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A Life: Quiet Lindsey

I was just walking to school. I was very shy, but I was use to it. My sister and I have lots in common. I'm shy. I only have one friend: Loran. She was a little shy, but she was use to being a little bit crazy.

"Hey Lindsey!" Loran smiled. We were walking in to church. There is this guy I really liked there named Chase, but he doesn't really notice me. He always hangs out with his friends Cedric and his brother, Austin. Chase is eleven. I'm only eight. He's three years older than me, but he's really short. I hope he'll stay like that.

"Hi Loran!" I said. I looked down.

"Are you okay?" She asked. She staired at me.

"Well, you know Chase? He never notices me." I said.

"Well, is their anything to notice?" She asked. "You have to give him something to notice."

"But, everyone notices me as quiet Lindsey, not Loonitic Lindsey." I laughed. She laughed. We had a lot in common, too.

"See. You're funny." She smiled.

"Yeah, yeah." I tried to hide my smile.



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