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She Made Me Feel Better

The visible is always a mirror of the invisible. The reality is imagined before it manifests itself. - Paulo Coelho

She Made Me Feel Better

I was working as a swimming coach when I met Anita for the first time. It was her first day and she was hydrophobic.

I was swimming lapses over lapses, when I saw Anita coming towards me. She asked me if I could help her to swim as her personal trainer was not available. I have been a swimming coach for a club and there was no reason to deny her request.

In few minutes we became good friends and I was told she suffers from back problem. Her doctor advised her to swim as it might be helpful to her.

I took it easy as I have been sailing in the same boat and swimming was a good option. With my experience, I appreciated the thought and recommended her to swim on daily basis.

Without any hesitation she said, “I suffer from spinal arthritis, a bigger problem than yours.”

As we discussed types of oral medications for back problem, she came closer to me and whispered, “I can make you feel better. My problem is more severe and requires a spinal injection on weekly basis rather than oral medication”.

Her acceptance to her reality gave me strength to bear my pain. I was glad we met. Undoubtedly, she made me feel better.

Arthritis has made my life difficult, one problem leading to another. It has made me treasure the people in my life. The days are getting harder and Anita is an inspiration for me. Anita is working for an architectural firm, irrespective of all her medical problems.

Meeting Anita helped me to understand that there are three angles to every problem – my angle, your angle and the right angle. Right angle is the reality that you do not want to accept. I accepted the right angle in my life that my problem is big but others might have a bigger problem. If they can live with courage and determination, why cannot I?

We always focus on ‘my angle’ and neglect the ‘right angle’. Life is easier and better once we understand the ‘right angle’.  

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