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tabitha secret

tabitha felt some one shaking her "its time to get up and get ready for school" her mom told her.
"ok mom" tabitha resonded back
she crawled out of her bed ,went to her dresser and pulled out the clothes she wanted to wear, quickly got dressed and headed to the kitchen where her mom had breakfast all ready.
" your dad is coming home this afternnoon after he get the last load dropped off" her mother told her.
her dad is a semidriver and stay gone for many days at a time.
" ok mom" tabitha responded back but deep down she didnt want him to come home.
" sweetheart , the school bus should be coming soon so you should get all your stuff together"
" ok mom" tabitha responded back.
tabitha just got her coat on when she heard the horn
"bye" she said and started runnng to the bus.
at recess time she went to her favorite corner , reading a book like she does all the other days.
when the school bell rang she walked slowly to the bus, climb up the steps, went to the back of the bus to sit down.
her dad was waiting outside when the bus stopped in front of the house , she slowly got out of the bus.
" hi pumpkin how was school today " her dad said"'fine" she responded back, turned to run into the house but her dad stopped her " dont be in such a hurry" he told her " we can walk"
tabitha and her dad walked in the house , she put her stuff in the bedroom , played outside until supper time.
" supper time tabitha" the mother said " its time to come in.
the mother put a piece of pizza in front of her and tabitha just picked at it.
" mom can i be excuse" tabitha asked " i dont feel good so im just gonna go to bed"
" sure" her mom said
"your not leaving this table young lady unless you finish that piece of pizza" her dad responded.
she quickly ate her pizza and went up to her room, got her pajamas on and just crawled in to bed when she started to hear her parents argue so she took her pillow ,covering her head with it. tabitha heard something falling , she knew her dad was hitting her mom again." i wish he would just stay away " she told herself"
the next morning when her mom was getting ready for work " mom can i go to my friend stacy and when your done working you can pick me up there" tabitha asked.
" no" her mom responded back " you need to spend time with your dad since he not home much"
"i can see him when your home" tabitha whinned.
"nooo your staying here, that is that" her mom responded.
she left her mom room , running to her bedroom " she dont care what he does to me" she told herself.
few minutes later she heard the front door bang so she knew her mom left.
tabitha heard her father coming up the stairs so she was pretending to clean her room. the bedromm door opened. "what are you doing honey" he asked her.
"im just cleaning my room " tabitha responded back.
" tabitha is time for us to play or little game" he told her.
she just stood there "get over here " he yelled. tabitha jumped and went to her bed.
when it was over with she sat crying in her bed
"dinner time " her dad opened up the door " what are you crying for" what a baby , you better keep your mouth shut or else "he told her. "i am your dad they do this to show there kids how much they love them.", storming out of the room.
tabitha went down to eat her dinner when she got finished " dad can i go outside and play" she asked him.
"sure , go ahead" her dad respond.
she stayed outside for the rest of the day until her mom came home since her mom didnt have to work sunday she new she would be safe.
tabitha woke up in the middle of the night because the bed was wet " oh no my mom is gonna yell at me again" she told herself.
she snuck in the linen closet, got some clean sheets , pulled the wet off , put the clean ones on and she went to the dresser and changed her pajamas.
tabitha picked up the wet items and threw them in the hamper and went back to bed before her parents got up.
" tabitha its time to get up to get ready for church" her mom said.
"ok mom i will change and be right down" she responded back.
tabitha went to the table , started eating her breakfast.
" honey did you get everything ready for our fishing trip after church service" he asked his wife.
" yes i did except for the poles" she responded back.
" ok we can take care of them when we get back" he responded back " we better get going or else we are gonna be late.
tabitha and her mother just waited in the car when they went back home to get the fishing poles.
"mom , did you remember to grab my game boy" tabitha asked
"i sure did" she responded back "its in the duffle bag in the back seat"
her dad came back with the poles , put them in the trunk and climbed in the front seat.
" well lets hit the road" he told them and started to drive away.
tabitha got the gameboy out of the duffle bag ,started playing it.
an hour later they got to their favorite spot by the river.
tabitha put the gameboy away and help her parents unload the car.
she grabbed her fishing pole and her chair, sat it close to the water and then started to put the worm on the hook.
" tabitha do you need some help with that" her father asked"
"no thank you she responded back "i can do it"
" mom, dad i got one" she told them
her father took the fishing rod and got the fish reeled in but when he got the hook out he accidently dropped it "tabitha grab it" he told her
she tried to get the fish and did have it in her hands but it slipped out, landing in the water.
"you cant do nothing right" he told her.
" she did try her best" her mother told him
"not good enough" he barked back "it time to go "
they loaded up the car and started for home.
tabitha got her gameboy out started playing it when suddenly it was taken from her " since you cant do nothing right " her father snarled at her " your not smart enough to play these games" he throw it on the floor and the batteries popped out.
she started crying " what a cry baby " he told her.
when they got home she told her mom that she is gonna take a bath and then go to bed .
"thats fine sweetie" she responded back.
i cant wait until he leaves again" she told herself, headed up the stairs and then going to bed.
the next morning her mother woke her up "its time to get ready for school sweetie" her mother told her
tabitha got up , grab her clothes from the drawer and went in the small bathroom to change suddenly her heart skipped when the door opened. " here sweetie some new shoes for you" her mother told her " look there even light ups"
" awesome" tabitha said " thank you " , gaving her a big hug.
"dad isnt gonna like it" tabitha said .
"ill take care of your dad" he mom responded back " you needed new shoes because your other ones are coming apart.
when tabitha got down to the stair , started walking to the table. "where did she get them shoes" he yelled at his wife . "there a waste of money .
"she needed them badly honey" his wife said.
he suddenly pick up the chair and threw it at her.
"tabitha grab a piece of toast , go to the road and wait for the bus" her mom told her.
he tried to catch tabitha but she slipped past him. " you get back here right now" her father yelled at her when he seen the bus coming he just walked back to the house.
the bus driver opened the door to let her in. " are you ok " he asked her
"yea" she told him
" why the tears" he asked her.
" i fell" she told him went back to the bus before he would ask anymore question.
the bus driver looked towards the house and seen them arguing and then he suddenly struck her .
tabitha was glad when she got to school since she knows she safe there. she had lunch , went out for recess. when the bell rang they all went to the classroom.
" today class , we have a guess speaker" the teacher told her students. " he will be talking about good and bad touch"
" this is officer smith" she told them , step back to let him talk .
" hi everyone my name is tom smith and im here to teach you about good and bad touch and how to stay safe since all you guys are very special . he continued on they are 3 touches . one is a good touch, bad touch and sexual abuse touch"
" good touch will make you feel happy, warm inside and also it makes you feel safe." " do you guys have any questions" he asked them.
a little boy raised his hand " go ahead" the officer told him .
"is a good touch like a hug" scot asked him.
" yes that is a very good example of a good touch.
" the second touch is bad touch" the officer explained " bad touch is like when you feel pain, example of this is kicking" " can anyone name some more that could be a bad touch.
a little girl raised her had "go ahead samantha" her teacher told her.
" like a hit or a punch" samantha said.
" yes samantha thats is a really good example"
" how about biting and pinching " and little gorl stood up and asked.
"yes they are some more bad touch" he told them remember anything that hurts is a bad touch."
" the 3rd touch is sexual abuse touch " he continued on . this is where some one touches you in the bikini area , making you feel uncomfortable. this can be done by force or trickery by strangers or someone you know"
" a force is where they make you do it and trickery is where they say you are just gonna go play a game but they touch you in areas that makes you uncomfortable"
a little boy raise his hand . " what areas do they touch you at" he asked
" in your privates area" the officer responded back." its in the area where the bikini will cover" do you guys understand. the children shook her head.
tabitha was listening very closely in what was being said and understanding how it was wrong in what her dad does to her when she there with him alone.
the officer continued on " the body you have is yours no one has the right to touch you that makes you feel incomfortable or in a away you dont like."
" you do have the right to say no is it feel uncomfortable to you since your incontrol with your own body and if you know of someone that is being hurt this way , you need to go tell your parents or someone you trust because if you do it will end.
"my mom wont believe me" tabitha told herself.
"its ok to break promises if it makes you feel bad in side and always remember that if this happens to someone you know it is not there fault because it is breaking the law and there not responsible in that" he told them. " he handed out a coloring book " this will have everything that we just talked about today.
" bye i guess it time for me to go" he told them.
the teacher told them to open up their color books and they went over the book until the bell ring.
tabitha hid the book in her school bag and when she went home she hid it under her mattress.
" mom im gonna go outside and play" tabitha told her.
she then notice that her mom had a black eye " mom im so sorry " she went up and hug her. " we can take the shoes back"
" no sweetie you need them " he mom said " go outside and play"
tabitha went to the door, glanced at her mom and then went out.
the next few days she thought about what the officer said.
the school bus came around the corner and picked her up " im gonna go talk to patty" she told herself " maybe this will help my mom in not being hit anymore"
tabitha thought about it all the way to school, when the bus stopped she told herself" im doing it today"
she got of the bus ,went straight to the councelor office but sttod outside the door awhile.
" tabitha you need to get to your class before you are late" the principle said.
" can i talk to patty first" she asked him.
" she will be here in an half hour" he told her " i will let her know you would like to talk "
"ok" tabitha said then headed to her class"
couple hours later there was a knock on her classroom door. it was patty. "tabitha , patty would like to talk to you"
she got up from her desk, went to her " would you like to go outside and talk" patty ask
tabitha nodded her head.
they went to the bench and they both sat down
tears started rolling down tabitha checks " what the matter " patty told her " its ok to tell me.
tabitha put her head down " if i tell you something can you help my mom where daddy dont hit her nomore when hes home" she ask patty
" yes i will i will do anything to help you tabitha" she responded back " please trust me"
patty and tabitha talk most of the morning
" we will need to talk to some other people about your secret to really help you and you mom " this way he cant hurt nether one of you again." patty told her
"im scared he gonna be angry because i told" tabitha said.
patty hug her gently " you did the right thing and you never did anything wrong ok " patty responded back
your dad will now get the help he needs to deal with the anger he carries with him" you are helping your father alot by doing this"
"ok " tabitha responded back.
" i guess we should get you back to class" patty told her " i promise you one thing it will be ok and i will be with you all the way"
an hour later tabitha was called to the office and there stood an officer. she recognize the officer that was in her school room the other day.
" hi my name is tom" he told her " whats your name
" tabitha" she responded to him.
" do you know why im here" he asked her
she shook her head yes
" im gonna ask you some questions and i want you to answer them the best you can ok" he told her
" she nodded her head again.
he started asking her question and they where finally done.
" you did a very good job, your such a brave little girl" he told her.
someone opened the door and told the officer that her mom was here"
"tabitha i would like you to stay in here this way i can talk to you mom ok" he told her
she shook her head yes.
she watched as they stood out there and talked, few minutes later her mom came in to the room .
" im so sorry sweetie" she told her " i did know, i didnt know"
" it will be ok mom" she responded to her.
" we need to go to the hospital for a physical check up now" her mom said
on the way to the hospital her mom explained to her what is gonna happen.
they got to the hospital and just sat down when they where called back.
" tabitha i need to talk to your mom so i would like you to stay her" he told her
the doctor and the mother went out to talked.
" your daughter has alot of evidence in being abused "
the doctor told her.
tears started rolling down the mothers cheek.
the doctor put his arm around her" now you need to be strong for your daughter to help her through this." he told her
" i will" shr responded back.
the officer walked in and they all 3 started taking.
" i can take you and your daughter to a safe house" the officer told her " this way you dont have to go home tonight"
" yea we will go" she responded back " its time to stand up to him"
6 months later tabitha and her mother is living in a safe home and the divorce will be final in 2 more months and the father is in a place for along time to that way he cant hurt no more children and women.

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