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A Daughter's Pain

    You'll find me crying on the girl's bathroom floor and you'll ask me what's wrong.And like always I'll respond_Nothing. But inside I'm screaming everything. If you knew me well enough you could see my palace falling apart,slowly and painfully. When you look me in the eye do you see what I see...fear,sadness and hate. When you look me in the eye tell me what do you see? Can't you see the fear in my eyes?   Can't you tell I'm slowly deteriating in front of my own eyes? Can't you see what I see? I guess not. No one will ever see unless they take a walk in my life for a day. No one will ever understand my pain...No one

         When the walls start to close in on me I start to realize what a mistake I am...I shouldn't be here...I don't want to be here...In my place, in my life...Everythings just not right.

         You wonder why I cry, but you know because your the one causing the pain. Your the one who leaves me lying on the floor...Lying on the floor to suffer from the pain that you caused.

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