STUMODER & THE WAITRESS. | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Short Story - Love Bookmark and Share


Stumoder studies the waitress in the
Coffee shop. He takes in her hair, eyes, and

Hands as she passes by, but it is the
Hands that hold his interest, the way the

Fine fingers surround the cups, the nails not
Too long, not bitten down, just right, filed, cleaned

And polished into a fine sheen. She walks
By to another table, he watches

Her ass, hips and thighs, but it is the hands
That is captured by his eyes. He sips from

The cappuccino she had brought, his eyes
Focusing on her blonde hair, the eyes, the

Lips, the slight sway of hips, listening for her
Voice, the tone, the words, but he focuses

On her fingers, the way they curl about
The pen as she writes an order, the way

They hold the pad, and studying he’s glad
That for a brief moment he has the chance

To focus close up as her hand holding
The pen is nearby, she bends slightly, her

Fingers like small children at play. He sighs
As she moves away, if only, he thinks,

 That hand could be in his that he could feel
The softness of skin, the fragility

Of bone, to bring to his lips and gently
Kiss. But no, she has moved on, the hands too

Busy at work not play, and he must go
And leave her and her ass, hips, hair, eyes, thighs

And hands and fingers to some other day.

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