Mercury | By: Bella Harris | | Category: Short Story - Love Bookmark and Share


......On the planet of Mercury.......

I sat near the grounds where we last stood and held each other. "I can't, it's not possible." Months ago my Cyril had left to visit an old friend. Since then I've been longing for his return. We, no, there was no we. I loved Cyril. Whether he felt the same, I have yet to understand. But I tried to tell him, several times but, it proved futile. I never completely went through with it. Now it's gotten too far. He woudn't react the way I wanted him to. To hold me tightly in his arms and say what he had in my dreams, "You are mine and I am yours." But that's not how it would be. I know this to be true. No matter what he felt he would say the same, "fine", or "" He'd probably just ignore me forever and treat me as he did the others who cared for him. Showing them no mercy. No forgiving they're feelings. Now I can do nothing but cry in my sleep knowing he won't be by my side when I awake. I had never done this before. No honest tears of love have ever been shed from these eyes, ........ until now. Now all I want is him to pull me close and lay me on his lap while I sob into his neck. He never will. That is a distant dream. No one else would do. It would mean nothing to me. A hug from a friend would be warm and comforting but not like I needed. My heart ached and my body craved his touch. They're calls will never be answered. The only warmth touching my skin would be the ones of my burning tears, scalding my fleash. I have no other hopes, no other dreams. All I have is the sensation I get when I think about his strong hands around my waist and on my back, pulling me closer till it hurts and never letting go. I want him here. Now.
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