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His love is bitter

He is different, enthusiastic, and ambitious but I know what I like about him, it’s the bitterness in him that charms me. I have observed him in many a lazy summer days, when one feels sleepy and tired I have found him in many of my reveries where he continues to sooth me.
He is strange, I can not blame him for being so but what interests me is the fact that I can never believe what ever he says. I know he loves me but his poetic words fail to capture my heart, I know he loves me because I feel his presence when I am alone, alone like the one who stares at dusk with shattered dreams, at times when I wish to cry out loud……when I wonder at my fate.
To me he is everything not because he adds color to my life, he is every thing because I have nothing more to lose, and the colors I added are lost.
IS he a friend? No he is not, is he my lover? my beloved, my son,,,what else then? I may never know,,, but I tend to nurture all the warmth I feel in his eyes. I knew since the day I met him that he is nothing but disaster for me, I cant resist him I can not hold him back , he is more of a potent tide that can either wash away all the pains or can choke you to death
Should I believe theses dazzling colors of dream or should I close this window forever and walk away from him as I have always .His love is merciless, care free and above all bitter that can tear me apart. I fear the day when I will not be able to recollect all the missing pieces of my existence.
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