would come through the doors on their doorsteps.

As she got older by the age 16, she got transferred into another school. Mother got discovered , and now their in a new town and a new place. She made friends fairly quick at her new school. Sony was very pretty . She stood 5’7 , with black hair as fine as china silk , hazel eyes the shape of almond. “Aye wassup Sony how you doing? Sony asked Snoel. Snoel gave her daps and a hug close to one another.” Nah it’s straight now for a while, I had a job at Starbucks for a while. The pay is decent at least I have something productive to do instead of staying all the time you know” she smiled at Sony and putted her arm around her shoulder.
These two were tomboys, both very attractive with a perfect figure. Their curves and face structure was just perfect, many girls envy them but there all just a waste of time when you really think about it. “ You know I haven’t saw you in a while, I miss you so much, why you never call me eh? Sony pushed Snoel gently away from her in a playful way. They started walking towards the city side five blocks away from the Korean sandwich shop . Street lights flicked as they crossed they street, people were crowded on the street since it was lunch time many people were going to pizza shops restaurants. The traffic was busy like away gases fulling lungs of people. Car rooming with their hooked up body kits , showing how much pride they have for their car.It was a beautiful day in the city of New York . Not to hot not to cold just perfect. “ So what you going to get to eat at the sandwich shop? Sony asked “ umm probably some Pad Thai. I’m so hungry you don’t know my stomach is gawking for it right now, Sony laughed at Snoels face expression
And then suddenly heard her stomach gawred too.: So how is your girlfriend Lena? Yeah we still together, she’s going to collage soon, some art collage in San Jose California. I’m not sure if I want to move there., just money is always an issue for us. She be always asking me for money all the time give it to her because I love her, you feeling what am saying? Snoel said. Yeah I know what you mean.

They walked two blocks down and stabled into an old friends of theirs they haven’t saw seen in a while.” Hey!,” said Snoel “wassup homeboy!”. AZ just stood there smoking his cigarette, puffing up the smoke.” Oh dang Sony and Snoel were you guys been all this time”? He smiled started chuckling about all the fun times we used to have. “ It was good seeing him happy again and laughing. Last time I ever seen him, he went to car for car jacking, I made up a song for him because I missed him. I would say his one of the realist homeboys I know. All the other guys I hang with are just friend, but AZ has always been my homeboy. The definition of homeboy to me is like a brother. Someone I look up too. His like an older brother to me”. “ So were you two heading too?” asked AZ
“ Oh were about to go to the Korean sandwich shop that’s just 3 blocks down. You want to come too AZ?” asked Snoel. The he joined us that after noon. It was such fun that we had in a long time. I guess time is what made us all miss each other so much.
They laughed, talked and clowned on each other all after noon. Later on that day Sony , Snoel. And AZ went to Sony’s house to hang out there until they meet up with some other friends who’s going to party tonight. While they were waiting Sony told AZ to come over to were the computer was located.” AZ come over here” Sony said yelling down the hall. “I want to show you something I made while you was away, I made something for you”. He walked across the room and then sat next to Sony in front of the computer. His face expression seemed very curious of surprises Sony had for him. “So what have you made?” asked AZ his hands palm in palm together. ”Oh I made up a song, I missed you that why.” Said Sony. AZ face became sad, his smile was no longer a smile.
I guess he felt the same way I did. They turned up the volume a little louder, loud enough so they both could hear it and just listened to the voice that was coming from the computer. Sony always been shy having people hear her sing, she’s always used to singing privately by her self. But she didn’t care what she sounded like for this special occasion. She been waiting so long for him to hear what she had for him. Childhood memories existed in this song, all the happiness and joy become fresh like it was just yesterday they knew each other. “ Man I know I sound bad.” Said Sony. She started giggling and then turned down the volume. Sunshine become to night casting over the New York and streetlights flicked while the nightclubs, restaurants prepare for the city dwellers weekend. Stars twinkled in the sky while they all got ready for a night out. “ I’m take my car out tonight because my girlfriend is going to her mothers in an hour or so,” said Snoel “ Oh yeah Sony and your girl friend called for you too, She told me for you to call her after she gets out of work”. “ Alright then what ever she say, were going to pick her up before she gets out, I miss my baby Mahal.” Sony said.. And so they went into Snoels car and drove down to 55th avenue to pick up Snoel girlfriend Lena. Lena is half Korean and half Chinese. She has been with Snoel for about a year. They have fights now and then but it’s always good to have them because then you learn from your mistakes. They blasted the music and started the car and then went to 55th avenue. Their were other people heading our way we tried racing us but our car was faster. Yeah its dangous to race on the streets were traffic comes ahead, but if you come then people would say you’re a cat, that your to scared that you’ll be defeated. And so we got to Lena house. We went in and then sat down until she was done with her make up and getting dressed up.When she came out she looked beautiful, but not beautiful then my girlfriend. Even though some girls is see look better then her, Mahal is always the apple of my eye. Mahal and I met ever since middle school. I still remember the first day I saw her, the very first day I fell in love with her beautiful Philippine hazel eyes. It was a mricle when her and I was in the same science class. I sat right behind her and she sat in front of me. I would always pull a piece of her hair and tog it and she would always look back and start hitting me softly on my shoulder. We were the class clowns. After a while we got to know each other day by day. It was an experience, of me liking a girl? Yes have thought about it, but I see that there is no difference between a straight couple. The only diffrence is is a penis and a virgin. And so one day after school we hung out went to the movies got durnk and then I slept over her house because i couldn’t go home drunk. That night I wanted ot tell her the way I felt about her. And so I did. I still remember the words I have said to her that night. I said “ Hey I gotta tell you something, I hope you don’t take it in a wrong way, but I got feelings for you and I hope you feel the same about me “. T was very hard to come up with the words to say, but when your drunk and you have something you want to get out then it’s the best time too. After telling her my little secret she said the same about me, that she liked me too and have feelings for me but she didn’t know how I would feel if she told me about what was on her mind was so glad that I told her. That night we talked. And we was holding each other. I felt comfortable being in her arms. It almost felt like a shield that was protecting me not giving me a discomfort of what we have become. I still think that god is wrong for what he said on the bible “ Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian is wrong that all gay bi, lesbians are going to hell”. I always disrespect for people being so closed minded. That’s why there just a waste of time, am not going to waste my time with such close minded people because then what’s the point of being human. If you can’t open up, and try before you judge other people.

That night we hooked up and were still together. If there was one word to describe us it would be, married. Yes we seem like we was married. We had our money put toghether every two weeks we would despoit $50 each so we could save up stuff in the future, doing laundry together, homework. She would cook for me and then I would clean. I’m the male role and she was the female role. I don’t like to label us. But that’s how close it is. I am not butch, but am a tomboy. I dress this way so guys don’t harass me or make fun of me or try to touch me because if they did I would kick there butt and seriously get them injured. Mother thinks it’s a embarrassed of having a Lesbian daughter, she makes me sad sometimes for not expect me for the person I have become. I tell her “ Mom I’m a lesbian” but she would always say” I don’t have a lesbian daughter” then she would ignore me and go do something else. That’s why I learn to love my self. I don’t care know more if she doesn’t expect me or not, but if she was a real mother she would love me no matter what I chose to be. There are times in my life that I just want to give up but Mahal always telling me to be strong and don’t let your weakness win you over. The main reason why am in school is because of Mahal.

After Lena was dressed, we all went to go pick her Mahal. Her real name is Leslee but I call her mahal because we have our special names in a relationship. We drove out of 55th street and then towards K-town were Leslee worked at this clothe store called Y. I got out of the car and then acrossed the street, many cars were coming in and it took a minute or so to get through the traffic on my foot. Intersections looked as if there could been a crush happing any time because they were so smuggled up together. I got Mahal work place and then saw her folding the clothes. She looked so adorable with the new shirt I brought her last week. Many workers that knew me said hello and greeted me like they were very happy to see me. “ I haven’t seen you for a while Sony, how are you ”? Asked a worker I know from the high school we both went too.” Oh am doing fine, I’m here to pick up girlfriend. She’s getting out in five minute.. I’ll just wait here ‘til then.”. I walked around looking through aisles looking for the newest cloth trends that they have come out with. “ Hun”. Mahal said while poking me deep on the side of my thighs.” Mahal, you scared me.” Said Sony. Our hand were close to one another and then I grabbed her hands and held it.We walked out of the doors of Y and then acrossed the streets were they traffic was a head of us. Cars honking, gases from the cars were choking us with their smoke. I held her hand tight so she wouldn’t let go away from me. I just wanted her to feel comfortable with us when she’s with me. Public affection is a normal thing for me. It doesn’t brother what people think of us. A lot of people turn their head around and would whisper to there friends beside them. But they are noting compared to us. Love is all what it counted most. When we finally got to the car, Snoel. Lena and AZ were getting exieted for the parties that they were going to soon. Mahal sat there with her blue sad face next to me.I know she has something on her mind, that’s probably why she wanted to talk to me earlier when she called. I thought for a memento. I laid my head on her shoulders and held her hands while we drove. She turned her heads towards mines and then kissed me on the lips with warm embrace. They drove Jack in the Box, which is one of there favorite restaurants and ate there.” I haven’t been here in a long long time “. Said AZ .
“Me either, remember we used to come here almost every weekend and eat”. Said Snoel holding Lena from behind. “ Baby you got any money on you? I forgot that my wallet was at home, my bad”. Said Sony. She made a baby face and gave Mahal a big smile picking her up off her feet and carrying her on her back.” Aww”, said Mahal “how sweet and cute”. Her face was blooming into big tomato.

to be con...

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