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Special Apples

This young man comes in to a patent office with some special apples.He walks into the office and talks to the manager.He says "I have some special apples that I would like to patent." What's so special about those apples, asks the manager? Well these apples have different tastes, go ahead try one.The manager bytes one and says wow, that tastes like an orange,yep, well turn it around.The manager turns the apple around and bites into it and says," wow", that tasted like grapes.The young man then says try another one.He picks one up and bites into it and says ,"wow that tasted like mango."Well turn it around says ,the young man. The manager turns it around and bites into the apple and says," damn that tasted like strawberries.The manager was exited and says ,ok, lets see what else you got now, that was amazing.The young man says, I got one that tastes like Pussy,The manager looked at the young man and smiled, really? Ok let me try that one.So the young man gives him the apple, and the manager bites into the apple, and starts chewing, before he could swallow he spits the un chewed apple out, and with a disturbed look on his face he says,"That tasted like shit".The young man looked at him and said, "well turn it around".
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