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Tears rolled down her eyes as Clarissa Duene walked out of the early morning court session that dreadful Tuesday. She began to wonder if the past years of her marriage life were a lie. The thought of her husband doing such a thing to her just made her sick because she did not know how she was going to explain to her seven year old daughter Melanie and five year old son Jake that their father had decided not to be part of their lives.

 Clarissa had met her husband William Duene in her freshman class while pursuing a degree in Psychology at Makvey University. She still remembered the first words he had told her.

“I think we would use someone as smart as you in our discussion group,” he said with a charming voice.

She could not believe a guy like him had actually approached her. William had a unique and distinct look that she could hardly resist his offer. From that point on, the two become inseparable. It was almost impossible for them to do anything individually, wherever Clarissa went William had to follow and they fell very fast in love.

After their graduation, Clarissa and William realized their lives could not go on without each other so they decided to get married. William had been a good father, very supportive and the perfect soul mate she could have ever wished for in those eight years.

Clarissa always thought that she could read people’s minds but unfortunately, she had failed to read her husband’s. After the court proceedings it was now official that her marriage was over and she had to accept that the love of her life was abandoning her and the children. William Deune had filed for divorce because he had found someone else.

“I’m sorry Clarissa, you don’t deserve this but I didn’t know what else I could do,” William said as she entered her car.

She stopped and gazed at him for she had lost the words to say. She quickly struggled with her teary eyes as she did not want him to see the damage he had done. Clarissa really wanted to express how she felt because she had already been betrayed. But she knew it would not make any difference, she just shut the door and drove off.

“Madam, Mr. Mason would want to speak to you in his office,” said her secretary

“Do you by any chance know why he asked for me?” Clarissa asked softly

“No, sorry I don’t” the secretary nodded her head.

Clarissa was still puzzled with what had happened earlier that morning and she only hoped that her boss wasn’t going to make her day any worse. As she entered the office she noticed her files that she had once worked on were on his desk.  She sat down really fast because she knew her boss never liked wasting time and he was always direct to the point.

 “You have been offered a job to run the whole new psychology Institute in London. The air tickets, house, children’s education and other expenses have all been catered for but you have until Friday to make up your mind.” Mr. Mason said with a smile.

 Clarissa quickly went down on her knees and started to thank God for how fast he had taken her from her misery. She then turned quickly to Mr. Mason

“Yes, yes, yes I want the job, I don’t have to even think about it,” she answered excitedly.

Although she was still wounded by her husband, Clarissa gained more hope for she was going to start a new life in London. She packed their things and took Melanie and Jake to say bye to their father who was in shock that her life had actually not fallen. Clarissa’s job really saved her life.





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