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willow tree part 1

It was 11:05 when the bus stopped.I walked down the metal stairs and turned. I droped my suitcase on the dusty ground and shoved my hand into my pocket.My name is lyda just lyda nothing else. MY mother sent me here forthe summer so i wouldhave something to do but there was plenty to in new york for a 12 year old girl turning 13 in a month. I grabbed a the crumpled paper in my bag and looked down at it i only had a mile left to walk.I shoved the paper back into my pocket and walked on the dusty road.MY black hair was wrapped in 2 pig tails. My shirt having nothing but a girl with glasses saying geeked up.My jeans having a tear a little and my sneakers dusty by the dirt powder on the ground. I arrived at my grandma's house a long walk later. I walked up the creaky steps and knocked on the door. My grandma open the door and smiled at me.


"come in darlin you must be hungrey" my gradma said in a storng country accent


"leave your bag right there charlie will come get it" she said next 


"charlie come get lyda's bags" grandma shouted next


A tall boy about 14 or 15 came down the steps.He had dark brownish hair blue eyes and he had a somber look on his face hegrabbed my suitcase and gestured me to follow him up the steps.when we got to my room he placed my bag next to the closet. the room was plain but i had whole summer I could jazz it up. I slipped on my pajama's and went to sleep.The next morning i woke up to the alarm clock it was 6:00. "must be chores" i wispeared I took a quick shower and walked down the steps. Charlie was waiting for me in the kittchen with a girl.

"This is marissa" Charlie said i hadnt rembered anyone at all and i guess he knew that.After chores i change and went out to go exploring.

I walked in a huge field till i got to this willow tree. I sat down and plugged earphones in my ears 30 minutes later I felt a tap on my shoulder.I looked up it was a boy in a wearing a dark shirt and some jeans he had black hair like me.


"Is this your tree" I asked " sorry if it is" i said getting up


"It's not my tree i just didn't know anyone knew where it was"he said

"but you can stay if you want"

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