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cleaning my room sucked but it had to be done so i hurried to do a
quick job before school or mum would go spastic if she saw it.
"mary pumpkin have you finished tidiyng your room" "yes mum just for
you i have 5 minutes to get there or il be late again like yesterday
and get an after school detention" "well pumpkin you should get up
early and stop watching thoose omance films after dark" i felt so
embarassed ijust about fell over how did she know? oh well that was
not the issue at the moment i was going to be late for school i
scoffed down my toast and went upstairs "dad are you going to work
today?" "yes pumpkin" "well i was wondering if you could drop me off
at school on the way" "well im sorry i can't today pumpkin im going
on night shift i start at three when you finish i can pick you up but
thats all you might have to walk" "ohhh" i groaned "ok bye then love
you dad" "love you to pumpkin bye bye see you after school" "ill be
late i will rpoberly get an afterschool detention for being late
again" "oh are you going dear" mum yelled from the bottom of the
staircase. "yes mum got to go right now bye" "bye pumpkin see you
about 5 ish bye" "yup bye".
i walked out the door and ran the 3 blocks to school i walked in 5
miutes late. "well well well whats new mary cordville is late once
again! what is your excuse this time" "i dont have an excuse miss
jacobs just give me my detention and il be on my way please" "okay
mary but you better not make this a habit!" "yes miss jacobs" she
handed me my detention and it was for 1 hour this time she looked up
at me with an evil smile "here we go miss cordville this should do
it" she said. i rushed through all my subjects and exams
science,maths,R.E exam,cooking,P.E and then an english exam. after
school i rushed to the detention room and did and hour worth of lines
saying i will not be late i will not be late i will not be late ect
as boring as it was i must have done around 100+ lines but i could
not wag whats the point only to get another even longer detention.
1 slow hour went by and the detentioner said "ok mary cordville you
are dissmissed you have done your time hand me your sheets please"
"yes" i replied i just could not wait to get home.
i ran out of the detention room only yo bump into the most uglyest
guy ever he had dark oily greasy hair and ragged jeans with a ripped
T-shirt he stared at me for ages i started to walk he was right
behind me as i turned into the second block from my house he pulled
out a sharp object i started to freak out as i saw it was a knife
he looked around as he yelled "hey you girl whats your name" asked
the stranger. i pretended not to hear i walked as fast as i could
i dare not run only for him to run after me and catch me quickly lets
just say im no champian runner. he yelled again running up to me
pointing the sharp knife into my back slighly not right in but enough
to hurt at least a bit as he wispered into my ear quietly " you are
going to act casual like im your mate and walk into that hut in the
school around the corner or i will stab you" i freaked out i answered
"yes okay just dont hurt me" as he dragged me into the bush he put
his knife on a slide in the hut and started to unzip his pants "no
please are you going to rape me i will be unable to have children
you will ruin my life" "that wont hurt me" he said in a nasty voice.
he ripped off my clothes i was all naked except for my boots and
at that moment i was raped. after he had finished with me he said
"get your clothes on now" and he started to get his on too. after i
did he sat down and said "now should i kill you or let you go"
"please dont hurt me you have already ruined my life my dream was to
get married have kids and be afamous arttist" i said in a very scared
voice. he looked up "GO GO GO NOW before i change my mind and kill
you" i ran so fats i could barely see the ground or anything for that
matter. i got home and ran to the phone i dialed 111 a person on the
other side of the line said "police ,fire or ambulance" " POLICE
POLICE!" i yelled " please hold" said the lady i was in shock i stood
there shaking when a voice on the end of the phone said " police"
" yes i have been raped my parents are not home" "look kid stop
joking around kid" "what?" i said "im sick of it you kids making
prank calls im sick of it you called before!" he growled "no but..."
he had hung up the phone before i could tell him this was not a prank
when mum and dad arrived i told them they did not belive me. "WHAT
the police and now my parents!" i ran upstairs i called abbey chloe
anika and jane i told alpl of them they belived me it was time to get
revenge! tune in soon to see how mary and her friends get revenge on
the horrible rapist.
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