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Spirit Guardians


Spirit Guardians
Aaron Luke
height:5'2 weight: 125lbs age:14
a 14 year old boy with too much imagination. He has sent many days day dreaming in class about super heroes. He often puts everyone else before him and is always willing to help those in need. Behind all his kindness is an immature boy. He has a high amount of spirit energy. When witnessing injustice Aaron can never back down and has often taken beatings for it. Aaron has a baby sister and encouraging parents. His mother is a stay at home wife and his father is a science fiction novelist. They both encourage his wild imagination.

Mr hero- a strange body of spiritual energy
one night Aaron stays up all night drawing super hero designs, he falls asleep with his note pa. When he wakes up something similar to one of his super hero designs is there in his room. When Aaron's mom enters the room she is unable to see it, after she leaves it speaks to him. Its name is Hero.

Hero: I am your spirit partner. I am oblivious to everyone but you.
Aaron: doesn't that make you not real?
Hero:Maybe. But I believe I am real. I can effect the objects around me.
Hero picks up Aaron with one arm and then kindly puts him back down
Aaron: What are you? A ghost? A super hero? A figment of my over active imagination?
Hero: your body emits a high level of spirit energy, that energy gathers in abundance and I was created. I am a body of spiritual energy that only you can see and because I was created from you I am infused with your inner most ambitions and some of your personality and starting now our spiritual energy is in sync. You can regard me as your spiritual self.
Aaron: do you know what this means?
Hero: I know well enough to surmise what you would say at this point
Aaron: so say it!
Hero: we are going to be heroes

Where can we find bad guys!?
For as long as Aaron could remember the sinister serpents have terrorized water-ridge town and rivaled him. They are a gang of young thugs that constantly harass the citizens. Aaron has stood up against them and often has attempted to save their victims. All the fighting has made him into a strong fighter but because he is always outnumbered he has never won against them. With his guardian Aaron will now keep his eyes open for them and be a hero to their next victim.

a character designed to look like a super hero. The design for him is very simple, an all white masculine character with two large black splotches on his face and a short white cape. All spirit guardians carry the same ghostly abilities and often their own special abilities. Spirits are unseen by normal humans, they can walk through solid objects. They can choose when to physically interact with things in the living world, and most things in the living world will not come into contact with them. The spiritual bond between human and guardian is always in sync and the personality mentality and emotional health of a human will effect its spirit. Hero does not carry any special abilities but his strength, speed and endurance is far greater then any spirit he will encounter.

Davis Jones height: 5'7 Weight: 175lbs age:16
only two years older then Aaron, he is a no good thug and has often led members of the sinister serpents to attack and mug citizens. He is a main rival to Aaron and more importantly he is Aaron's next door neighbor.

Cassandra Santos height: 5'3 Weight: 110lbs age:15
a sophomore of Water-ridge high school. Cassandra is a very shy and usually invisible at school. She's a beautiful hard working student. Aaron had been her friend since she was 8 and is one of the very few friends she has. When she was 7 her father past away and her mother made her aware that she was adopted. Since then her mother gained a second job to keep the house. Cassandra spends most of her time alone at home now. She's very artistic and spends most of her free time sketching and coloring in amazing detail.

The same morning...
As Aaron walks to school he witnesses The sinister serpents led by Davis harassing a fellow student and close friend in an alley of a house a few blocks down from his.

Davis: Hey girl I've been eying you at school, your very pretty.
Davis begins to feel up Cassandra.
Cassandra: Don't touch me!
Cassandra backs away.
Davis: wow she speaks
Davis pulls out a knife
Davis: I was wondering if your mouth worked. I would have preferred to find out my way but we can still see how the other parts work.
As Davis comes in closer Cassandra begins to cry. Davis covers her mouth.
Davis: Shut up!
The other members begin to grab her.
Aaron: Get off her!
Davis: Oh no its you again. Bug off squirt!
Aaron: wheres your friend Jonas? Still in the hospital?
Davis: Shut it, you were lucky to even touch him!
Aaron: I can still see a bruise on your face.
Hero: I think we should be careful how we go about this, a plan would be rational.
Aaron: Why are you touching her Davis she doesn't have a penis like your other girlfriends!
Davis releases Cassandra
Davis: Get him
Aaron: Here's the plan, Ill hit them and you hit them harder.

Davis and his gang charges in. Hero remains at a very short distance behind Aaron. Every punch thrown by Aaron is followed by a simultaneous hit from Hero. Making it seem that Aaron is the one knocking them down. When the gang is beaten Cassandra runs to Aaron to thank him and they continue to walk to school.

Foolish heroics
Aaron and hero begin a spree of heroism across water ridge. All over town crimes are stopped by an invisible assailant. Criminals are angered and try to discover who is stopping them but under Hero's advice Aaron remains far from the scene and allows Hero to do everything. Aaron believes he is safe but he is still being targeted by the sinister serpents because he continues to defeat them face to face. And unknown to him someone is watching from a place where he least expects it.

Aaron is walking home, a sinister serpent gang member see's him and attempts to jump him.
Hero: Behind you!
Aaron turns around. Hero intervenes quickly with a powerful punch to the gut. The gang member recoils from the pain. Behind him two other gang members watch.
Samuel:Did you see that? The kid hit him so fast I couldn't even see it.
Anthony: What are you talking about I clearly saw it, Jonas was just to slow.
Anthony pulls out a knife and charges at Aaron. Hero catches his arm and Aaron knocks him back.
Anthony: The hell?
Anthony grabs Jonas and runs to Samuel
Samuel: What was that?
Anthony: I don't know something stopped me
Jonas: What ever lets just leave
The three run away.

Xavier Darko height:5'6 Weight: 145 age:17
A honer roll senior student at water-ridge high. Xavier is intelligent, well known and liked around the school. He has a spirit guardian named Malevolent. Xavier carries a darker side to him that no one but his guardian is aware of. Xavier has dark greedy ambitions, he can be manipulative and good at acing as though he is really concerned. He has an obsession with a black organization known a The Darkest Knights. The only thing known about them is they are a group of spiritual people that puppeteer great powers in parts of the world. Xavier believes he is out of their attention because of the small town he lives in. his plan is to pick a university in a major city where he believes he will gain enough attention for them to approach him. He believes that the group only accepts people of power and intelligence.

a strange looking character. It has no legs and can hover or levitate at an altitude or height. It has retractable mechanical arms that extend long distances and 3 steel claws. Wild dark hair and a black mask with goggled eyes. Its body is covered in a torn purple gown. When he crosses his arms a large ball of dark energy gathers at his chest. He can fire these rapidly.

Watchful eyes
Since high school began Xavier has known of all other spiritual beings in town. Its a common trait for a person with spiritual powers to sense each other. In his final year he sensed a spiritual power that was greater then his own coming from a freshmen. A few weeks later he noticed Aaron had a spirit guardian and walked around with it as if he was the only one. He began to realize that Aaron was unaware that there could be others like him. Soon after this he receives a anonymous letter.

To Xavier Darko and his friend Malevolent
We are aware of you and always have been. You are not as far from our eyes as you think. The time has come to prove to us you are worthy of our acceptance. There is a women in your town of immense spiritual power. It is hidden and cannot be felt. We are already aware of who she is. As a test you must discover her yourselves. When you do you will receive more instructions from us. We know and see everything. Good luck.

Xavier desperately believes this letter was sent from The Darkest knights. He begins a frantic spiritual search but finds nothing. Malevolent makes the suggestion that a powerful battle between two spirits would attract the attention of a girl who did not understand spiritual energy yet. Foolishly the two of them make plans to attack Aaron believing that he would be in easy target.


During Aaron and Hero's final patrol of that night in Strawberry park they meet with Xavier at a bridge. He reveals Malevolent to them and begins to attack them. Malevolent attacks hero but because of their underestimation holds back. Hero proves to be quicker then the average spirit and Malevolent begins to attack him with the full force of his extending arms and rapid fire of dark energy. The attacks prove to leave Hero unscathed and unflinching shocking and surprising Xavier and Malevolent.


Caught off guard Hero lands in a “superman” punch on Malevolent, leaving Xavier with a bloody nose. When Malevolent counters with his claw into Hero's chest Aaron recoils and wonders why he feels pain to which Xavier explains. “ Your spiritually fused with him. Guardians share pain with their human counterpart” In the end Hero over powers Malevolent and leaves him and Xavier beaten and bruised. Showing foolish mercy Hero and Aaron leave Xavier and Malevolent hoping that one day they can be friends.

In her room Cassandra feels some thing. As if something outside was tugging her chest. She goes to her window and looks out towards Strawberry park. She feels as if something thing is calling to her. She shuts the window and ignores it.

A killer who destroyed his old identity and took the name of his guardian. Satsujin's name is spread everywhere as a myth because the tales of him are impossible to believe but to those with spiritual powers his name brings fear. He is rumored to hunt down those with great spiritual power, kill them and absorb their energy. He posses inhuman strength and is an amazing fighter. Him and his guardian Murder posses many abilities most humans or guardians will never posses. He is enveloped so much in the classic culture of japan, he carries around a golden engraved sword, a kimono and dyed his hair blue and has a long rat tail. And even more legendary is the engraved sword, it is a rare object that can cut spirits.

Murder looks very human, the only features that throw this off are the two long jagged claws on each hand that can retract into the knuckle and his shark teeth which are always bare because he cant help but smile all the time. He finds to much pleasure in the business him and Satsujin conduct in. Satsujin is never seen smiling so to be more like his human counterpart-Which he constantly refers to as master- He wears a metal plate in front of his mouth that covers his smile, but he can always be heard laughing anyway. He has gray spiky hair, gray eyes, walks around bare foot and bare chested he only wears beige slacks. He is muscular and tall. Murder can leap so high it seems as though he is flying, its his primary way of traveling.

Girl of glass
At Xavier's loss it begins to snow. The next morning school is canceled because of a heavy snow storm that keeps everyone indoors. Xavier still at shame at his failure goes up to his roof against the wishes of Malevolent and begins another spiritual search in the storm. Xavier witnesses Cassandra walking in the snow by herself in her uniform carrying her art book struggling to walk against the heavy wind. At a rare moment of kindness-fueled by Malevolent's beckoning- Xavier goes down to speak to her and offers to walk her the rest of the way home. She lived around the corner a block down from him.


Cassandra was as shy as Xavier remembered. He had spoken to her a few times before entering high school and when she began to go to water-ridge high, he would greet her during the morning walk to school. Cassandra explained to him how she went to school early to work on her art project only to find out it would be canceled by a storm that worsened after she arrived. A heavy wind suddenly blew away her art book. Xavier chased after hit with the help of Malevolent placing his claw over it to keep it from being blown farther. To Malevolent's surprised he witnessed a page blow out with a sketch of himself in it. When Xavier came to pick up the book he pointed it out to him.


Shocked Xavier questions her about the sketch. She smiled and said “ sometimes I imagine weird things in school and sketch them down when I'm in class, I see them around the school when their not really there.” Xavier asked to see others. She showed him a sketch of the only other guardian at school, Hero. “ That's...interesting” Said Xavier. Cassandra took it as a compliment. As they continued to walk home Xavier pondered if this was the girl he was asked to find. When they arrived at home Cassandra kissed Xavier on the cheek said goodbye and ran into her house without turning back.


Malevolent: I think she likes you.
Xavier: She misunderstood my interest in her art.
Malevolent: do You think she has hidden spiritual power?
Xavier: I believe she does but does that make her the girl we are looking for? It must. All we can do now is go home and wait for news.

When Xavier returns home he enters his room to be surprised be a stranger in a kimono, blue hair and a golden sheathed sword wrapped around his waist.

Satsujin: Xavier Darko?
Xavier: Who are you? How did you get into my room.
There was an opened window behind him that just became obvious to Xavier
Satsujin: When someone is asking for a name you should confirm.
Xavier: who wants to know? Where you sent by...
Satsujin:I am Satsujin
Xavier S-S-Slaughter King satsujin?
Xavier backed away. Malevolent came forward ready to defend him at anytime
Satsujin: I came to inform you, you were successful in finding the girl, but we also witness your loss to a novice and are very displeased.
Xavier: But you cant be with the Darkest Knights, why would they work with a man like you?
Satsujin: You must be misinformed then. The group is run by killers like me.
Xavier: No... monsters like you...
Malevolent: Where is your spirit?
Satsujin: Where ever it is I have asked him to be. Now let me rely the message that I came here for. I am to handle the girl from here on. You are a failure to us but you have a chance to redeem yourself. In two days I will return and you will have murdered Aaron, if not I will kill you. That's my order.
Malevolent lunged his clawed arm at Satsujin. He was quick enough to unsheathe his sword and block the attack, revealing the engraving on it.
Xavier: that sword...Malevolent we cant beat him, just leave him.
Malevolent retracted his arm. Satsujin turned their back on them.
Satsujin: I will return in two days
He left through the window.
Xavier: There was no way to beat him, not him.
Malevolent: He was serious about killing us.
Xavier: I know, that's why we have to kill Aaron. When we do we will have a powerful ally and more.
Malevolent:Satsujin... in your very home, in this poor town, this will mean trouble for everyone.
Xavier: Yes but first it means trouble for Aaron.

Everyday at six Cassandra's mother will return home, warm up frozen dinner and eat with her daughter, then head off to her second job. Quite often before this Cassandra will be seen at her porch sketching. This routine has remained for years and occasionally Aaron will come by and speak with her before she goes in. On this particular day Cassandra revealed her sketch of hero to her, explaining that Xavier found it “Interesting”.

Cassandra: You look like you've seen a ghost.
Aaron” What is that?”
Cassandra: I'm not sure , it looks like a super hero doesn't it?
Aaron and Hero both looked at each other then looked at Cassandra but she was only looking at Aaron.
Cassandra: I imagined him at school one day. It was that day you rescued me. I sketched him down during my last class.
Cassandras mother calls her in for dinner.
Cassandra: okay. Goodbye Aaron. Thank you for coming by.
Cassandra enters her home.
Aaron: Does she know?
Hero: Xavier has led me to believe others may see me, but I don't believe at this very moment she saw me.
Aaron: I agree, but at some point she saw you at school that day.
Hero: And she didn't think I was real. The Poor girl must think she is hallucinating.
Aaron: so what does that say about her.
Hero: It means she is special.

The next day school was canceled again because of the continuing storm. Xavier did not bother to get up that morning, he wanted to get as much rest as he could. At noon someone began to knock on his door, he refused to get up. Malevolent went to check who was at the door and came back up to harass Xavier afterward. He would not inform him of who was knocking. When Xavier answered the door he was surprised to see it was Cassandra. Malevolent was hidden from sight worried they she may see him. Cassandra has a plastic bag in her a had and a big smile.

Cassandra: Good afternoon, I brought lunch for you, may I come in?
Xavier: Sure, you have to excuse me though I wasn't expecting anyone.
Xavier led her to the kitchen and quickly ran up to change out of of his pajamas.
When Xavier returned to the kitchen Cassandra was waiting for him at the table. She had sandwiches spread out, a container with bananas covered in caramel and a slice of pie.
Xavier grabbed two glass cups and opened his fridge.
Xavier: Do you like orange, apple, or sprite?
Cassandra: Apple is good.
Xavier filled the two cups with apple and gave one to her. Cassandra pushed the container of banana caramel to him and began eating a sandwich.
Xavier: This was awfully nice of you.
Cassandra: I made these two days ago for my home economics class. But school was canceled twice and there was no one at home to eat these with me.
Xavier: That's nice of you to think of me but I don't think I'll eat much.
Cassandra: It's okay, at least have the pie then, you can give the rest to your parents.
Xavier: I don't have parents.
Cassandra: Oh, I'm sorry. I know what its like I lost my father a while back
Xavier: No its not like that. They live in Holland.
Cassandra: Oh I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make things...
Xavier: no its my fault, you misunderstood because of the way I said it.

After eating the pie and two sandwiches Xavier was introduced to her art book. He flips through the pages of colored backgrounds and sketched fruit. Xavier stopped at a half finished sketching of a tall intimidating man. He had spiky hair and a metal plate covering his mouth. Part of his hair was colored in gray

Xavier: What's that?
Cassandra: A frightening nightmare. I've had dreams of this guy since I was a little girl.
Xavier: What kind of dreams.
Cassandra: Every time I dream of him I feel like I'm a different person, and I'm in some part of the world I don't recognize. He is always chasing me and no matter what he'll catch me and kill me.
Xavier: That's strange.
Xavier flipped over to the next page and see a fully detailed and colored sketch of Satsujin.
Cassandra: Another person I dream of. When I was younger I had different sketches of him but I don't know where they are. It seems like over the years he gets stranger in every dream but I still recognize him as the same man.
Xavier: Really? Whats his name?
Cassandra: I don't know. When ever I dream of him he feels close to me, its hard to explain.
Xavier: Maybe you will see him soon.
Cassandra: I doubt I'll see a man with a kimono and a sword anytime soon.
Cassandra laughed. She packed up the rest of the food and Xavier walked her to the door. Before she left.
Cassandra: I actually came here to ask you something. Tomorrow I'm going to the butterball winter festival. I want to invite you to come with me and my friends.
Xavier: Which friends?
Cassandra: Aaron, Jenna and Stephanie.
Xavier: I would be happy to come.
Cassandra: Great We are meeting at the front after school
Xavier: I will see you then. Good bye.
Xavier returned to the kitchen. Malevolent was there waiting to have a discussion.
Xavier: Did you see those sketches?
Malevolent: Yes that girl is special. Only people with high levels of spiritual energy have dreams like that. That powerful energy is locked away. You know what he would to do her.
Xavier: Who cares. What ever he wants to do its for the purpose of his superiors.
Malevolent: I'm not talking about his superiors, Satsujin might just take that power for himself. I dont think Aaron and Hero are he ones we should be fighting.
Xavier: Well we will and Satusjin will become a powerful ally for us. I don't care what happens to her.
Malevolent:I'm apart of you and in sync with you. The only way I can care is if part of you cares about her too. I'm not something you can lie to.
Xavier: I've looked forward to this for years. I'm not going to throw it away over a girl.
Malevolent: I'm having me doubt on beating hero, he is stronger then we thought.
Xavier: I know. This time we will plan carefully.

Shattered glass
Aaron is informed of Xavier acceptance of the invitation and is happy to hear so because he believes this means him and Xavier can be friends. He is also surprised to find a sketch of Xavier with a large heart behind him in Cassandra's art book. The next day all five students meet after school. During the walk to the festival Aaron is kept occupied by Jenna and Stephanie leaving Xavier and Cassandra to speak alone.


During the festival Xavier has Aaron right where he wants him. He deceives him to believe that they have reconciled. Xavier suggests going into a house of horrors but the girls are to afraid. Aaron and Xavier volunteer to go in on their own. Before he enters the house Cassandra kisses Xavier. Inside the house Xavier attacks Aaron. The two begin to fist fight in the house. Meanwhile outside in front of everyone the spirits have a battle of their own but no one see's them.


Cassandra waits anxiously for the boys to return. She hears a crash behind her and turns to witness two of her sketched characters battling each other. When she see's that no one else can see or her them she begins to believe she is hallucinating. Xavier is close to beating Aaron. He has over powered him and gets ready to kill him when suddenly he recoils from a deep pain. Outside a weakened Hero manages to land a fatal blow on malevolent, giving Aaron time to escape the house. The girls panic at the sight of Aaron bloody and bruised. Xavier runs out behind him but continues to run out to the parking lot with Malevolent following him. Cassandra chases ofter the two. She discovers Xavier with a large gash across his right shoulder. Satsujin appears behind her.

Satsujin: Your coming with me.
Cassandra: you!...your, what do you want from me?
Malevolent jumps in between Cassandra and Satsujin
Malevolent: Run!
Satsujin stabs Malevolent's right shoulder with his sword. It causes both him and Xavier to shout.
Satsujin: surrender or your friend dies.
Malevolent: Forget us just run!
With Xavier screaming in pain Cassandra willingly surrenders.
Murder appears from behind a car, Cassandra recognizes him and screams. He laughs at her
Murder: I like a screamer.
He picks her up and leaps so high in the air he can no longer be seen.
Satsujin: now to finish you two.
Satsujin raises his sword. At the moment a police officer out of uniform shows up and fires a bullet through Satsujins wrists. He attempts to pick up the sword with his other hand and continue fighting until he sees a large white angel with a silver sword arrive and intervene. Satsujin realizing this is the officers guardian retreats.

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