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he angel and the bunny

one day there was a angel, her name was maggie decided to go to the park to read a book.
ruth started walking by " what are you reading there maggie" the angel asked
" its called the angel guide to help people and animals on earth" she responded back.
she started laughing at her and told her " you are to small to ever get your wings.
" i will do this , i will show them that i can do this" she told herself "
" i dont like to be small" she said to herself , tears started running down her cheek.
" just ignore them" her best friend tina told her " you will get your wings, just wait and see" she continued on it doesnt matter how tall you are its what in your heart that counts" her friend took a tissue out of her pocket and gently wiped away maggie's tears.
"thank you tina" maggie told her
that night when everyone went to bed, maggie decided to run away . she packed a few items and then headed down to earth.
when maggie got down there she seen a deer " i never seen anything like this before" she told herself
" hi my name is maggie" she told the animal
" can i ask you a question" she asked
" sure" the deer responded back
" what kind of animal are you " she responded back
" im called a deer" then the deer started to chuckle " my name is horizon"
suddenly she heard a voice saying "horizon its time to come home since its getting late"
" thats my mom calling me" the deer told her " bye" and off he ran to greet his mother.
maggie was starting to get tired so she started looking for a place to sleep. " i wonder where i should sleep at" she said out loud"
"you can sleep here with me" she heard a voice saying " who said that" she ask and started looking around to see where the voice was coming from.
the raccoon came out of his home in the tree " it was me that said that he responded back " there is more then enough room for you , up here"
"my name is mischief " he told her.
" thank you" maggies responded back " my name is maggie"
" what kind of animal are you" the raccoon asked
she started laughing " im a angel" she responded back
the two talk most of the night
"im gonna go to bed now" maggie told mischief " where should i sleep"
" i made you a spot over there" the raccoon responded back
in no time the angel and the raccoon was fast a sleep.
the next morning when maggie woke up she was hungry so she left to find some food for her and mischief.
she found a strawberry patch , started to pick strawberries when she heard a voice saying. " help, help" the voice said.
maggie went toward the voice and seen a mother rabbit sobbing.
" what the matter" she ask the bunny
" my baby fell in a hole , over there" the rabbit pointed "where all to big to get him out"
" can you help us" the mother rabbit asked
" i will love to" she responded back.
the angel and the rabbit walked towards the hole and sat there and thought for a few seconds.
" do you have a very sturdy vine" maggie asked the mother.
"yes i do " she responded back and ran off.while the mother was gone , maggies was trying to comfort the fighten rabbit by telling him it will be ok.
the mother came back with the vine and some more friend to help " well this work" she asked
"perfect" she responded back.
maggie tied the vine around her then around a big tree and told the animals to slowly lower her down the hole when she got down to the bunny, maggie gently picked him up
" it will be ok" the angel told him " your family is gonna pull us up and out of here so you need to hold on tight to me"'
" ok" the frighten bunny said
" thank you, thank you" the mother told her when they reached the top of the hole " god bless you"
ruth seen what was happening and came down to earth. " im very proud of you " she told her " im sorry for being so mean to you"
maggie went up to her and gave her a hug " lets go home" maggie told her "
when the angels got inside the house , their was a party going on
" whos the party for" she asked
tina went up to her friend " the party is for you " she told her " you earned your wings for helping the bunny"
they both started crying " you did it, i knew you could" tina told her " you will always be little but that dont matter, you will always be my best friend
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