WEIRD SPECIES. | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Short Story - Life Bookmark and Share


And O’Brien brought this sex magazine
To school; he said it was his old man’s and

He’d found it tucked out of sight between the
Bedsprings and the mattress, and he took it

To a quiet corner of the playground
With you and Sutcliffe and Diggy Davis

Following behind, and once he was sure
No one else was nearby he opened it

Up and you all gawked over his shoulder,
Staring at these stark naked women in

Different, awkward positions and poses,
Revealing certain parts of their fleshy

Anatomy, and having the kind of
Look on their faces that made you think they

Were in pain or had sucked a lemon, then,
Sutcliffe, who was usually a quiet

Blond haired kid with blue eyes, said, what the fuck’s
That? And O’Brien said, it’s where you come

From and what you are at times, and you all
Laughed loudly and Sutcliffe said, that’s not my

Old lady, and I’m sure as not she’s not
Got that, and Davis almost feel over

With laughter and you stared at the pose of
The women with their big breasts and the spread

Of their thighs and drank in the sight that swam
Like some weird species before your young eyes.

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