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Life in School

Life in School

                            Chapter 1

                      A New Beginning

Hi. I’m Allison, the new girl. I’m from Florida, but my family moved here, to San Diego, California. We moved here because almost all my family lives here. So here I am!

Now, I have to go to high school tomorrow so that stinks, but I might make friends. Well, at least today is Sunday!

I’m going for a walk right now because I don’t want to do more unpacking. It is so boring! All you have to do is make your room clean and I have cleanophopia. That means I’m afraid of cleaning my room. You probably didn’t know that, diary, since you’re so dumb. No offence!

Wow, this place is packed! There are so many people here in San Diego. I could have made twenty friends and five boyfriends in five minutes! Well, I don’t really want so much friends, but maybe like… five. And I don’t really need a boyfriend, but it would be nice to have one.

When I was walking home I bumped into this girl named Sophia. I didn’t want to be her friend because she looked popular so I just kept walking. I hate those people.

It’s already 12:37 so I better go get lunch! I don’t know where to go, but I’ll look. Could you help? Wait, no you’re just a dumb diary! No offence… again.

I’m going to Dairy Queen. It’s right by my house. When I was in Florida it was really far away!  And I love Dairy Queen… so yeah! But, it might be more expensive then Florida. Well… got to go!!!

Looks like it is cheaper than I thought. It’s $2.50 for a cheeseburger…. Cheap! And it’s really good. The pickles taste like a million little flavor seeds in my mouth and the lettuce taste so fresh! Hhhhhh-mmmm!

Do you know what stinks? Its 9:54 and I have to go to bed!!!! Well, bye.















                    Chapter 2

                    Rise and Shine! School is waiting…

“Wake up Ally!” Liz laughed.

“Be quiet.” I frowned.

“Okay, okay. It looks like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed!” Liz cracked up.

“I’m going to throw you on the wrong side of the bed if you don’t get out!” I screeched.

“I’m leaving!” Liz ran.

It was about time! She is always so annoying. She is the oldest!!! I have to get dressed…

I’m wearing a red, orange, pink, yellow, and white shirt with flowers and an under shirt. It looked great. I wore black leggings with it. Of course, I wore my running shoes.

“Go, go, go!” my mom yelled.

“I know, know, know!” I shot back.

“Don’t you act all up on me, young lady!” mom glared.

“Aww, shut up!” I yelled.

“I’m not fighting.” My m0m chuckled.

“Good because I’m not talking to you!” I argued.

“Okay… let’s go.” Mom started to look all sad.

I didn’t care. It was her own good. 

I ran to the high school racing Liz. I beat like always. It’s easy. She’s just slow. Plain dang slow! She’s a turtle in her little old shell of hers.

“You cheated.” Liz cried.

“How? I ran, you… what did you do… walk?” I laughed.

“Hey!!! Shut up!” She laughed.

“I’ll shut you down!” I ran after her messing with her hair. She laughed so hard. We kept walking until we saw the high school. “Beat you!” I smiled.

“Not if I beat you first!” Liz chuckled.

This time, oh, this time she was like lighting! She was so fast! I really don’t know what happened. I was last, the sorrow loser to her now.

“I let you win.” I smiled.

“No! Wait, what?!” Liz cried.

“Yep. I walked while you ran. It was easy! I said slowly. 

“Aww!” Liz frowned. I laughed.

“Let’s go.” I smiled.

“I’ll go if you pay me $5.00.” Liz smiled.

“Bye.” I laughed.

“Wait up!” Liz ran… walked.

I went to class and put my stuff down. I was sitting by a girl with blond… almost white, hair. It was bob. She was wearing a purple top with fake jeans. I listened very close until I saw a hand with a note. I took the note not looking at the person.

I opened it. It read:

        Hi! I’m Matthew. I was wondering if you could sit by me at lunch. I’m the boy with orange hair. I have bangs. Please write back.



He seemed cute. I wrote a note that read:

Okay, sure. I’ll try my best. By the way, my name is Allison, but you can call me Ally. I really don’t care.


                           Umm, who cares?


He wrote back:

Okay!!! See you there. I can’t wait. I’ll sit over on the left with the red.

 He was really cute. I couldn’t wait to sit by him. The whole class time I wrote what we were going to say:

Matthew: Hey Allison.

Me: Hey Matthew.

Matthew: So, I was wondering…

Me: Yeah?

Matthew: If you wanted to go out?

Me: Yeah. Sure sounds great.

Matthew: Great. I… got to go…

It was perfect! Only the “I got to go” part made me sad. I really hoped it would go like that.

After the bell rang, I went straight to lunch getting: steak, fruit, French fries, mushrooms, and some vegetables. It was mostly healthy.

“Hey Matthew.” I said as planned.

“Hey Allison.” He said as planned.

“I was wondering…” He said as planned!

“Yeah?” I said as planned! 

“Do you want to go to the prom with me?” He said not as planned, but well.

“Sure. That sounds great.” I smiled.

“Great. I… got… to… go.” He smiled. His smile was so warm. It was so… perfect. I felt the world spinning around me like it was in my hands. I felt… perfect to be with the perfect boy. I felt great!











                    Chapter 3

                    The Prom

I could not wait! After school I would be in Matthew’s hands. I could imagine everything. A perfect life! I was holding his hand. It was going back and forth, back and forth. We knelt in beside each other… about to kiss when… BING!!!!

“Ugh!” I moaned. “Morning already? Wait, prom!!!!” I screeched.

I ran and picked a T-shirt that said: I Love Boys.

It was green and blue. I wore jeans with T-shoes. I looked normal.

      Next, I had to get a prom dress! I already shopped so… I was ready! I wore a short purple dress and black high heels. It also had a short mini back jacket.

      I wore my hair in a side pony-tail with my bangs hanging in front of my left eye. I thought I looked good, but would Matthew?

      “Come on down!” Liz yelled.

      “Coming!” I yelled back.

      I walked down stairs slowly, but I wasn’t wearing anything special.

      “You’re wearing that to the prom?” Liz laughed. She had on a long green dress down to her ankle. Her hair was up in an up-do. She was… beautiful.

      “No! I have extra clothes!” I screeched.

      I ran out the door. I got to school right in Matthew’s face.

“Hey…” Matthew smiled for a moment.

`    “Hey, oh, my clothes? I have extra.” I laughed.

“Cool. Hey let’s get to class.” Matthew smiled.

“Yeah, good idea.” I said.

      We walked to class and then when we got there about everyone looked fancy. I looked… like a hobo. I looked horrible. I mean it, everyone was looking at me, thinking “Ahh, she’s with Matthew!” “She’s a skunk!” “How?”

      “Sorry I’m late.” I smiled nervously.

      “Sit down!” Mr. Gotha exclaimed.

      I sat down quickly. I looked at Matthew and he smiled that great smile of his.  I smiled back. Who couldn’t smile? I saw all the other girls frowning.

      I laughed. The teacher glared at me. I kept my mouth shut. Everyone laughed, including Matthew. I glared at him. He stopped.

      The teacher gave me detention!


It was lunch time. We went outside. I didn’t even bother to argue to him. It wasn’t possible.

      I went over to Matthew to talk to him.

      “Hey babe…”

      “I got detention!” I screamed at him.

      I walked over to Alex.

      “You look sad. Are you okay?” She asked.

      “I don’t want to talk about it.” I cried.

      I ran away to the next class. It went by fast with me not listing. It was easy. I just guessed on everything. Guess what? I got an A+!!!

      The day was over, I was going to miss prom. The happiest time of a teenage girl life! I walked into detention. I had a different teacher for detention, a nicer one, though. Thank You!

      “Allison, I have two reasons why I shouldn’t give you detention. One: You didn’t do anything, your teacher was just in a bad mood.” Mr. Walker sat down beside me.

      “I thought he always was in a bad mood.” I grinned and laughed. My pony-tail was swinging back and forth. I had curls in my hair.

      “That is true.” He grinned at me and nudged me. “Two: You can’t tell anyone this, okay? I really, really like your mom and we were supposed to go to prom together.”

      “Ew, but thanks.” I grinned and gave him a hug. “Do I still have detention, though?”

      “No, go on with your date.” He grinned at me and gave me a small hug.

      I left the room, ran to the bathroom, got changed, and got to prom just in time.

      “I thought you couldn’t make it!” Matthew grinned hugging me. I felt my heart rise with joy.

      “I would do anything to go to prom with you.” I grinned and we swayed back and forth holding hands. Yeah! We’re holding hands!

      “Ally! You made it! How?” Alex ran up to me and grinned. I pointed at me and Matthew’s hands.

      “I’ll explain later!” I whispered pushing her toward her date, AJ.

      She bumped right into him giving him a kiss on the cheek.

      “Sorry.” She mumbled giving me an evil glare. “I just got—“

      “It’s okay. I kind of liked it.” AJ grinned and started dancing with Alex. I wish that happened with Matthew and me.

      He looked at me and grinned. His teeth shined brighter than the sun. “Allison, I really do like you.”

      “I really like you, too.” I smiled and put my head on his shoulder as we danced. Prom went by so fast, I wish it lasted forever. Finally, it was over.

      “Allison, I had a great time.” Matthew smiled at me.

      “Me too, me too.” I grinned and kissed him. Why did I kiss him? I guess I looked worried because Matthew said, “Its ok, Ally.”

      We walked out together. He drove me home where I felt okay. Where I knew I could be myself.




                                Chapter 4

                               The Fight

      “Allison, I heard that AJ broke up with Alex.” A girl named Stacey said.

      “What? I have to go!” I screeched running inside to find Alex crying.

      “A—J—“Alex cried whipping her tears from her face. Her eyes were red. She looked terrible.

      “I know, Alex. You’re too good for him!” I tried to make Alex feel better. “Let’s go to the bathroom to get you cleaned up.” We walked together to the bathroom. I opened the door for her and I took out my bag. I gave her a towel and she whipped her face. I gave her some of my makeup. She looked better than ever.

      “Ready?” I asked grinning.

      “Ready!” She grinned so wide I thought her cheeks would fall off.

      I let her catch up with her other friends. I went to go talk to AJ. I saw him alone waiting for… me.

      “AJ! Why did you break up with Alex? Give me answers!” I screeched grabbing on to his shirt.

      “I… like you! Now let go off my shirt!” He frowned at me.

      “Oh, umm, I have to… go.” I ran to my first classroom. I wrote a note to Matthew hoping Stacey would pass it to him.  It read:

      To: Matthew

      I found out that AJ likes me, not Alex. That’s why AJ broke up with Alex. I really hope you get this.


                                    I don’t care,


      I told Stacey to pass it to Matthew. She’s my little message person. It is really fun.

      It looked like he got it, but I wasn’t sure.

      “Did he get it?” I whispered to Stacey. She had brown hair with a pony-tail. She was wearing a basketball jersey. She was a tom-boy.

      “Yep, he’s writing back.” She whispered putting her bangs behind her ear. Great, he has it. I’ll get the note in a little bit. Oh, maybe now… It read:

      To: Ally

      What?! He likes you? Do you like him? If you do that’s cool. Btw love the shirt.



Aww, he gave me hugs and kisses!!! He looked my way and I blew him a kiss, then he caught it and put it on his lips. I giggled and wrote:

      To: Matthew

      Thanks for the kiss. J But, I love you, not AJ. Don’t worry. Wait, what are you going to do about AJ? Will he still be your friend?

Love you, Alex P.S. XOXO

      He looked like he was hiding something… I’ll find it out later. The bell rang it was time for the next class. AJ was in it. Ugh. When we were in the hallways I saw AJ and Matthew. They were chatting.

      “I called dibs on Ally first, but you had to ask her out, first!” I heard AJ scream.

      “She didn’t like you.” Matthew frowned sticking out his tongue. I giggled.

      “Fine, we’ll fight. Whoever wins gets the girl. Got it?” AJ laughed. He seemed like he knew he was going to win.

      “Deal!” Matthew shook hands with AJ. Wait, if AJ does win, I have to date him?

      “Woe, woe, woe! What if I don’t want to be with AJ? What if AJ wins?” I screeched.

      “It’s okay.” Matthew rested a hand on me. “I’ll win.”

      “I believe you.” I grinned and kissed him. After school was over, it was time for the fight and I wasn’t ready, not at all.
















                              Chapter 5

                              The Big Secret  

      “I hate fights!” Stacey screamed. “What if Matthew loses?”

      “He won’t, I know he won’t.” I was really worried. What if Matthew got hurt? What if he loses? So many questions swirled in my head.

      The boys started fighting, Matthew gave a high kick, but AJ swooped down before it hit him. “Come on Matthew!” I screeched from the crowd. AJ tried to punch Matthew, but Matthew grabbed his arm and flipped him over. The whole crowd wowed and awed. AJ jumped back up with no hands.

“She’s been mine for the start!” AJ screamed kicking Matthew right in the face.

“Matthew!” Alex screeched running over and kissing him.

“Wait, what are you doing, Alex? He’s my boyfriend!” I yelled running towards Matthew.

      “No, he’s OUR boyfriend. You don’t know what its like for me to see you kissing him, it hurts when he kisses you. It hurts when I see him look at you in that way that makes my heart sink. I was dating him from the start; once he met you, he tried to break up with me, but I said I would never, never let you know until now. Sorry Matthew.” Alex cried sniffing. I thought that was a really good speech, but I had to be dramatic. So, I can’t tell her it was a really good speech. That stinks.

      “Allison, it isn’t what it looks like, her parents said they would—“Matthew stopped. “I can’t tell you.” Matthew looked horrible like his dad died.

      “I’m sorry Matthew, I can’t be with you. I can never be with you.” I ran away crying. I couldn’t hold back my tears. I ran to my other friends and some of Alex’s friends. They were my friends, too.

      “I swear, I didn’t know Allison.” Misty, Alex’s friend said. I believed her.

      “It’s okay. I never want to see him again!” I cried.

      “That’s going to be hard, isn’t it? Since he’s in your class.” Stacey bit her lip. I knew she wasn’t trying to be a know-it-all.

      I breathed slowly. “I’m moving to a different school.” I groaned. I really didn’t want to, but I had no choice. It was best.

      “What? You can’t! What if we… we need you!” Abby screeched.

      “Just call me.” I grinned and bit my lip. I winked at her smiling. This was going to be hard, hard for all of us, wasn’t it?

      “Ugh, why leave? The principal/teacher is in love with your MOM! Make him expel Matthew for fighting!” Misty suggested. That wasn’t half-bad, really, but I don’t want Matthew to hurt as much as I am.

      “No, I can’t. Bye. Tomorrows my last day.” I bit my lip and hugged all my friends.

      I walked home until I saw mom and Mr. Walker talking. Then, they started whispering. Something was up and I was going to find out.

      “I just don’t want Ally to be freaked out that we’re becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. Her dad was everything to her, Gary. I just don’t know what to do.” My mom cried laying her head on Mr. Walker’s shoulder.

      His name is Gary? What the heck. That is just plain freaky weird.

      “Umm, Isabella? I think Ally already found out… My mom turned around as fast as a cheetah’s legs. I wanted to make this dramatic so I ran away crying. It is pretty fun.  You know, I’m actually pretty excited that Mr. Walker might become my dad. I know my dad and all, but what’s wrong with having another one?



















                            Chapter 6

                        The Phone Call


When I got home I lied down on my bed, then my cell phone rang.

      “Hello?” I asked, there was loud breathing noises.

      “Hello Allison Dales Jones. This is the police. Don’t worry, it is just that Matthew James Thompson came to us saying, you, threatened to call the cops on him for fighting. Some other girls named Stacey, Misty, and Abby said it was bloody. Which one is true?” His voice sounded low.

      “I never called the cops on him, or wanted to. I caught him cheating on me. Yes, he was fighting with another boy over me, though. There was a little bit of blood, but just tiny cuts.” I tried not to freaked out. 

      “Thank you, this is not the police, though. I lied. Now, hang up now!” The phone made a BOOM.

      “WHO IS THIS???”I screeched. There was no answer just breathing. “Is this a prank call because I love these!”

      “Will you go out with me?” The voice softened.

      “Who is this….” I bit my lip. What if it was Matthew asking for me back?

      “If you feel the need to know who I am please go to the movie theater on Bell Rd. Meet me there at eight o’ clock in the night.” His voice was sweet and soft.

      “Okay, I will go.” I hung up. It was seven!!! I have to get dressed. I ran and put on the best clothes I had. It was a short skirt. It was purple and sparkly. I put on a light purple tank top with a sparkly dark purple vest. I put on purple high heels. It was seven-fifteen. Okay, forty-five minutes. I walked to do my hair. I put my hair in loose curls. My bangs got curled, but loose and long. Then, makeup. It was seven-thirty.

      “Okay, I can do this.” I whispered to myself. I put on my makeup. I  drove to the movies, as I was driving I was calling mom and told her I was at the movies. I got there.

      I walked out and sat were he told me to sit. In five minutes I saw him. He grinned at me and sat down.

      “So, Ally.” He looked at me and stood staring at something. I looked down he was staring at my necklace.

      “What?” I asked looking worried as usual. It was purple with a stone.

      “Matthew gave that to you, didn’t he?”  The boy glared at the necklace.

      “Oh, wait what?” He thought this was from Matthew? Ha! “Oh, no, no! This is from my… umm… dad. He died when I was six.” I sniffed.

      “Oh, I’m so sorry.” The boy lifted up my chin and stared into my eyes, he leaned forward, then I closed my eyes, but then, Matthew came up!

      “May I see the dear lady?” Matthew grinned placing out his hand.

      “Not in a million years, Matthew!” I stared at him. “Now… go away!”

      “Wait, woe, woe! Who is this? You have a new boyfriend In just… like one day?!” Matthew was staring at the boy. “And what is your name I might ask?”

      “Yeah, what is it?” I asked smiling into his warm blue eyes. His blond hair was perfectly straight.

      “My name is…” He looked down at his shirt. “I’m Kyle. Kyle Wood.”

      “Cool, so Kyle… and Matthew!” I glared at him… again. “Matthew, please go away! I like Kyle… I mean Kyle wants you to go away.”

      “Matthew, please go away. Or maybe we should. Oh, and I do like you, Allison.” Kyle grinned. I just smiled right back. We walked away holding hands leaving Matthew alone shocked.   












                         Chapter 7

                        The New Boy

      “So, Kyle.” I asked sitting down at a park. The breeze was nice, the sun was warm, but the best part was I was with Kyle!

      “Well, Ally. I do like you.” He grinned holding my hand in his lap.

      “I do like you, too, but I ended a relationship just a little while ago.” I looked at my bracelet. Alex gave it to me. “And I, uhh, just finished a friendship.” I looked into Kyle’s eyes. They were so… dreamy.

      “Oh, I see. I get it.” He sat up. “I better go.” I looked at Kyle. He let go of my hand. Why is he leaving so soon?

      “Why? Kyle, we just started! I don’t even know— Kyle!” He was gone. I didn’t have his phone number, or where he lived. I guess I’ll never know. I walked around a little admiring the trees when I saw it. I saw Kyle talking to Matthew. Or Matthew talking to Kyle, whatever. I sneaked behind them.

      “Kyle, you listen.” Matthew glared. So, it was Matthew talking to Kyle. “Listen Scott. I know you like Ally, but you’re just wasting her time.” Wait, Scott? Why is he calling Kyle Scott? Wait, maybe Kyle is Scott! He lied!

      “I know Matt. She was your girl, but you cheated on her.” Scott/Kyle said. I didn’t know what was happening. “Listen, brothers can date brothers’ ex-girlfriends.” Brothers!? They were brothers.

      “Scott, Kyle, whatever! Wait, Matthew you never told me you had a brother!” I looked at him grinning. “A cute one, too.”   

      “Yeah, whatever, he’s so cute.” Matthew rolled his eyes. “His name is Scott.”

      I looked at Scott. I felt so sad. My heart dropped. “Is that true?” I sniffed.

      “I’m sorry, Ally. I just thought Kyle was a cooler name than Scott.” He looked at me so desperate.

      “His last name isn’t even Wood.” Matthew laughed pointing at Scott. “It’s so funny, when I saw my brother; I first thought he was trying to help me! He was just trying to steal you, ha!”

      “I don’t believe you, Scott! Or is that even your name?” I snapped. I walked away. I probably wouldn’t get another chance like that in a long time. I kind of miss Scott already, but I am still mad at him. There is nothing to do now.

            When I got home, I opened the door and sat down on my bed, I felt like calling Alex, but I didn’t. Instead I sat down by my laptop and logged on to my IM.

      Ally101: Hey, anyone on?

   Dreams234: Yeah, just me. Your friend.

   Ally101: Ha! LOL! Shut up Ethan! Get real, we r just classmates. Not buds.

   Dreams234: I do have a GF.

   Ally101: O.o! Who?

   Dreams234: That gurl named Rachel. U no Rachel brown.

   Ally101: Oh! She is pretty.

   Dreams234: Yah, she is. What bout ur BF. Srry, I was sick at school. Didnt c da fight! Who won?

   Ally101: Oh, the fight Umm, neither one. I caught Matt cheatin on me with Alex.

   Dreams234: Oh, Im so sorry. Oh, my GF calling. GTG!

      Well. Of course that had to get brought up! Ugh, Monday is my first day of my new school. This will be fun!

      “Mom, you know Matthew?” I walked down stairs to see my mom sitting on the couch.

      “Oh yes, your boyfriend, right?” I sat down by her, and I felt like crying.

      “Umm, ex-boyfriend to tell you the truth.” I bit my lip; I didn’t want my mom to go into those oh-it’s-okay talks.

      “What did he do? Cheat, be mean or did you break up with him?” My mom always knew how to cheer me up.

      “He cheated.” I looked at his with watery eyes. “He cheated on me with Alex.”

      “Oh, honey!” My mom gave me a hug. “Did Alex know?”

      “Yeah, she was the one who told Matthew to cheat on me.” I bit my lip again. “Then, I met this other boy who I liked and he liked me. And then I got to know him a little. So, that was nice, but then he said he had to go. His name, well, I thought it was Kyle. He left and then I followed him, I saw him talking with Matthew. So, then I sneaked up behind a trashcan. Then, it turned out Matthew and Scott were brothers.”

      “Wait, who’s Scott?” My mom looked at me shocked. I thought she thought that I was meeting too many boys all at once.

      “Oh, Scott is Kyle. Scott told me his name was Kyle just to impress me or something. I don’t know.” I took a deep breathe. I hate these type of mother to daughter talks.

      “Oh, sweetie,” My mom began. “Boys are boys, I am so glad I had all girls.” My mom laughed. It was true. Having a sister was better.

      My phone rang. “I have to get this,” I said taking my phone out of my pocket. It was Scott. How did he get my—oh! Matthew has my phone number. “It’s Scott, should I let him leave a voicemail or pick up?” It was on its second ring.

      “Let him go,” My mom took a breath. “Put him to voicemail. He deserves it, only if you, still—like him.”

      “Mom, I don’t know. I put him to voicemail, but if he calls again I am picking up.” I smiled at the phone. I got a text. My phone played it recording. It was Matthew and me. Singing, singing “I’ll Be Here Forever”. It was Matthew and my song. I checked my text, it was picture. I opened it, while it loaded I was thinking about Matthew, I wasn’t sure if I still loved him. Maybe I did, no, I am over Matthew.

      When the picture was done loading, it was a picture of Scott and me. When we were on our “date”, we were eating corndogs. No, I didn’t like Matthew, I liked Scott, that’s all that mattered now, but I blew my chance to ever be with Scott. There was a text under the picture that read:

      Im so sorry, Ally. Please, please forgive me. I still, I still <3 u. I really do. I made a song for you, but looks like I will never c u again.



     P.S. Im sorry for lying. Its AJ, also known as Scott.

   So, Scott, all this time, was AJ? AJ was her best friend, but he disappeared, they were friends, until he told her that he had to move to Montana, once he said he liked me. I lost him, then, but now, he’s back!









                                    Chapter 8

                              The AJ, Scott, and Kyle


      I gripped the phone in my hand, squealing. I couldn’t believe it, AJ, he was Scott, Kyle, all along. He was just trying to get a new start, but he wasn’t Matthew’s brother. I met his family. I knew I looked puzzled, because my mom said, “Sweetie, what is it?” 

      “AJ is back, he’s Scott, he’s Kyle! He’s my—.” My phone rang. It was Kyle, Scott, of course, AJ! I picked up.

      “AJ, AJ! Oh my gosh!” I screeched into the phone. I walked in to my room shushing my mom from squealing just like me. 

      “Hey you! Like my surprise? I really was surprised you didn’t recognize me.” I could tell he was smiling from the other end.

      “I guess I was all wrapped into all this Matthew stuff, I forgot!” I just remembered something I had to ask him. “Hey, AJ? How did you found out I was dating Matthew and I broke up with him?”

      “Oh, well, I when I came back to school, I saw you with Matthew. You know, making googly eyes at him. I saw that you totally forgot about me and moved on. Then, I I saw that you two broke up, I talked to Matthew, turned into Scott Kyle and—BOOM! You are in LOVE!” AJ laughed.

      “It’s called acting!” I laughed. “To, umm, make Matthew jealous. I think I might—umm…” I didn’t want to tell him I still liked Matthew because I thought I did.

      “You still like him, don’t you?” He sounded disappointed, but still relieved. I really felt bad, but I guess I have to tell; the truth to my best friend.

      “Yeah, kind of,” I chocked.  “I like him because, well, he said that Alex made him cheat.”

      “Oh, yeah,” He swallowed. “Umm, I told Matthew to do that, I’m sorry.”

      “You what?!!” I screeched in the phone.

      “Well, come on! We are friends!

            “Maybe we were, but not anymore.” 

   “But, I did it— ahh!” I hung up, I really didn’t care know, but I might be able to get Matthew back.

   I dialed his number, but he didn’t pick up, and so I went to my IM. Maybe he is on there. I went to my laptop, opened it up, and typed in the password, Password, good password, huh? I went to my IM, and then saw four people on. There was Alex, AJ, Misty, and Matthew! I went to my profile and found that I had 16 comments!

   There was so many! My high score of comments was 6. In a whole day! Here were some of the comments. (I’m not putting the actual username.)

   Matthew: Hey, please call me!

   Alex: Can we please, please still be friends!

   AJ: Why you hang up on my lady!?

   I laughed at that one, it was a fact, AJ was very funny!

   Misty: O.o! Looks like everyone is calling for you back! Ha. Wait, who’s AJ?

   I went to Misty’s profile and I clicked comments. I typed:

   Allison: Oh, AJ? He was an OLD friend, until he told Alex to date Matt and Matt to cheat. He said She wouldnt find out.

Misty: OMG! So, youre going to get Matt back, right?

Allison: Well, he did say yes to AJ.AJ just did that so I would break up with Matt, and get with him.

Misty: Ill let you decide, it is your choice.

Allison: Thnx.

Allison logged off.

I sat back in my chair, yes, Matthew did say yes, but I can’t believe AJ would do that. I sat back down on my bed. OMG! Wait, why would Matthew come up and see AJ with me, and just say “What is your name?” if he already knew it?

   I called AJ’s cell phone. He picked up on the second ring.

   “Hello, AJ speaking.” AJ said.

   “This is Ally. Allison, I mean.” I said. I barley ever called myself Ally.

   “Oh, Ally! I mean Allison,” AJ laughed. “So, why are you calling me? Not that I didn’t want you to or anything!”

   “Oh, well, why did you tell Matthew to break up with me?” I softened my voice.

   “I, well, thought that if he did, you would meet Kyle, then realize it was me, and just maybe, like me.”

      “AJ, I did like you, but not for being someone else. All you did was lose me. I’m sorry, AJ. Bye.” I hung up. Wow. That was so, so, so much easier than I thought it would be! My phone rang again.

"What AJ?" I yelled.

"Please, it's me Matthew."

"Then, why does, oh yeah, you and AJ have the last name. Sorry."

"Right, I'm guessing your mad at AJ?"


"Are you mad at me?"

"No, why?"

"Do you still like me?"

"Yes, yes Matthew!"




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