BOB IS DEAD. | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Short Story - Comic Bookmark and Share


It was the year that
Robert Kennedy was
Shot and you were in
The doctor’s surgery

With your father and
This guy came in and
Said some bum’s gone
And shot Bob Kennedy

That’s another one the
Bastards have got and
There was muttering
Amongst those who

Were there women
Sobbing and men arguing
Gently as to who was behind
It and the nurse stood at

The reception desk looking
At the list and running her
Finger down and said Mrs
Browsticker you’re next but

Mrs. Browsticker never heard
She just sat there staring into
Space her fingers knitting an
Imaginary shawl and the nurse

Repeated Mrs Browsticker the
Doctor’s waiting for you and
Please can you keep down the
Noise other patients may have

Things on their minds and one
Guy the guy who brought the
News of Bob Kennedy said they’ve
Just gone and shot Bob Kennedy

In some hotel I think it was and
The nurse said Oh is that so and
She stood there with an expression
Of disbelief taking the guy’s unkempt

Appearance and ungroomed look and
Said rather more loudly MRS BROWSTICKER
WAITING and your father said show some

Respect lady a great man has been taken
Down the doctor can wait a while for the
News to sink in and the nurse pulled a face
Liked a slapped ass and threw her gum in the bin.

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