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raped 2

mary called her friends
hello judith here,
hi jude it's mary here did susan tel you what happend to me i got raped
yes she told me are you okay ?
no i want to get revenge my own parents wont balive me i cannot let him get away with this i cant let him go back out there and ruin another girls life he is in for it i called to ask you if you could help me please!
i dont know mary this is way over my head we could get into danger big trouble real big we are dealing with a raper not the next door neighbour.
i know that,...look .. are you going to help me or not?
okay i have always said to you no matter how much danger or trouble i get into i will always help my friends at a time like this so yes yes ,...yes i will help you only because we are friends and we have been scince kindergarten wich is about oh...i dont know 8 - 9 years? how long has it been? anyway it has been a very long time so i will help you i would like you to help me at a time like this so do you have any plans of revenge maybe we could go to the police oh.. didnt you say you had already called them and they wouldn't belive you thats terrible! they are police!!
some kids before me had rang up and were playing on shit like i got raped argh and they were jokin but i wosent!
meet me at the park where i got raped at 8:00 am tommorrow okay?
bi and thanks
any time bye
that night mary lay in bed and thought about what had happend then she remembered that when the raper took of his pants his wallet fell out she couldnt wait, for tommorrow she would get her revenge!
the next morning she met jude
hi jude! yelled mary
mary told her what she remembered she got the wallet they took it back to judes.
his name was alandorando golf
they took it to the police the police said
we have been looking for alandorando golf for 2 years he is a serious murderer and raper .
yes i know
he raped me i called you but kids had been doing pranks saying they had been raped and no-one belived me my parents thought it was a faze they are crazzzzyyy!
the police told my parents and they hugged me and kissed me thankfully i had got my period that day and he did no harm he was arrested and chraged for a whole life sentence!
so life goes on for mary but is no longer much of alandorando golf.
The End.
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