CONTROL FREAK. | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Poem - Dramatizing Bookmark and Share


He seeks to undermine you.
He likes that, you muse. Making
A date then leaving you standing

Waiting and not turn up. I’ll be
There this time, he said, just be
Patient, don’t leave too soon.

You waited until the rain was
Too heavy and your clothes hung
Like drowned souls. He never

Answers texts or emails or calls
On his cell phone, just lets you
Drift on life’s ocean like flotsam.

The morning brings bright sunlight
Through windows, birdsong from
Branches, and raised voices from

The couple in the apartment upstairs
And the breakage of crockery and
Thumps and bumps. Mother said

He’s a control freak, a manager of
Another’s life and ways and means
And whom they see and why and

When. But love covers a multitude
Of sins now and then. You will give
Him another chance. Sufficient rope

With which to hang. You will watch
His manner and moods, study his
Words and promises, keep yourself

Ready, be on your toes, hoping he’ll
Turn up this time; he might, who knows.

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