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willow tree part 2

We laughed and talked for hours. Until I checked my phone it was 3:32.I stood and asked for the boy's name. He said "oh just call me mick" he said as he stood up.


"see you around"I said waving at him

I walked home to the smell of grilled cheese I took my plate and sat at the table I at alone. I bite into the the grilled cheese and chew lowly i couldnt keep my mind off of mick. The weeks went by and we met with each.One week before before my birthday.I went to our special place I told him about my birthday mick looked kind of sad. 


"whats wrong with you?" I asked "nothing" he said getting up "did i say something wrong" "no I just need some time" mick said walking away


With tears running down my cheeks I ran all the way to home. I cried for hours and hours then someone knock on my door "go away" I yelled

I heard the foot steps walk away

The day of my brithday I went to the tree and mick was there. I turned to walk back but I felt a something pull my arm.I stopped.

"dont go" he wispeared " well at least not before your gift"


"what gift you dont have one in your hand" I said turning around


He looked into my eyes and I  looked into his and I stood there with his hand on my arm and then it happen the thing I wanted since I was 7 years old the day finally came.He let go of my arm and hugged me his eyes were close but mine was open I was waiting for this day but I was still shocked and then he stopped. He stopped hugging me and looked Into my eyes one nore time and then he smiled a weak smile.


"There it goes your present" he said finally I was blushing I"ve never blush so hard in my life.Then I walked up to him and fell into his arms I hugged him.I, me, I was 13 and got my first kiss.

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